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simplehuman Sensor Mirror – Sensor-Activated Lighted Vanity Mirror, 5x Magnification, 8 inches

Look good in sunlight, look good anywhere. The simplehuman sensor mirror is designed with a super bright LED light ring that not only mimics natural sunlight, but also reflects light consistently and evenly — and will not degrade or diminish for many years. It is rechargeable and cordless, so no messy cords to drag around. The distortion-free mirror is 5x magnification — ideal for providing exceptional detail while still allowing you to see your entire face at once.

Key features

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  • Distortion-free mirror: Precise curvature for distortion-free optics – even around the edges.
  • High reflectivity: Ultra-clear, high-quality glass backed by high-purity aluminum coating provides superior reflectivity and clarity.
  • Rechargeable: Recharges using a standard USB port (cable and adapter included). One charge lasts up to 5 weeks with moderate use.
  • Sensor on/off – automatically lights up as your face approaches
  • 5x magnification
  • Long-lasting surgical-grade LEDs
  • Maximum adjustability to always give you the best view
  • Cordless and rechargeable – one charge lasts up to 5 weeks
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty valid only with purchased from authorized sellers including simplehuman or

Honest reviews


Beautiful mirror; lighting is superb

This is a beautiful mirror that has a large bright surface and is lit with “natural daylight” full-spectrum LED’s. It’s powered by a lithium battery that is charged via USB and an ac adapter, so it operates cordless on your bathroom counter or vanity table. It has 5X magnification, just enough to see for tweezing eyebrows but low enough to apply makeup effectively. The claim of “full-spectrum” or imitating daylight is true. I brought it into the kitchen where we have southern exposure, and compared it with light on and light off. The colors were true to life.What comes with the mirror:The mirror, assembled on its standA USB cable and AC adapter for charging the internal battery.A scratch-free cleaning cloth for safe cleaningGood points:This is a BEAUTIFUL mirror.It is sleekly styled, with a heavy base that incorporates a light (green or red) around a ring to indicate charged or needing charging. It truly is elegant.It has no cord, holds a charge for weeks, stays off until you approach it, then it turns on automatically. Goes off when you back away. So you will be keeping soapy hands off the mirror, no fumbling for a switch.5X magnification is good for applying makeupThe size is large enough for the full face and neck, again, perfect for makeup.The light is truly daylight.No batteries to install, doesn’t take up an outlet in the bathroom.No hot bulb behind the mirror to eventually burn off the mirror coating. This is what happened to my current magnifying mirror; the incandescent bulb installed behind the mirror eventually caused a burnt spot and ruined the center of the mirror. No fix for this. I have to discard it and that is a shame.Even lighting; the LED’s are spaced to provide even, diffused light.Bad points:No optional wall mount. A bracket and mount on the back or an option to purchase a wall-mounted unit would have been great. I like a mirror by the sink that is at eye level. I’m tall and to use this mirror, I have to bend over in half or I have to sit on a vanity chair to use this mirror. I suppose I’ll have to find a vanity chair for the bathroom–there is a space under the counter for a vanity stool but I don’t own one. I like this mirror well enough to change my ways but I prefer to stand to do my makeup and I can’t do that with a counter mirror.No 10X smaller mirror-in-mirror. These are helpful for fine work like tweezing those eyebrow strays. Sometimes you need a bigger magnification. A small quibble–I can live without it.It does take up counter space; which for many people can be an issue. My previous house had only one bathroom and a very tiny counter. This would not have fit on it at all. That counter had room for a toothbrush mug and that was it.LEDs have a finite lifespan (100,000 hours? Not sure) but eventually, they will burn out. Maybe years, but ultimately, they are not replaceable. Also, how long will the internal battery take a charge before needing replacing and can it be replaced? I am not certain if it can be.Bottom line:This is a beautiful mirror, the finish and styling are superb. It is superior to my previous mirror in many ways. The lighting is wonderful. The cordless operation is slick and clutter-free. Only a wall mount would make this better, and that’s a personal preference. Overall, if you want a counter-stand mirror, I can enthusiastically recommend this one.

