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Simply Smooth Xtend Keratin Reparative Magic Potion Sodium Chloride Free, 8.5 Ounce

Xtend keratin reparative magic potion is a keratin infused potion that will-450 degree thermal protection.

Key features

  • Lock in hair color, control frizzing
  • Add incredible shine and volume, hydrate, smoothe, detangle
  • Leave hair silky and free of split ends

Honest reviews


Use with caution

I used to be addicted to this product, it made my thick course hair very smooth and manageable. My salon quit carrying this line and I was really disappointed. Apparently the keratin is can be unsafe to breathe in when you are blow drying with the product in your hair. Mostly it is unsafe for hairdressers who breath in the product all day. That made me question if I should still be using the product. I think that keratin is wonderful, but if you use this product too much it can make your hair too strong and then it becomes brittle. Because of these two reasons I have switched to an all natural leave in conditioner that does no contain a protein. I like the effect this product gives but I would caution agains overusing it for your hairs health and your own health. I have found I can get the same silky smooth effect with other products that I know are safer. Even though this product is most likely no going to harm you, I would rather be safe than sorry.

Sophia Plain City, OH

A product I actually see a difference in!

I got a sample of this from my distributor (I’m a stylist of 22 years) and I am one of those stylists that prefers clean, product free, healthy hair but since it was a sample I took it home for myself and gave it a shot. WOW! My hair stays clean feeling and you would never know there was anything in it other than bounce, shine and softness. I have fine, curly hair that tends to be more frizzy than curly and I have to flat iron or curl my hair to make it smooth looking. With this I have been able to blowdry with a round brush and go. I get more complements than ever. The weird thing is my hair stays in place but feels like there is nothing holding it. My co-worker and I went to theme part this past weekend and she made the comment, “OMG how is your hair still perfect after that rollercoaster?” lol I have no idea what is different about this product over the hundreds I’ve tried over the years, but I don’t do reviews unless something really strikes a cord with me. I doubt it would be a miracle product for ALL hair types, but it sure is for mine.

Marcie Mulga, AL

This stuff is a God send!

I’m the last person to ever buy $20 hair care products really… but this stuff is AMAZING!I went to a new salon for my mother’s wedding, the guy did my hair there, and he used this stuff. It should also be mentioned that he dyed my hair too, with very intense concentrated dye, I was a bit worried that it would dry out and become unpleasant. He said it would make it really silky and smooth and soft and I didn’t even have to use it every day, I could use it once or twice a week and it would keep it that way. I was skeptical until he was done, and my hair felt like down feathers. It was so soft and shiny and smooth! I bought a bottle for myself to take home, and when I use it, it is just as silky and smooth and soft.You don’t use as much as you might think, so I think it lasts a long time. I love it its a GREAT product, a must have for people with dry, frizzy, dyed hair.

Lilia Reeves, LA

OK, but not great.

I don’t like the way it sprays. It’s not a wide spray, but just a sharp stream. That’s hard to get all over your hair. The product itself is OK, but not amazing. I wouldn’t buy it again.

Randi Almyra, AR

Magic potion is right!

I have super fine, thin, frizzy hair that tends to be dry (I live in the desert). This stuff makes my hair soft, smooth, shiny, and awesome. A little bit goes a long way, even for those with super long hair like me. This can be used on your hair just wet from the shower, or when it’s mostly dry. I’ve used it also when I was putting dry hair up, and it never leaves it greasy or gross looking. Huge thumbs up, I’m a big fan and will DEFINITELY buy this again when I use up this bottle I have now!

Jennie Bluffton, SC

nice…and worth the price.

i have purchased my second bottle of this. it really keeps my relaxed hair moisturized and strong. absolutely no breakage. i use about 10 pumps into my palm and spread it throughout my hair. then i coat my ends and hairline with jamaican black castor oil. it’s so worth the price.

Rosalyn The Rock, GA

This is the Best Detangler!!

This product is perfect for those with hair that is prone to getting snarled after washing. It will smooth and detangle, leaves hair soft and manageable.

Georgina Hampstead, NC

smooth hair!

This product has worked well on my GF’s very full and somewhat dry hair. She says it has improved things and I agree.

Genevieve Blythe, GA