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Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream, For Oily Skin – 2.7 oz

With Vitamins C & E, Alpha Hydroxy & Sunscreen. Fades Dark Spots and Freckles Evens Skin Tone Palmer’s Skin Success® Eventone® Fade Cream is specially formulated for oily skin with the most advanced skin care ingredients to give you a more radiant, balanced complexion.  Our skin lightening formula is clinically proven to remove dark spots, freckles, and other skin discolorations that may be caused by age, the sun, minor scars, pregnancy or contraception use.  Lightweight moisturizers combined with essential vitamins and Alpha Hydroxy soften skin’s texture, eliminating any rough, flaky patches.  Daily use will turn your skin to an even, natural tone. Palmer’s Unconditional Guarantee…If not completely satisfied, simply return unused portion to manufacturer for full refund. Made in U.S.A.

Key features

  • Gives you a more radiant and balanced complexion
  • Clinically proven to remove dark spots, freckles and other skin discolorations
  • Lightweight moisturizer softens skin’s texture, eliminating any rough, flaky patches

Honest reviews


This product does the job

I am a dark skinned African American women and I can honestly say that this product really did help to lighten the spots on my face, however the container that it is made can EASILY break or crack just from even placing down too hard on the counter. Also the only reason I stopped using this product was due to the smell. After a while it began to make me nauseous and I just couldn’t bare with it any longer. But overall the product really does work. 🙂

Nadine Pine Bluff, AR

Fades; good for acne prone skin

I’d used 2% hydroquinone creams in the past without noticing results, so I was wary about this one; but it was cheap and I was getting desperate. I used it for the purpose of removing unsightly freckles on my chest. A lot of lotions make me get pimples on my chest if I use them, but after nearly 2 months I haven’t had such a problem with this one at all — woo hoo! As to its fading properties, it’s been very slow and for a while I wasn’t sure if it was working or not. As of this time, it seems to have removed the lighter freckles, but the large dark ones are still plainly visible (I am unsure whether they lightened at all or not — the package does warn results might not be noticeable on “very dark skin” and perhaps freckles are included in that designation.)I have also more recently begun to spot-apply it to a great big dark freckle I have right on the end of my nose, so that one might be a better test for whether it lightens these darker freckles or not. I intend to update the review with results on that. For now I give the product 4 stars though I think if I could I’d really rather give 3 and a half.UPDATE: So shortly after I wrote the review, I ended up spending 6 weeks traveling, during which time I left the fade cream at home. I was a little disappointed that the freckles seemed to all come back rather quickly, even though I was in a cold climate and was almost always covered up. Nevertheless, when I returned I resumed the use, along with someLikas Papaya Herbal Whitening Soap. The two of them together were amazing, and after only about week I began to observe improvement with the freckles.

Tia River Forest, IL

Good for Fading but have Patience!

I’ve been using this product for about 2 months now. I try to use it 7 days a week, once in the morning and evening but that doesn’t always happen. I’m using it to fade acne scars on lighter skinned african-american skin (similar shade to beyonce). I’ve noticed a huge improvement on the acne scars that I have had for years.the one con is that this product stinks. 🙁 but you are only using this product for a couple of minutes a day so you can suck it up and deal with don’t have to use a whole lot of this product at all. a little bit goes a long way so you could have it for several months. i would say that theres at least 95% of the product left after having it for 2 months.

Mona Lydia, SC

Skin looks good

I don’t have any particular scars but I wanted my skin tone to even out so I didn’t have to bother with makeup. This stuff doesn’t smell great nor is the texture wonderful but I do like the way my skin looks. I usually wear it at night and in the morning I use a Vita C lotion (which smells and feels great) and a simple face lotion with sunscreen. This doesn’t make me break out and isn’t drying. I am a lucky adult with acne so some lotions are trouble. I also have the skin tone evening face mask by palmers, which I notice more impact from than the face cream. My skin always looks fantastic after I use it.

Dina Stringer, MS


my face changed for good ,so i recomend all palmers products i have been using since i was a teen.

Claudine Medina, WI