Noemi Yarmouth, IA

Telescopes to 18″ high

This is a fantastic lighted mirror & would be perfect if it telescoped high enough to be used while standing.Pros:It doesn’t take up much room on my counter.It can be picked up & moved from room to room without hassling with a cord.It’s heavy & won’t tip over.There are no cords to get in the way.It uses a sensor & lights up when I stand in front of it & turns off when I move away. No off/on button to push.The 5x magnified mirror is distortion free.The height can be adjusted to make it up to 3″ taller. It holds the adjusted position without slipping.The mirror can be tilted all the way back & any angle in between; it doesn’t slip out of position when angled.The reflection is excellent.I can see my entire face including all those unwanted hairs that are beginning to sprout.The full spectrum LED/light mimics natural sunshine.The mirror should only need to be charged approximately every 5 weeks.The surgical grade LED bulbs will last several years.No batteries to buy or change because it uses an internal, rechargeable battery.It can be charged using your PC or with the AC adapter.Sleek, elegant design.5 year warranty.Cons:The mirror is designed to be used while sitting down. (*see my experience below)The LED light ring might be too bright for some people. (The brightness doesn’t bother me)*The product description suggests that the mirror can be used while standing if you tilt it all the way back. So, I extended the mirror to its full height, & tilted it all the way back. Even though I am short, I was slightly bent over looking down at the mirror which made it difficult to apply my makeup.Approximate Dimensions:~15″ from base to top of mirror, telescopes to 18″ high.~4 3/4″ diameter base~8″ diameter mirror~1/2 ” LED ring surrounding mirrorIncluded:USB/micro cableAC AdapterMicrofiber cleaning cloth5 year warrantyUPDATE: 8/19/13 I’ve charged mine twice since the end of April.

Rene Dugger, IN

Simply the Best Lighted Mirror EVER!!

This lighted mirror exceeds ALL of our expectations! The magnification is clear and very large, the light is super bright and you can see everything you need to see close up. The mirror has some wonderful, cool features as well! You can plug it in to charge it and then leave it unplugged and it operates cordlessly after a good charge. When charging there is a light around the base that turns green, and when it needs a charge it will warn you by turning red. One of the most amazing features is it comes on when you stand in front of it/look into it without a switch. This is a really, really nice mirror. Nothing but compliments!!

Jeannette Pittsview, AL

Very top of the line mirror

This is a great high quality mirror. I like that it can be used cordless.I like the natural light spectrum from the leds.It is heavy so you won’t have to worry about it tipping over.One thing I do not like is the built in rechargeable battery.What do you do in 3,5,10 years from now when the battery no longer holds a charge?At this price you might want to keep this mirror for life. I guess you can use the cord but that isn’t a great option.

Emilia Covington, GA

A pretty amazing extravagance

I have 3 mirrors now. The first looks is similar to this one:SuperCool ~ Ikea TRENSUM Table Top Vanity Magnifying Mirror. It’s made of stainless steel, it’s unlighted, and it’s 2 sided: 1X (non)magnification for one side, 2 or 3 times magnification on the other. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that magnification inadequate, downright frustrating when adequate sunlight isn’t streaming in the bathroom window. Like, you know, at night.Enter the second mirror, which happens to be aConair Be51led Reflections LED Lighted Collection Mirror, Chrome. It’s also two sided, with 7X magnification on one side and non-magnified on the other. It’s nice for evening and low light conditions, but even my CFL lit vanity, at night, is bright in comparison to its LEDs. And 7X, honestly, is overkill – at least with decent lighting, because I don’t need to see individual pores or eyebrow hairs *that* close up.The Simple human mirror is very, very, very, very bright. (Near-sunlight color spectrum brightness, they are quick to point out – and it really shows standing next to the more yellow-y Conair.) I can see where some might dislike that, or at least want a dimmer setting choice, but it’s very good for these myopic and bifocaled eyes. It’s cordless, which is maybe not as convenient as you might think – cordless requires recharging and is likely to dictate the life expectancy of the unit, but it is nice that it will charge in a USB port. (Not that I have one in the vicinity of my vanity.)The Simple Human mirror has a more than adequate 5X magnification on one side…and there is no other side. It’s really ergonomic – you can tilt and telescope the mirror from the base. It’s hands free, which is neat, but also another potentially limiting factor in terms of the mirror’s lifespan – I’ve had the switch on “touch” lamps “burn out” before, leaving the lamp stuck “on” or, worse, “off”.The Simple Human mirror has an attractive brushed chrome and stainless finish, but as far as I can tell, it is only a finish over plastic. That’s the same as my (less handsome) Conair mirror and pretty much all the metalized lighted mirrors out there.The other mirrors have been “handed down” and I’m using the Simple Human. It really makes the morning toilette a pleasure. But it’s my glass-&-steel, plastic-free vanity mirror that I’d keep if I knew I could never buy another – with luck and care, that sucker will last a lifetime, and I figure more like 5-10 years for any electric/lighted mirror on the market. On general and ecological principal, I don’t like non-replaceable batteries and planned obsolescence. Also it’s a little weird to see an electric vanity mirror priced on par with a good electric breadmaker, not that Simple Human is exactly positioned as an economy product line.Oh, but this is a nice mirror. Did I always have that weird fleck at the 8:00 position in my left iris?

