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Simply Beautiful De Tangle Brush – Professional Detangling Hairbrush – Pink, Black, Purple, Blue or Green


Key features

  • Excellent for detangling both wet and dry hair
  • Painless detangling by using firmer pressure
  • Excellent for children’s hair
  • A Must for hair extension wearers
  • Relaxing head massage

Honest reviews


Daughter didn’t let me finish

My 6-year-old has long, wavy, knotty hair, and brushing it has always been an issue. I used to use a pick, which she hated, but then found the Wet Brush (also known as the Shark, or something like that). That made a big difference. It’s another sort of detangling brush that is much gentler to her than regular brushes. I’d also heard about the Tangle Teaser and was curious how it would compare, so I happily accepted when it was offered to me for review.However, it didn’t work out for us. My daughter pulled away from me and wouldn’t let me finish brushing her hair today because it hurt too much. The brush isn’t contoured in any way and the bristles are fairly rigid, so it yanked on her knots. I can still use it on my own (long, not very knotty) hair, but it hasn’t been the best choice for its intended purpose.

Vicky Nehalem, OR

Long curly hair? Stop here!

I have really long hair that is very curly. My daughter also has curly hair and is only a toddler. When I use a long comb on my hair, it still hurts trying to get any tangles out of the ends. I have found the solution!I have heard of these brushes from a lot of mothers I know. It is the big item for toddlers that have a lot of tangles. I know some parents that actually resorted to cutting their children’s hair instead of finding this brush. I am glad I did or I might have shorter hair today. I use a wide tooth comb when I get out of the shower but it does not get the tangles out of the bottom. With the brush, not only can I get them out but it does not pull at my hair like the comb did. It also glides along with the hair. My daughter who has curly hair would get tears in her eyes over her tangles. Now we use this nightly and she loves it! She even walks around the house with it and brushes her own hair which is something she never used to do.I had heard of these and did not think they were a gimmick but also did not think they would be as great as they are. I LOVE this brush. I was thinking of cutting a few inches off my hair since it get tangled so easily but now I am able to brush it easily.From two curly headed females, we love this brush!*Sample item provided for reviewing purposes

Ursula West Forks, ME

Will work better for thicker and curlier hair than fine hair.

Our family has used the wet detangling brush or Shark brush in the past with great results. My daugther has long medium-thick hair and she swears by it. I have finer hair but I find it great too for my hair. The secret of that are super flexible bristles that are spaced a little closer than this brush and are a little thinner than the bristles on this brush. Also the bristles on the Shark brush are all of the same length, this brush has alternating longer and shorter bristles.I tried this brush, it was ok for my fine hair but didn’t really feel as it was brushing it too well. I prefer the massaging action of an even-bristled brush. My daughter has slightly thicker and much longer hair and she liked it better than a regular hairbrush but not as much as her wet brush that works on dry as well as wet hair. This brush is mainly for dry hair and is not as good in getting out tangles.I then asked a friend who had much thicker and curlier hair and she really liked it as thinner bristles don’t do anything for her thick hair. That made sense as this brush has bristles that have a slight conical shape, and alternate long and short length – that seems like good design for thicker, curlier hair. So it’s good for thicker, curlier hair and just ok for finer hair.

Brandy Cedarhurst, NY

Feels great on my scalp.

I don’t get too many tangles because of miracle 10 but I do like this brush for other reasons. I like the shape. It is small and curved so that it fits well in my hand. I am right handed though so that’s fine but because of the curve it doesn’t feel quite as comfortable in my left hand. I like the hard plastic bristles because they feel so good on my scalp. It is almost like a massage. Feels even better if I can get someone else to brush it for me! Another reason I like it is because it is small and fits better in my purse than a larger brush.

