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Simply Beautiful 24 Temporary Hair Chalks for Kids, for Girls, for Boys, all Colors, Hair Color Stick, DIY, Non-Toxic Hair, Dyed Hair Blond Hair that Easily Washes Out

About If you are a fan of fun, bright and bold colours, but often change your hairdo to suit to your mood then these colourful tools are your perfect non-permanent solution. Add colourful streaks or a dip-dyed-end effect to your hair with the latest in non-permanent hair colouring – hair chalk! Simply apply the chalk to damp hair and set with a flat iron or straightener It washes out easily so you can use it for nights out and still look presentable at work the next day wear all the colors of the rainbow in your hair. All of our hair color chalks do not harm your hair. Add a flair of color without the long-term commitment of dying. Enjoy temporary hair color chalk that rubs directly onto your hair, then washes out! Our hair chalk kit is the perfect hair chalk for kids as it is easy to apply and rinse out – also, you can use for drawing Materials. 100% Temporary Hair Color Pastel Chalk, non-toxic Color: 24 Colors/box. Directions Of Use • Use disposable gloves when applying chalks to hair. Place a towel around your neck • Dampen hair before application • Apply the chalks smoothly from root to tip • Lightly dry hair using a hairdryer • Apply hair spray or hair wax to give a little extra lift Please Note • Hair chalk may cause staining on fabrics and materials. • Despite our shipping precautions, due the brittle nature of this product some chalks may be cracked upon arrival. This does not affect the usability of this item.

Key features

  • See what everyone’s chalking about! This latest craze will have you bursting with color!
  • Pack includes 24 colors (see image for colors)
  • Great for dress up, performance costumes, or a rockin’ night on the town!
  • Our chalks are non-toxic, temporary hair chalks that last 1-2 days maximum.
  • WARNING: 1) Hair chalk may cause staining on fabrics and materials. 2) Despite our shipping precautions, due the brittle nature of this product some chalks may be cracked upon arrival. This does not affect the usability of this item.

Honest reviews


How Cool is This?

I may be and Olde Pharte, but I love trying things that will drive my younger sister and her kids crazy. This is why you may never really see me dressing or acting my age. When I was asked to try this product for the manufacturer, I jumped at the chance.This came shipped form the UK in one perfect set and it is packaged quite well.I followed the directions precisely, unlike others who are more trailblazing than I am. I wore the thin gloves and I’m glad I did. This does stain skin a little, I quickly found that any that got on my face was easily taken care of with some POND’S Cold Cream Cleanser, 3.5 oz. make-up remover towels and even baby wipes work.I have very long blond hair with touches of gray and I had a lot of fun dampening thick hanks of my hair and chalking them. Then, again following directions I dried the damp hanks and applied a light coating of hairspray. I thought that it was going to wear off quickly, but the streaks lasted all day and night until bedtime – then they just shampooed right out. My hair was left in the same condition like before I had tried Hair Chalkin.Everyone I met at the store today loved it -even my younger sister and her kids (well I did get a bit of an eye roll, but what can I say?)

Phyllis Aynor, SC

great fun, terrific product

I’ve very dark brown waist length hair so wasn’t sure how well these would show up. I found wetting the chalk and using it on dry hair worked best for me. Take the warning to wear gloves seriously too – i was in a hurry ( as ever!) and didn’t and my fingertips are now a lovley shade of pink 🙂 though it soon wears off. The chalks are quick and easy to use and the colour is far more vivid that i thought it would be. Would be fabulous on blonde or grey hair, very intense, and great fuin for kids parties. You can see my photos in the product image gallery showing just how intense the colour is when dry.

Charlene Sterling, IL

Takes Some Effort, But Good Results

I’ve used other hair chalks before and found that they were too powdery– made a big mess and came off quickly. This is different– the sticks are solid and you have to wet your hair and the sticks to get the color to really come out. (The directions don’t mention wetting the sticks, but that’s what works.)I found it a bit of a pain trying to color my hair and my daughter’s. I’m very dark brown, she’s blonde. In both cases, I had to go over and over the hair to get it to color, and it did leave our hair tangled and impossible to comb through, so the second time, I made sure to style first so I wouldn’t have to brush afterwards.The nice part is that the color does stay all day. It doesn’t easily come off onto clothing and hands as long as you do a little heat setting. And it washes out easily… both from your hair and skin. My daughter’s currently in school with three-colored streaks in her hair and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Tammy Skanee, MI

Good color payoff, lasts all evening. Wetting color helps deepen the color.