Janna Dry Fork, VA

Innovation comes at a price

This is, hands down, the best vanity mirror I have ever used. The craftmanship is superior, the design is innovative and the styling is sleek.I’ve never seen a cordless mirror like this before, it doesn’t take traditional batteries (which of course must be constantly recharged or replaced) and there is no cord to clutter up your vanity space. This mirror is charged via USB cord, taking about 7 hours for a full charge, which lasts about 5 weeks. At first, I thought this thing would be turning itself on everytime someone brushed their teeth or reached for the medicine cabinet but no-it only comes on when you are looking close into it’s glassy surface.The mirror itself is very large, much larger than my other vanity mirror. In fact, I was initially afraid that it would tip over easily but the base is so heavy and stable that this didn’t turn out to be an issue. The styling is sleek, modern and elegantly beautiful and would look great on any dressing or makeup table. The light is very bright and doesn’t make you look “unnatural” when applying makeup. The only downside is this mirror may show you things you don’t want to see. I thought I looked pretty good for my age but I was wrong. So, so wrong.Anyway, the only other drawback is the steep price tag. Don’t get me wrong, this is a phenomenal mirror but with an equally phenomenal price tag. Is it worth it? That’s hard to say. I guess it depends on the person and their pocket book.

Petra Sterling, IL

Allows you to see yourself with amazing-and sometimes disconcerting-clarity

My eyesight is not what it used to be and for the past few years with my old make-up mirror I’ve been winging it and relying on the kindness of those close to me to tell me if something’s amiss. With this mirror, those days are gone. It’s like a faithful old friend who can always be relied upon to tell you the truth, no matter how painful. The bright ring of nearly full-spectrum LEDs mimic natural light and coupled with the 5x magnification, make it easy even for me to assess my work and correct mistakes if necessary.It’s easily the most convenient mirror I’ve ever used. It’s cordless so you’re not tethered to an outlet; move it anywhere you like. And it’s rechargeable so stocking batteries isn’t an issue. It comes with both a USB/micro cable and an AC adapter and it can be charged either way. A ring at the mirror’s base lights either green or red to indicate charging status. It also ships with a lovely, soft chamois-like cloth to keep your mirror clean, a thoughtful touch. By far, my favorite feature is the sensor. Approach the light and instantly-and I do mean instantly-it turns on. Move away from it and it’s off. I really love the hands-free, energy saving efficiency of that.As if that weren’t enough, the mirror is beautiful: sleek, spare and graceful. Its elegant good looks fit in anywhere and enhance its surroundings. Simplehuman has done a wonderful job on this product.

Naomi Danville, KS

I love this mirror!

This mirror is a work of art and looks beautiful on my vanity. I love the weight of it…so sturdy. I also love that I can place it just where I want and don’t have to worry about a cord. I have had many different mirrors since I was a teenager and none compare to this. I am 66 years old and I was pleasantly surprised that my skin looks really good for an older woman. How could I not love it after that?

Hester Delray, WV


I’ve used a magnifying mirror to assist in applying makeup for many years. But, I’ve never had such a revelation as when I first looked into this sensor mirror. The lighting is absolutely like daylight and immediately I knew that I needed some color correction with my makeup. The difference this mirror makes is like "night and day" (if you’ll excuse the comparison). The fact that there is no electrical cord to lay all over my counter top is a real plus. It’s so convenient to immediately have the mirror lit just by looking into it, and then turn off by itself when I back away. I can raise or lower it depending on my need. This simplehuman sensor mirror will most definitely be a mainstay on my bathroom counter and for all makeup applications. I’m a true fan of simplehuman products.

Antonia Villa Rica, GA

I love this thing

I’m into make up. Doing my make up is like therapy each morning. Relaxes me and gets my day going. Before this mirror, I would always have mistakes because the lighting in my room sucks and the mirror in the bathroom was so far away that I would have to lean towards the mirror. This mirror has changed my life. I see every flaw and the perfection after I’m done applying my makeup. I’ve had this mirror since May 1st and so far I’ve had to charge it once but I use it all the time so it doesn’t surprise me. I have to read the manual cuz I haven’t gotten around to doing it but I am very pleased with this mirror.I purchased this mirror at the Container Store and received it 40% since I work there. I would recommend this mirror to anyone that is obsessed with their skin and make up like I am!

