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Simply Beautiful Miracle Marvel 10 Effects – 10 In 1 Keratin Based Miracle Leave-In Hair Treatment – 8.45oz/250ml

A unique 10 in 1 leave in spray treatment, formulated to give 10 fantastic benefits to enhance the hair. Leaves the hair feeling softer, silkier and more manageable. The benefits: 1 Replenishes lost moisture in dry, damaged hair. 2 Prevents static 3 Protection from heated styling tools 4 Effective detangler 5 Rich in antioxidants 6 Aids in brushing to help reduce breakages 7 Maintains hair styles for longer 8 Reduces the appearance of split ends 9 Controls frizzy, unruly hair and adds shine 10 Creates body & movement Directions of use: Spray evenly over damp hair. Do not rinse. Leave in and style as normal.

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Softer and smoother hair than from the beautician

I have tried a truckload of products over the years on my dry, frizzy hair. Some things have actually worked fairly well too. This leaves-in conditioner is different though. First off, I admit that I like the spray instead of an oil on my hands. I know that is nitpicky but still . . . The main thing is this conditioner takes away that dry look. My hair actually looks as soft as it feels. It lays down and there is no hint of frizzy anywhere. This is so easy I wish I had tried this long ago.I still use a curling iron on my hair too and there are no dried out ends. I really am amazed at my hair and have received comments about how nice it looks. That made my day!!

Tara Hudson, MA

Close to magic

Wow, when I sprayed in the simply beautiful marvel it was instant results. My hair tends to have fuzzy frizzy ends and is very fly away. This winter has been dry, unusually so here in the swamp, and I have static hair.Spraying on the Simply Beautiful was amazing, my hair went from fly away to manageable in seconds. Running the brush through my hair, my hair stayed down instead of flying up with the brush with static. The spray worked with both blow drying or letting dry normal. Some products put in damp hair leave it looking greasy or odd without blowing out, but this one didn’t. My hair was shinier and so much smoother. I really can’t recommend this enough if you have static dry frizzy hair.Product sent for review

Yvonne Sandy Springs, SC

Best Leave in Hair Treatment I have tried! Beauty miracle in a spray bottle for your hair!

Having Marvel 10 Effects 10 in 1 Hair Treatment in your collection of hair treatment products is like getting to amplify by ten times the magnificence you normally expect from the appearance of your hair! I couldn’t believe the great way this product REALLY works! The difference between this and regular hair treatments is distinct and unique. It is wonderful!I gave Marvel 10 Effects the real litmus test: I shampooed my hair with a fairly nondescript, somewhat drying shampoo, Then I used no conditioner, and towel dried my hair. I followed the directions and sprayed Marvel 10 Effects directly on my damp hair. Then I used a brush (!!!). It went through beautifully, as if I had all sorts of detangling, conditioning products in my hair. Then I blew my hair dry, a bit more roughly than usual, to see what would happen. I did cool the dryer down at the end to seal my hair. However it was a vigorous drying session!I then looked at my hair and could not believe the difference in the glossiness, the texture, the appearance of volume, and the fullness. With no frizzy ends, and even an appearance of shape and volume, as if I had used hair spray ( but without any of the tacky texture you get with hair spray)! This is an awesome product.On the bottle, it says that the ten benefits you get from Marvel 10 Effects are:1) Replenishes lost moisture in dry, damaged hair (<–it did)2) Prevents static (<–it does … and I have been known to be the "queen of static"!)3) Protection from heated styling tools (<–that is why I blew my hair dry using high heat, and although I do not recommend doing that, Marvel 10 came through for me as stated. I did it as a test, and it passed it completely)4) Effective detangler (<–Yes! As I said! )5) Rich in antioxidants (<–what are antioxidants? They keep your hair healthy…Healthy is how my hair feels, now!)6) Aids in brushing to help reduce breakages (<–from the time my hair has been treated with this product, every time I have brushed it since, it looks great)7) Maintains hair styles for longer (<–Yes indeed! It is amazing!)8) Reduces the appearance of split ends (I have short hair, but I would expect, from the way my hair feels, that this would be the case)9) Controls frizzy, unruly hair and adds shine (YES IT DOES!)10) Suitable for all hair types (well, my hair is not in great shape normally, and Marvel 10 Effects has fixed that, so if that counts as a vote for suitable for all hair types, so be it!)In conclusion, I am amazed at this fantastic treatment! I do not know how to tell you how very much better my hair is since I began using this, but I will say that if you really do have concerns about taking good care of your hair, THIS PRODUCT, Simply Beautiful Marvel 10 Effects 10 in 1 Hair Treatment, really does what it claims to do.My hair has never looked better. I love this product! Because of it, I feel great about my pretty, shiny, silky and thick looking hair!Thanks!Jean

