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Simplified Style Handbag Elegant Shoulder Bag Canvas Purse


Key features

  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Length x Width x Height (Bag): 16.5” x 4.3” x 11.8” (42 x 11 x 30 cm)
  • Length x Width x Height (With Strap): 16.5” x 4.3” x 18.9” (42 x 11 x 48 cm)
  • Color: White+Blue Vertical Stripes
  • Size and color as the picture

Honest reviews


Do not like it.

I bought it b/c it looks so cute and big. Not what I received in the mail at all. It’s small and the scent it carries has not allowed me to use it. I guess you get what you pay for.

Dale Monticello, IN

Three Stars

It was okay the chains would keep breaking.

Jan Etta, MS

Great size bag!

Just got it in the mail and it looks great! Feels a little cheap but I mean it was $5. Overall, its a great size bag for someone whose on the go and has ALOT of stuff. 😀

Mitzi Middletown Springs, VT

You Get EXACTLY What You Paid For

I got exactly what I paid for, an inexpensive tote bag (although the price has dropped by half since I bought mine). It is a roomy, sturdy tote that can carry a ton of stuff. I worried bout the strength of the chains, but as I added more and more heavy stuff (a little everyday) I had no issue with the chains breaking.The zipper that closes the bag is fairly sturdy, but I wish it was a little larger. It has a very nautical look. It would probably look better if it didn’t have the little ‘tassel’ thing. I couldn’t beleive it – but I did get several compliments while I was using this bag.

Kristin Stoutland, MO

Cute and inexpensive. Not greatest quality.

This bag was only thirteen bucks so I wasn’t too concerned with the quality. The straps and outer shell material are slightly plasticy, but overall it’s a really cute summer bag. The material is not canvas or cottony… It’s more like a mild feeling plastic pleathery material. The chains are noisy, but I figured they would be. It also took weeks to be delivered from china, which I also expected.This won’t last more than one long season, but it’ll hold up long enough to go on vacation and tote it around through the summer. I don’t mind the cheapness at all because my expectations were already low to begin with. It’s a cute bag and I’d probably buy another one if this one holds up ok this summer.

Brianna York, ME

canvas shoulder bag

I got the bag yesterday in the mail arrived in good condition! like every thing about it ! great summer bag and the price was right!

Shana South Vienna, OH

Not as big as shown…

The delivery was super quick but the purse is not as big as shown. I was waiting for a beach size tote and what I got was a small sized tote. I will be giving the bag away to one of my friends teen daughter.

Whitney Capitol Heights, MD


I love this bag and it arrived early. For the money it is a great summer bag. I would reccomnd it.

Sally Nebraska, IN

Very poorly made

This bag is horribly cheap. Although for the price I guess I shouldn’t have expected much more than what I got. It was much smaller than what it shows in the picture and the straps are so dinky that it broke the first time that I tried to use it. SAVE YOUR MONEY – Do not buy this!!!

Juana Seven Springs, NC

Great For Anyone Looking Something Stylish

Well I’ll say this much, this bag is certainly elegant. The design really works for a number of my fashions. Plus it makes for a great alternative to the likes ofAlicia Klein Hope Handbag. So I say give this bag of chance, especially if you looking something stylish.

Robyn Orland, ME