These hair chalks are fun as they come in many colors and you can get the color on more precisely than say a spray can. The colors were housed in a nice casing and were intact. Although there are many shades some are brighter than others. I have dark hair so some of the darker shades don’t show up on me. I used white and magenta/fuschia colors on my hair with ease.Wetting the chalk slightly and rubbing on dry hair strands works best.I have dark and very fine, flyaway hair so the chalk did make the hair feel rough and dry. It’s best not to run a comb through the hair after you’ve applied the chalk as it lightens the color. I wore it all evening without problem and it took some shampooing to get it out.It’s a fun product to use every now and then but every day use may not be the best for the hair. I would also advise to use it on hair that has not been shampooed that day so that it can absorb more color.

Marcie North Providence, RI

Highly cool

These chalk are totally great. What an amazing selection, it’s almost hard to choose which ones to try first. I followed the directions and had no luck. I was bummed and figured it was because I have Brown hair and it wasn’t going to work for me. So, I read the other reviews and first styled my hair how I like it and then picked a chalk, dipped it in a bowl of water for about five seconds and it practically painted on my hair! So easy! I used three colors; pink, turquoise and yellow. The first two were perfect but I had to work the yellow a bit more to get it to show as well (dark hair). I can’t feel it when I touch my hair and it looks so great. I did not wear gloves, yes, I should have, but the color washed right off.I have used the spray can of blue on my hair before and there isn’t a lot of control plus, it made my hair look dull. This is the opposite. Goes where I want and it is bright.This is an ideal product for anyone that wants to have a bit of fun and/or express yourself through color.

Tami Augusta, MI

chunky look without commitment

Hair chalks are so much fun to add color and interest to my hair, and then be able to rinse it out. They are a little messy to apply, really do use gloves, but once on the hair the color didn’t rub off on my clothes or furniture, especially after I sealed them with a bit of hair spray.The colors are vibrant and fun and show up fully against the rest of my hair. I have brown and gray hair, I was worried this wouldn’t work on darker hair but it worked great.Product provided for review

Alexandria San Jose, NM

Big Fun

This is a really cool hair chalk arrangement. So many fun colors. They arrived in great shape, none of them broken. I guess they would still have worked fine even if they did show up broken. It was just like using a crayon to color your hair. We soaked them in a little water and then drew the color on. Very simple. The more we applied, the darker/brighter the color — to a point obviously.I have dark brown almost black hair, so many of the colors didn’t work on me. There was a couple of the blues that worked and the green. My niece however has blond hair and this was a lot of fun for her. It washed out wih the first washing for both of us, although it warns that for light hair it may take a day or two.The colors are bright and vivid in her hair and had a very cool effect, unlike regular color. Big fun for a costume or a concert where you just want to be wild and get attention. I would give five stars, but I wish it worked better on dark hair. I’m not sure that’s fair as I think any color would have trouble on dark hair. Plus, I’m too old to be coloring my hair bright blues and reds — but it was still groovy.Note: I was offered a free sample of this product. I was under no obligation to post a review. This is my own opinion.**update** I just saw this product is currently listed for $71. I probably don’t have to tell you this, but that’s insane. This really is basically just chalk. It was significantly lower priced before. Prices change often, but this was on my wish list and it popped up so I had to comment.

Selina Inglefield, IN

Fun At Any Age

I accepted this product for an honest review and I’m glad I did. I am not a young girl, but I knew these would be great fun in my household. I have half brown, half white hair on my head, yes that is the fun of getting old. I have many allergies and cannot use hair dye, so I have been suffering with two tone hair. My Granddaughter, who has used Chalks before, suggested that I try them to blend the color of my hair. Hum! At first I laughed it off, but when I was asked to review this product, I thought why not give it a try. I took the dark chalk and followed the directions. To my amazement as I continued to put it on it blended in with the rest of my dark hair. Wow! Who would have ever guessed?Listen, I know this product is mainly for the youth, but who says we older people can’t use it as well. My granddaughter also used some, but she went with many different colors and looked lovely. We both looked lovely! The directions were simple, the product worked so I am pleased to recommend this product. Enjoy!

