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Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream, No.1 Blooming Light Beige, 1.4 Ounce

SKINFOOD Salmon Dark circle Concealer Cream No.1 Blooming Light Beige (Whitening Care) 10g.

Key features

  • Skinfold Salmon Dark circle Concealer Cream
  • No.1 Blooming Light Beige (Whitening Care)
  • 10g

Honest reviews


One month shipping

Rude emails and a totally unremarkable product. I feel scammed. I wish they’d shown a little more ” honest skin”Please tell customers they will wait a month for the product.Very few things on amazon are that unique that it pays to do without for a month.

Magdalena Hillsboro, NH

Great under eye cover up and moisturizer

I decided to try this after buying and searching for many under eye products. I am in my 50’s and looking for something that would conceal, moisturize, and NOT settle into my under eye lines.This product does all of the above.It comes in two shades. I bought the lightest. It gives a nice glow, total coverage of dark areas. Moisturizes also, this products stays in place, I also got the setting powder after reading reviews on makeupalley saying that it was too greasy. I don’t find it too greasy. Use a small amount, and it stay youthful looking without being matte or cakey looking. I love it!I am also looking to buy the under eye serum for night use.The pot is small, but I have been using it daily for weeks, and there is just a very small amount gone. I think it will outdate before I use it all up.For the price, give this product a try, it outshines products I paid much more for.

Ilene Spartansburg, PA

Not for Dark undereye circles

If you are looking for a miracle like I was for your super dark genetic black undereye circles this just isn’t it unfortunately. If you have normal dark undereye circles like all the girls claim on youtube that are super black (but really aren’t!) then this might work but if they are truly dark keep looking!!

Lynnette Somerville, VA

One of the best darkcircle concealers!

I really love this product! Where do I begin? First, you are getting really good quality for a low price which is always a good thing! This concealer goes on really smooth and blends well, with a makeup sponge, brush or your fingers. It has a nice fresh scent to it and it works really well! I really like beauty and skincare products that multitask. This product not only hides your dark under eye circles, but it is also nourishing the skin around that delicate eye area and healing your dark circles! What more can you ask for in a product?

Michaela Quaker Street, NY

Wonderful stuff!

My experience:I initially thought the color was way too dark, so I was very sparing in applying it. It did nothing for my eyes and I was disappointed, but kept using it anyway. Then one morning, my finger slipped and I got a biggish glob of product under my index fingernail. That, friends, is the secret. Use more than you want to.This stuff is great! I haven’t noticed any odor, and it’s the perfect eye foundation both over and under eyes. It blends into my fairish skintone invisibly, I look bright-eyed and rested, and makeup goes on over it smoothly. I couldn’t be happier.

Anna Mc Dade, TX

So far so good . . .

Finally bought this after a friend recommended the brand. I have always suffered with dark circles (genetics) so I thought I would give this a try. I was surprised at how small the jar was but then again, you don’t need to use that much. Obviously, there is no miracle cure for dark circles but it covers them up pretty well. Does not dry out or crease, but I would pair it with another concealer, personally. Overall, good buy for the price!

Viola Goose Lake, IA

I love it

The shipping took for ever!!!!! I like to rate it zero for that. I didn’t know it was coming was Korea. The product is wonderful. I have tried so many and finally I found one that appliesnice, has great coverage and looks awesome,.love the color.

Danielle Houlka, MS


I have mixed feelings about this concealer. I had been using the Nars concealer stick for about a year before I got this concealer due to rave reviews i had read.I like the creamy texture and it seems to be a great amount of concealer for the price; the pot is huge! However, it doesn’t seem to really conceal too well and it drys out my under-eye area quickly. It just seems to make it really bright but I can still see the circles through it.I might try out the #2 and see if that color is more suitable, but this one is just decent. I am probably going to go back to my Nars concealer which is much easier to apply as well.

