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Skin Nourishing Milk Bath – Luscious Lavender – 24oz

Luscious Lavender Milk Bath packaged in our 24oz designer bag. Luxurious Milk Bath Soak made with Sea Salt and the following skin nourishing components: Milk Powder – Soothes the skin. Mineral & vitamin rich. Coconut Milk Powder- Moisturizes the skin. High in proteins. Honey Powder- Cleanses pores and softens skin. Ginseng Root Powder- Reduces inflammation and aides in skin repair. A therapeutic bath salt for relaxation and promoting a good night’s sleep while nourishing your skin, making it softer and smoother. Grain: Powder Color: Natural cream Scent:Lavender Essential Oil – Soothing, soft scent of Lavender What are some of the other general benefits of bathing with bath salts? The minerals found in sea salt are absorbed through the skin which are essential to the bodies’ functions. Bath salts flush out harmful toxins from the body. They also exfoliate the skin, leaving the skin smooth and supple while helping to heal cuts, burns, wounds, and insect bites. They’re also a good stress reliever! Cruelty Free * Paraben Free * Phthalate Free * SLS Free Safe for Jacuzzis & Spas Our philosophy is simple. We want you to remember how good it feels to take a bath. Our products harmonize the therapeutic power of bathing, aromatherapy and natural sea salts to transform your bath into a healing ritual for your body and mind.

Key features

  • Luxurious Milk Bath Soak with skin nourishing ingredients
  • 24oz designer bag features a peek-a-boo window and aroma valve allowing you to see AND smell the bath salts prior to opening.
  • Milk Bath turns bath water a beautifuly, milky color. Scented with Pure Lavender Essential Oil.
  • Contains skin care ingredients such as Sea Salt, Milk Powder, Coconut Milk Powder, Honey Powder & Ginseng Powder.
  • Use as Bath Salts, Shower Salts, Pedicure Foot Soak, or, mix a little salt with your favorite shower gel for a quick body scrub!

Honest reviews


great quality and soothing addition to bath

These bsth salts are grear for dry skin snd smell great! Woukd buy again and wouid give as gift too.

Dona Rising Sun, IN

Ten star plus product. Not just for a bath

Was given this as a gift. Highly recommend this company,because its as close to French as I have found here in the states. Aside from the delicious smell of lavender these bath salts create a heavenly bath soak, that leaves you refreshed and relaxed. Love the blue packaging that reminded me of a lighter coloured Tiffany blue.Will be buying more, since I have used some of these bath salts in a sachet bag that I keep in the linen closet where the bath and bed linens are kept. They smell so good when I take them out to use. Will even admit to sitting holding the bag when I got the bath salts, and simply enjoying the smell.On the back of the package it also notes you can use a wee bit with body wash or shower gel to create an instant body scrub. Or dissolve a handful into hot water, blend and then when warm, give your feet a nice foot bath. Have done the foot bath and its heavenly,

Angelina Schuyler, NE

Bathe like Cleopatra did – try a milk bath…Wonderful lavender scent which lasted the entire 20 minutes!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I tried Skin Nourishing Milk Bath – Luscious Lavender by San Fransisco Salt Co. Well, it was very relaxing & left my skin feeling smooth & slightly moisturized. The bath water was milky because this milk bath actually has milk in it: non-fat dry milk (soothes your skin), & coconut milk (moisturizes your skin) in it. The wonderful lavender scent lasted the entire 20 minute bath.IngredientsPacific Sea Salt (flushes out harmful toxins from the body, exfoliates the skin, helps to heal cuts, burns, wounds, & insect bites – a good stress reliever too)Non-Fat Dry Milk (soothes your skin – mineral & vitamin rich.)Lavender Essential Oil (the scent lasted my entire 20 minute soak)Dehydrated Coconut Milk (moisturizes your skin – high in proteins)MaltodextrinSodium Caseinate Powder (a milk protein)Honey Powder (Cleanses pores and softens skin)Ginseng Powder (Reduces inflammation and aides in skin repair)Everyone deserves to bathe like Cleopatra did…at least once in their life. Treat yourself & give as a gift.Note: Cleopatra might or might not have used sea salt in her milk bath recipe…she did use sea salt as a scrub & as an ingredient in her bath to relieve stress & make her skin glow.Safe for Jacuzzis & Spasreview sample provided

Allyson Grant Town, WV

relaxing and potently lavender-y

Pleasingly strong lavender-scented bath salts with lotion-like skin-friendly ingredients.These salts have a natural lavender scent from essential oil, not that cloying air-freshener reek that permeates certain mall-based stores. And there’s milk-powder (the 2nd ingredient), which lends the water an opaque milky color. The GF reported these lavender salts made her rapidly relaxed and “too sleepy” to read in the bath. She found a generous handful was a little too potent-smelling for her tastes, so she cut back to a small handful per bath– this 1.5lb bag should last quite a while at that usage rate.The other skin-friendly ingredients (coconut oil, honey, and ginseng root among them) are enough to make relaxing bath time also seem like spa-treatment time. There’s a small opening in the bag where you can press to release the scent of the bath-salts (much like a bag of fine coffee would have). If you’re giving this as a gift, the lucky recipient will be able to smell the lavender right away.[ A sample was provided to me for review. ]The nicest-smelling lavender bath product I’ve ever smelled, and since a little goes a long way, it’s quite a good value. Highly recommended.

Bridgett South Bend, IN

Very nice indeed

This Milk Bath powder is very pleasing. It has a delicate, not overpowering aroma, and soothes and softens the skin.It is a little pricy, but really, you don’t need that much, so it should last a couple of months.I am happy with it. I have been very happy with all of my San Francisco Bath Salt Company items. They are the only place I go to now for my bath salts.

Rosa Butterfield, MO