Marietta Ridgeway, MO

Chalk Hair Dye for You, Your Dog….

At some point in time, dying hair went from being a way to hide something (whether it is hiding grey hair or to contribute as a disguise to deceive someone in regard to your identity) and moved into the lucrative markets of entertainment and vanity. While these two can be intertwined, that would require a long history lesson, and I am sure that you are reading this review about the Second Glance Beauty Hair Chalks and not the development of modern theatre.So, fast forward several hundred years, and suddenly world-famous musicians are no longer clean-cut guys and gals performing carefully choreographed dances on “American Bandstand”. Over time, artists like David Bowie, Madonna, Pink, Lady Gaga, all came to be known for their colorful hairdos. Well, if you have an artistic eye and a bit of patience, you have the chance to come up with the truly amazing thing about Second Glance Beauty’s Hair Chalks (SGBHCs, for short) your own masterpiece.UsageUsing these chalks is the easiest thing that I have ever done. I am going to list the steps below, including my commentary, which made the entire experience simple and will help you should you decide to purchase the SGBHCs for yourself.* Things to get beforehand: rubber gloves, spray bottle with water, a comb, bottle of hair spray, towel, SGBHCs.* Select the section of hair to be colored, spray with water. Also spray the chalk with water to help transfer the color. Don’t press too hard, or you will snap the chalk. Resist the urge to rub back-and-forth. This is damaging to the hair. Be patient and rub firmly and you will soon see success.* It takes a while, but once you have achieved the desired look, gently brush the hair and then spritz it with hair spray. Voila!* When it is time to remove, just shampoo out in the shower.EfficacyIt is important, VERY important, that you spray your chalked hair with hair spray or other hair sealant to prevent it from drying out and working itself out of your hair. Chalk is a dry mineral, and like any power that you put onto any surface, if you have to find a way to keep it there or over time it will disappear. The good news, though? If you take this step early and maybe a rejuvenation spritz later on, your color will look gorgeous!In the EndThe best part about SGBHCs is that they are chalk. They are a mineral that will wash out of your hair cleanly, just like the rest of a chalk stick will dissolve when it has reached the end of its usefulness. Second Glance Beauty really has a lovely product here. You have a palette of colors here to suit not just your makeup or outfit, but maybe your dog, or room, the logo of your favorite football team “Who DEY!! My Cincy BENGALS!”, and so much more.Oh, and if you want a change, or you make a mistake, or just want to try something else, a good shampooing is all that you need and a fresh slate is at hand.In short, if you are a budding makeup artist, enthusiastic about trying out new hair colors, or just want to freak out your parents, you can’t go wrong with the Second Glance Beauty Hair Chalks.**Disclaimer: These chalks were sent to me by the manufacturer at no cost to review. While I do not feel that this influenced me in any capacity, I am legally obligated to disclose this fact so that you can come to your own conclusions about the merit of this analysis.**

Rosalyn Weirton, WV

Cool product

I have to admit that when I first heard about this product, I was a bit skeptical – kind of felt as though I would look like a clown if I put this hair dye on my hair, especially since a friend had bought some temporary dye (not by this company) and it was a disaster.Having said that, I was invited to a cool event recently and needed to do something "special" with my hair and I thought of this product. I have had positive experiences with their other hair products, so I thought I would try these out. The result was amazing.These chalks are so easy to use – and they apply a beautiful color – no mater how artistic you may or (not!) be with a brush. I experimented with a few different shade mixtures and it actually turned out great. I even received a bunch of compliments on my "artistic hair" (if only they knew lol).I was a tad worried about removing the color afterwards, but wow! so easy. The morale of this story??? If you use the right products (good quality) you will be happy with the results and I was.

Ann Newport, NC