Mable Lake Winola, PA

no more tangles

My son, that’s right, son, has longer hair that is thick, wavy to slightly curly, and tangles easily. I gave him the hairbrush to use and he really likes it. I tried it myself, though my hair is short, and could feel how it would separate hair without pulling and tugging. The brush goes through his hair and leaves it smooth and brushed without yanking out knots and tangles, it gently brushes through the hair.The shape and handle make it easier to use because your hand is cupping the brush on your hair rather than holding a handle to try and drag a brush through, it’s a good design. The bristles are soft, and while I didn’t need the detangling aspect I could feel the way they stimulated my scalp and left it feeling massaged.Product provided for review

Nichole Beaufort, SC

Great for Easily-Tangled Curly/Wavy Hair

When I first received this brush from Second Glance Beauty, I was not overly impressed. At that time, the brush was priced at over $16 per brush; I thought this to be over priced for a brush that was made out of plastic. That being said, I had no intention of using it and I laid it on my bathroom counter not really knowing what I was going to do with it. After using the shower, washing my hair and not finding my usual brush, I picked up the Tangle Teaser Brush and was shocked at how easily it detangled my hair. I didn’t even have to start at the bottom and move up, I just slid the brush down and unbelievably my hair was tangle free. I’ve been using it ever since.Now, I can’t say that I agree with the pricing, but in terms of functionality this brush does what it claims to do. If this brush was priced at just under $10, it would be a handy tool on shampoo day.In addition, the brush is extremely easy to clean and the fact that it does not collect a lot of hair suggests that it works well as a detangler.Bottom line? The Tangle Teaser Brush works very well, is easy to clean and just needs a price adjustment.Recommended.Diana Faillace Von Behren

Marian Avis, PA

Excellent For Damaged Hair

I thought that I already had a great brush, and I did until I tired this one. I have very very long and over-processed hair. I also am of that ‘certain’ age when hair loss can be expected. And the testament to that is the number of hairs found in my old brush every morning.When I tried this brush, the first thing I thought of was that it was going to be very awkward to use. It is actually more comfortable to use than a traditional brush.The bristles are softer than the normal nylon or plastic ones, and are at several different lengths. It glides through my hair quite easily -both wet hair and dry. It also takes care of morning snarls without ripping out my hair at the roots.So using this brush and seeing that LESS hair is being pulled out makes me a very happy camper. It is also a great brush for ‘teasing’ or back-combing your hair…I know, I know too old-fashioned you say! But don’t forget – everything old becomes new again!sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes

Estela Tefft, IN

effective and easy to use

I’ve waist length straight hair, so tangles happen…and this easy to use brush gets them out painlessly, leaving my hair straight and glossy. I don’t want a brush that will tug and break hair, or cause split ends. This brush does the job really effectively, gently unravelling tangles but also getting to my scalp to remove dust and debris from the day. Being moulded in one piece its easy to run through some hot soapy water to clean, rinse and shake, and its ready to use again.I haven’t yet tried it for this purpose, but i’m sure it would be great for spreading intensive hair conditioner from root to ends.Its a convenient size, easy to pop in a handbag for a night out,or swim/gym bag, and fits neatly in my hand, making it comfortable to use.I’ve a very hairy Icelandic horse too and this would be good for her winter coat….when it starts to come out its everywhere so a brush to revoe lose hair thats also easy to clean is great.NB: Brush supplied for honest review purpose. My review is genuine, tried and tested.

Paulette Ozark, AR

Fabulous – I love this!

My friend has been using a Tangle Teaser on her three-year old daughter’s hair for the last twelve months, it’s the only brush that she is able to use without any tears being shed. Not having curly or coarse hair myself, it didn’t cross my mind that I would ever use one, but I’ve found it absolutely perfect for applying hair oil and/or condition to my short, straight hair.I recently started using hair oil when my hair is damp and the Tangle Teaser is the perfect tool for making sure that it is evenly distributed throughout my hair, without the hair getting tangled and knotty.The durable plastic and the soft bristles ensure that the brush is easy to use. I like the fact that the brush is gripped in the hand, and the shape and contour of the brush fits easily into the hand. The bristles do not pull the hair out, or drag through the hair, it glides easily from the roots down to the tips.I’m am totally sold on this product. It’s perfect for what I want.

Nanette Hudson, MA

Works great on my fine, curly hair!