Nina Teague, TX

great multi use product

This does lots of things for hair…from detangling to protecting from heat.I’ve waist length hair, and rarely use heated products – life’s too short to spend time faffing about with hair :-). I found this conditioner does what it says as far as detangling and leaving hair feeling silky and soft, and looking glossy without looking greasy. Its in a plastic bottle, and has a pump aerosol dispenser, so it can be applied directly to hair. I’ve been using it for about four weeks and the ends of my hair that can look dry, being older, look shiny and as good as the roots. I’m lucky in having "normal" hair, but this seems to be suitable for all hair types, and certtainly isn’t in any way oily or greasy, so I imagine would help detangle even hair prone to greasiness without leaving it looking limp and dull. I’ve also used it sometimes between washes to help get morning tangles out. Its so easy to use, and helps stop hair from breaking..I’m not a patient person and tend to drag the brush through quickly…..I also like leave in conditioners as I’m a wheelchair user, one leg, and conventional conditioners can leave bath/shower slippery. That’s not a good idea when you’ve only one leg to get out with. One slip and its ouch, broken bones – been there, done that and I’m anxious not to repeat it 🙂

Mara Glenmont, OH

Tames Random Curls and Cowlicks!

I have short, very fine hair that tends to get greasy and totally unruly if I don’t shampoo and blow-dry it every morning. Because I keep it short, it doesn’t get seriously damaged, but as I’ve gotten "more mature," I’ve developed a couple of cowlicks that drive me nuts! I’ve tried a number of products, but this is the first one that has been a real help. I’ve used it every morning for the past three weeks or so, and my hair has been consistently looking good. I live on the central Oregon Coast, which is usually very damp, so even if I start out with that curl in front tamed, going outside generally causes it to spring back to life and no amount of blow-drying will smooth it out. Not so anymore! It’s still there, but is much more manageable. My hair is a darkish blond with highlights, and I’ve avoided most leave-in hair products because they darken my hair until I wash them out. Not this one! I also like the scent. Is there anything I don’t like about this product? Not that I can think of! Even using it daily, you don’t use much, so a bottle will last a long time. I’m sold! Very highly recommended!

Helene Clifty, KY

The first leave-in conditioner I’ve used that didn’t make my hair flat and too soft

I’ve got fine, curly hair that tends to look flat and greasy if I use a regular conditioner. I usually just apply a drop or two of argan oil or anti-frizz serum to keep my curls defined, but I’ve had to pick between dry curls or a "bad hair day" after I broke down and conditioned it.I’ve been using Marvel 10 Effects leave-in conditioner for a couple of weeks now, and I’m in love! It gives just a small touch of conditioning to my hair – making it shiny, static free, and helping define my curls – without weighing it down. I spray it on my towel dried hair after shampooing, brush it through, scrunch my hair and let it air dry. I don’t normally use a blow dryer or heat styling tools, but for those that do, this product will protect against heat damage. My daughter (who has very thick, very long, coarse hair) used it before she straightened her hair, and it left her hair silky and shiny.Our hair is naturally made up of keratin, but it can be stripped out by bleaching, coloring, perming or straightening. As we age our hair dulls as keratin production slows. This product is a good alternative to expensive salon keratin treatments, as it absorbs into the hair strands and helps revive the beauty of our hair.