Holly Abernathy, TX

Great concealer

Very smooth and silky consistency and great application. It has a dewy finish and isn’t super thick. I like it a lot but I feel like it doesn’t last very long on my skin unless I set it with a powder.

Effie Joinerville, TX

Yes it works!

For years thanks to DNA, I have struggled with dark circles under my eyes. After purchasing a very expensive concealer, I stumbled upon a review for this product. At half the price, I decided to give it a try. It works great! I put it on under my foundation and it holds nicely. A tiny touch up is needed during the day, but I blame my skin for that. I am very impressed with this product and would highly recommend it for others with the same problem! Shipping was quick!

Celina Pedricktown, NJ

Works Really Well

I have very dark hereditary circles under my eyes, therefore they are always present. I got the lighter of the two Salmon Dark Circle Concealers because the rest of my skin is incredibly pale. When using this, please remember that a little goes a long way. If you use too much of this, it’s very noticeable. Once applied, it’s a bit shiny, but I use my powder to dull it and it looks normal. Overall, fantastic product. The darkness of the circles has been greatly reduced since I started using this about a year ago (I have barely made a dent in the pot). On top of this, I started taking care of myself better; drinking more than enough water every day and getting 8-10 hours of sleep most nights. If lack of sleep is the reason behind your dark circles, try any one or a combination of these things; don’t drink caffeine before bed, put 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow every night (I hate the smell, but it really helps), exercise during the day, do yoga before bed, eat cleanly, drink enough water during the day, clear your mind, and/or listen to nature sounds on Youtube or Pandora.

Rocio Oak Ridge, NC

Not so bad

Not so bad. The pack was really simple and the thing is really small. Kinda like it. Not so bad

Joan Hardyville, KY

So-so concealer.

This concealer is very greasy and it doesn’t do a good job on my under-eye circles. I feel it highlights them more, and yes I did buy the correct shade. There’s better concealers out there.

Camille Arnold, NE

Nice product

This is a nice product; however, I have really dark circles which are hereditary. So, I tried to figure how could I make this product work for me. This is what I did… I applied a little more than usual, used setting powder (translucent), and let it dry fully before applying my foundation. This worked like a charm. I like it and will use it more often5/8/14Great product but for fair skinned people. I gave it to my friend and it looks fantastic on her. i am medium-brown and it just didn’t blend.

Deanne Gaylord, MI

Three Stars

It’s ok

Lee Red Lion, PA

good product

This tends to work best for me if I put it on first then put a Concealer on top not cakey at all it does smell like fish haha

Bettye New Brunswick, NJ


It too light for me. My face is light-medium. This concealer need to have foundation on top of this because it kinda glow and oily looking. I don’t recommend this concealer but I do recommend the Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment and it cheaper than this.

Daphne Saint Marys, PA

Too greasy

You have to pat it on carefully not to smear it and use a setting powder. I liked the salmon tone for my genetic dark circle (from blue veins under skin) but in the end the concealer I was using did a better job than this. I have light skin and this looked a little to dark for me. So it was a waste of money for me. I’ll stick to the light physicians formula followed by bare minerals well rested concealer for now. But will keep trying for that perfect one.

Angelique Bakerton, KY


i don’t like this concealer at all. It feels very sticky and looks oily when I applied on my face, and it’s too light for my skin.

Susie Golva, ND

Amazing moisture and coverage!

Have been looking for a product like this forever! After washing my face and using and an eye treatment and before putting on foundation, some Skinfood under the eyes and on the lids makes my circles disappear! This is a must-have for anyone who’s tried everything to get rid of that tired look!

Allison Kansas City, KS

Good stuff!

I bought this as a recommendation from someone and love it. I have chronic purpley, dark circles under my eyes and this stuff covers it up beautifully. I use a concealer brush to apply (after foundation, but to each their own) then set it with a translucent powder and setting spray. Definitely recommend this product to people have issues with under eye circles!

Kelly Martinsburg, MO