I think most of us have hairbrushes we’ve held onto long past when they should have gone in the trash. I have one I really loved that’s gotten to the point it scratches my scalp, but I couldn’t find a replacement I liked so I held onto it.I was given an opportunity to try this Simply Beautiful Tangler Teaser brush, and decided it was worth testing. I am very pleased with it – it glides through my wet hair and gently brushes/invigorates my scalp. The bristles are just stiff enough, without being able to scratch. I especially liked that the loose hair can be pulled right out of the brush without using a comb.The handle took a little getting used to and at first I didn’t like it. But after several uses I realized I just needed to hold it up higher on the handle, toward the bristles. Now I love it, and I love the way it lets me control the pressure better than a longer handled brush.It comes in several pretty colors – I got the pink one. My daughter has been eyeing it on my bathroom vanity, and she also likes the appearance of it. She used it last night on her extremely thick hair (when it was dry) and she said she liked that it doesn’t feel like it’s breaking off hairs when it encounters a knot.I’ve added this brush to my permanent group of three brushes I use for different purposes (one for detangling when wet, one for venting and lifting when drying, and a smaller round one for curling). I finally tossed out my old painful brush!I received a complimentary brush for testing and review purposes.

Cecilia North Wilkesboro, NC

Snazzy Little Detangling Brush

This brush is very good at getting out tangles without pulling hair. I use it with the company’s Marvel 10 Effects spray after washing, and it’s perfect.The shape of the brush is unusual. I think it allows you to use it either as you would a woman’s hairbrush, holding it by the handle, or as you would a traditional men’s military-style hairbrush, holding it right above the bristles.The size is perfect to fit in a cosmetic bag or to tuck in a drawer, and the colors are bright and pretty. When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure about the durability and quality — it doesn’t look flimsy, but it does have a cute cheekiness that makes it look a bit like a toy. However, I have used and carried it regularly for six weeks and there are no broken bristles or any signs of wear.

Annette Fillmore, MO

Nice Brush

This might sound strange, but I don’t really brush my hair. When I do, it gets really poufy and too soft for me to wrangle. I comb my hair after showers, so please don’t envision a rat’s nest! I started using the brush after showering, and often while I would blow dry my hair. A lot of times when I blow dry my hair I run into tangles and knots, but using the brush really helped to prevent that, much easier than my regular comb. The brush also feels good on my scalp which was a nice bonus!

Jeannette Idaho City, ID

This Product Works!

Ever since I was a little girl I had major issues combing my hair because of the curls and kinks in it. I would not have minded that so much but when it was brushed it was a major issue and my hair always seemed to turn bushy, and that just was not pretty. As I grew to maturity I learned different tricks that helped to keep the frizz out and leave my hair looking somewhat manageable. I have to say, even now, as a grown woman I still have those frizz days, and I hate them. So, when the opportunity came to me to review a brush that just might help out in that area, I jumped on it and I’m glad that I did.The first thing I noticed about the Tangle Teaser Brush was how nicely made it was. Sleek in design it is lovely to look at, and has bristles that do not feel too hard or too soft. I wondered, would this do the job? Holding the brush is made quite easy by the style of the handle, and it is not too heavy. Now onto the test. The bristles did not pull on my hair, that was different. Instead they seems to flow throughout it leaving it smooth and manageable. The tangles brushed out without any pulling, the brushing actually felt wonderful to my scalp. My hair looked quite nice once I finished. I also tried it on my granddaughters hair, that can become so tangled that you just want to leave it as is. However, this whooper of a brush worked wonderful on her hair as well. Bottom line: This brush is a keeper and I’m delighted to recommend it, and very happy with its performance.I received a free brush for an honest review which I have given to you.

Clare Warm Springs, VA

Love, love it!

My hair can be all over the place – some days it is dull and some days its crazy and I have been searching for a brush that can deal with both situations as I don’t want to have a "bunch" of brushes.This hairbrush is perfect for me. I love that no matter what kind of "hair day" I am having, the brush is ready to tackle it. As I brush, my hair never feels like it is being yanked or pulled and I never wince when I brush. As a matter of fact, I love the fact that it feels as though I am giving myself a head massage every time I brush my hair.The brush also fits well in my hand and I can stick it in my tote bag and easily find it. I also love the bright wacky pink color! you can find this brush even at the way bottom of your tote bag. Love, love it.

Marisol Cape Charles, VA