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Skin Obsession 85% Lactic Acid Antiaging Peel

Would you like to safely take years off the look of your skin in the comfort of your own home, while saving hundreds over having it done professionally? We carry a full line of professional quality skin care products to help all of your skin care concerns. Skin Obsession’s 85% Lactic Acid peel is a powerful tool to help fight the signs of aging, with little to no down time like other peels can cause. This is a quick, easy and safe peel for both the novice and experienced peeler. It gives skin a smooth even texture while improving skin tone and over time it helps smooth fine lines and sun damage. Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin types. Our 85% Lactic Acid is a flash peel, it is only left on the skin for a couple of minutes and then neutralized, and is perfect for the first time peeler. It is great for mature skin types as it shows strong activity in stimulating collagen under your skin, which helps smooth out those fine lines and creates a more plump look to your skin. This peel is done once or twice a week and has no down time and no peeling. You can go out right after using it. Remember though, even though this is a great starting peel, it is still a strong, professional strength peel (pH 1) and should be used only as directed. As with all products, a patch test is recommended to see how your skin reacts to the peel. We include easy to follow instructions along with a free sample of our best selling Microdermabrasion crystals. We are committed to bringing you top quality skin care products at prices everyone can afford, backed by great customer service. By purchasing this product, you assume all risk associated with its use and are responsible for all results either intended or unintended from using this product.

Key features

  • Light easy to use Chemical peel
  • No down time
  • Helps brighten complexion and even skin tone.
  • Perfect peel for beginning home peelers
  • Save hundreds over professional treatments.

Honest reviews


Oh this works!

I am a big believer in exfolliation with non over the counter products. But this IS ACID and if not used correctly will burn. I worked my way up to this strength. I use it every few weeks and just leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly. I also never leave the bathroom sink and keep a bottle of baking soda/water as a neutralizer if I get into trouble. I recommend you work your way up to this strenght and do a skin patch test on the inner fold of the elbow bend where the skin is thin and you can guage your reaction. Also afterward, I drown my face in serums, creams and nutients to speed the repair.

Matilda Newtown, MO

Excellent no-down time peel to keep skin clear and …

First, I want to say I’ve always received exceptional customer service from Skin Obsession. Products arrive fast and packaged well. Rare mistakes are always corrected as repeat business seems to be very important to the sellers.I buy three products regularly. One of them is the 85 percent Lactic Acid peel.The Lactic acid is not a peel in which one will see a lot of peeling. In fact, if used right, you should not experience what we call down time. You really shouldn’t see much more than some flaking, if even that. It will depend, of course, on how much exfoliation your already do.No overt peeling or flaking doesn’t mean it is not working.The Lactic acid peel is primary for 1) keeping skin tone even — getting rid of discoloration from anything, acne, sun damage and 2) to keep your skin decongested, which lets it absorb other products much better. Lactic acid works over time, though you don’t see it. Most people should be able to use this every week or two weeks, and over time you will notice the difference in skin tone and overall healthier looking. Lactic acid is part of a maintenance program but not like TCA, where you go through dramatic peeling. Lactic acid compliments to other acid peels. Clear skin, even toned, will be a better pallet to put on make-up.The type of peel more a faster, more aggressive approach is a TCA peel. Depending on how much exfoliation you already do and where you are in a skin regimen, you can get a 12 percent, or 25 percent. Some go even higher. I use a 25-percent TCA peel three times a year. Boy, that is the downtime peel. I have snake-peeled, which is good. You want to give yourself two weeks to hide.The other product I love is the Emu oil. For me personally, it’s one of the few oil moisturizers I have used right after a peel that doesn’t clog pores. I only use the emu oil after a peel, for about four days. It’s a heavy moisturizing, of course, it is an oil.Like all peels, the most important thing is a good prep. Using a sunscreen religiously is the cheapest and best thing you can ever do for your skin, and gentle exfoliation whether with a rough facecloth or microdermabrasion crystals is good.I am only a customer of Skin Obsession, but I’ve bought these products from them for almost four years. I cannot speak to any other than Lactic or TCA peels or Emu oil. But I can say that you this company is of the few who will actually communicate with customers before and after the purchase.

Concepcion Alden, MI

Gives a nice glow

A little bit about me. I’ve always taken care of my skin since I was 25. I am now close to 59. I was a sun worshiper in my teens and younger. I stopped laying in the sun when I was 21. I got serious about skin care after that. I was a fan of infomercials so had bought various skin care lines and signed up for automatic shipments every month. I’ve always had people complement me on a nice complexion. They always thought I was alot younger than my real age.The age spots started around the age of 55. I really thought I had prevented them, however I didn’t. My dermatologist told me I have that kind of skin where they could come back. I have a receding hairline so the spots were there and spots close to my ear and my temple. They were easy to hide with makeup. However I was always self conscious about them.I tried my first skin peel from another site about a year and half ago. 50% glycolic acid. It gave my skin a nice glow and it erased my raised age spots. However it didn’t erase the other flat spots that I had. Skin Obsession also gives me a great glow. I did have another raised age spot which Skin Obsession got rid of. It took away one of the spots by my temple (also raised a bit)I was happy with the nice glow to my complexion. Like many other reviews it does sting after you apply it.However I believe I need a stronger skin peel next time. I hear about people having peels where their skin actually peels off. Maybe that will be the one that will do the trick. I would buy another peel from Skin Obsession.

Beulah Pella, IA

age spots fade

I have been using this product for over a month now and I truely see a difference in my skin.The sun spot on my check is hardly noticeable any more. The only down side is it does sting a bithowever as soon as you rinse with baking soda and water as instructed, the sting subsides.I highly recomend this product

Cecilia Austerlitz, NY

This is great, only to be careful because it works and …

This is great, only to be careful because it works and it will burn a lot.

Roslyn New Smyrna Beach, FL

Its okay

I love Skin Obsession products, TCA peel and others peel, but this peel made me break out. I tried it twice and each time my face was bumpy. versus me using the TCA peel or the glycolic peel. I like the shipper products

Alison Kenly, NC

Skin Obsession 85% Lactic Acid Antiaging Peel

This 85% lactic acid really works for aging, sensitive skin. I use it twice a week and boy does my skin look good.

Vonda Kirby, OH

Well worth it.

Well worth it for a middle of the road peel that can be done more frequently than the stronger ones! Just follow the time limit instructions. Make CERTAIN AS WITH ANY– YES ANY peel, have your neutralizer (whatever you chose it to be- ready before you begin.

Lakisha San Miguel, NM

good stuff from a great company!

I received this after ordering 15% TCA. After emailing the company, I heard back the same day with an apology & a promise that they would send the correct order to me via priority mail. I had my doubts but low & behold it arrived very shortly with another apology & a free container of moisturizer! Wow..that doesn’t happen nowadays! Meanwhile, I got to keep the lactic acid so decided to use it. This was my first time so I was very cautious. I put two layers on some stubborn sunspots which looked semi burnt for a day or two but they peeled & are looking fine. It really did lessen the discoloration of the age spots & I will use it again. Very happy with the product & the company. Would recommend!!:)

Alana Merizo, GU