Renae Walker, LA

There Aren’t Enough Stars!

I don’t know where to begin.I have baby fine, soft straight hair that grows in abundance — until I decided to color, strip it light and recolor it, hated that, stripped again, recolored and ended up with the perfect shade of frizzy, frazzled hair. It is hard for me because I am one of those people who is always running my hands through my hair. Every time I do it now I cringe and the frazzled feeling and the knots and clumps at the ends. It is already a little too short or I would cut it off. I often sit with scissors and cut tiny pieces off that are too fried for me to bear.I’ve been looking for something to use to keep it under control until the damage grows out enough to cut. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I either end up with nasty frizz again after a few hours or something so greasy and heavy that I look homeless. But this stuff is AMAZING. Did I mention AMAZING?I sprayed it in as soon as I received it and immediately noticed the difference. It feels soft and just like my normal hair used to. It smells great too. Too good to be true so I waited a few hours…still felt amazing. I can’t stop touching it. So I used it again this morning before styling. And again, amazing. It styles perfectly (well it styles like it normally did pre-fry). Plus it smells great. I keep trying to sniff my hair. It isn’t long enough to get a good full face sniff so I feel a bit like a dog chasing its tail trying to get it under my nose.I don’t know what it is about this particular product that did the magic. But I am literally in love.Sample provided for unbiased review…for real, I LOVE this stuff.**update**. I’ve been using this a while now and have noticed that over time it builds up. A good clarifying shampoo every few weeks is a good idea. But then it works like magic again. I wish there was aperture that smelled like this.

Laverne Wellsburg, IA

Lovely stuff

This spray-in conditioner has a wonderful spicy scent and a smooth, pleasant feel which doesn’t weigh down your hair. Our whole family tried it out. Those who style their hair loved the heat protection and ease of styling. Those with long hair liked the detanglling. Those who have trouble with static in their hair found that they no longer had trouble. Those with frizziness issues had no more frizziness. Those with gorgeous luxuriant hair liked the additional shine and softness. We have no bald family members, but that’s probably the only kind of person who would not find this beneficial.Nice for both men and women.

Lisa Williamsville, IL

Marvel 10

I’ve tried a lot of different products to help tame my hair and make it frizz-free, and I was recently told to give a leave-in conditioner a shot. So what perfect timing this was! I think the spray works well, it helps give my hair shine and it feels soft without making it look greasy. I don’t like the way it smells, almost too chemically, but it seems to do a good job. I use it 2-3 times a week and will continue doing so after I shower.

Brandi Swansea, SC

Love it!

I have been lucky enough to discover this line of products and I am so happy that I have. Every product I have tried, to date, has been wonderful and Simply Beautiful Marvel 10 effects is no exception.The best thing about this product? It combines a bunch of different working products into one product/bottle.I hate washing my hair because it is so thick – this means that washing, rinsing, washing and rinsing again can take forever, so the last thing I want is to also have to handle a bunch of different bottles doing different things.This is where this product comes in – anything you need to tame, repair and make your hair healthy and glowing is in this bottle.Easy to use and quick, quick – you are done and when your hair dries, you have a great head of hair.

Justine Guanica, PR

lightweight leave-in conditioner delivers as promised

I have long, baby-fine hair with natural waves. Through lots of trial and error, I discovered that a leave-in conditioner suits my hair the best. Simply Beautiful Marvel 10 Effects – 10 In 1 Keratin Based Leave-In Hair Treatment – 250ml works like a charm, leaving my hair soft, full, and manageable. When hair is properly conditioned, it not only looks better and feels better, it holds its style better and longer. I used Marvel 10 Effects with a blow dryer and also with just letting my hair dry naturally–great results either way. Well-conditioned hair also requires less styling products to create and keep a style in place. Your hair will look healthier and be so much more touchable with less hairspray and other styling products “gooping” it up. I found the scent to be somewhat strong, but it diminished after a while. This is a non-greasy, effective conditioner which did not leave my fine hair flat.Review Product Gratis Second Glance Beauty

Brittany Norborne, MO