Lilly Saddlestring, WY

Works just like advertised

Applying makeup with this mirror is great. Makeup looks the same when in natural sunlight. Some have complained the light turns off too quickly but as long as you are using the mirror, the light stays on. I’m 5’2" so it works great for me standing at my bathroom vanity. For taller folks, they may need to place mirror on a stand. Keep in mind the mirror does adjust vertically and also the mirror itself adjust. Lightweight and attractive.

Michaela Lindale, GA

Crystal Clear!

I’ve wanted this mirror for months & finally caved. With a 20% off coupon it’s the best price from every where else that sells this mirror. There’s nothing more terrifying than a mirror that will tell you the harsh truth about your face. But once you get over finding all your imperfections, you’ll find out what the best thing is to do in order to both avoid and correct them. Which is why you need this gut-wrenching, unabashedly honest sensor mirror from simplehuman. This will also help you apply your makeup with amazing perfection and lights up with these super crazy, motion-activated, bright lights that are easy on the eyes. And I saw it all. ALL OF IT!!! My sun spots, fine lines, acne scars, large pores & all the tiny hair on my face.Feature I love about it is the sleek design, cordless, magnification, its very clear & distortion free. Great lighting for plucking eyebrows and applying makeup.You can see every thing on your face in great detail. But I wish it’s double sided (non magnification on the other side). And I wish there is an option where I can turn on or off the motion sensor or have different settings on how sensitive you want the sensor. I’m still getting used to it turning off as I move my face away from it.

Leanne Aguas Buenas, PR

Best mirror I’ve found!

I just did an extensive bathroom remodel so considered hardwiring a lighted magnifying mirror into the wall by my make up table. In fact I bought one and returned it because I didn’t like the limitations on moving it up, down or to other locations & if I changed vanity stools the height might be wrong. After much searching I decided to spend the money for this one and I love it! 5x is a good power for me and the light is excellent. I did not realize that it can be raised until I read the Q&A on this site so that will make it all the better. My only wish is that it had a non-magnified mirror on the other side because it means having an extra hand mirror if you want to check the back of your head but this mirror is so great for make up, tweezing etc. that it is worth it. The best deal I know a lot of is at Bed Bath & Beyond because you can use a 20% off coupon.

Fay Alanson, MI

WOW!! Finally, a lighted magnification mirror that works great!

I’ve had several lighted mirrors. Usually, the light isn’t very bright, and you have to wind a long cord around to plug it in. This mirror is very well lit and charges using a USB charger. When you approach the mirror the light comes on and goes off when you step back. So far, the charge has lasted longer than I expected. If I could have one improvement, it would be to have the light stay on when I am a little further away. I love this mirror and highly recommend it.

Mina Sturgis, MS

From a guy’s perspective…

I love this mirror…and I’m a dude. I had recently reviewed a similar type of mirror by another brand and was so disappointed in a lot of the features and quality aspects. But this mirror appears to be perfect in every way:First, it’s weighted really nicely giving you confidence it won’t ever topple. The adjustability is excellent, and I even want to call its flawless construction beautiful. What I really love, though, is the cordless rechargeability – it allows it to be placed anywhere without inconvenience. The lighting band around the base warns you when the battery is low and tells you when the battery is charging or charged. These aesthetic appeals are actually quite important for such a product – I’ve learned this from that other mirror that I mentioned.Most importantly, the functionality is about as good as I can imagine it being. Not only can you see yourself in crystal clear magnification, showing all your too-wide pores and unwanted hairs, but the light is really amazing – you can actually see way into your throat and up your nose with it. This surprises me because usually the only way to do this is by shoving a small flashlight into your mouth; usually the room lighting causes shadows in body cavities. So if you ever need to remove a tonsil stone and pluck an eyebrow in the same day, this is one-stop shopping.The sensor works perfectly as well. I haven’t had it come on when I don’t want it to, and it always comes on when I’m looking in the mirror. Thank God for this because false positives would absolutely drive me crazy.Really, even as a guy, I think this product is awesome. I just love to see something of such great quality and can find a use for anything that does its job (even if the job is not so demanding, as in my case) without any associated inconveniences. Absolutely five stars.

Allene Glen Campbell, PA

Great mirror.

This light sensor-activated mirror is just great. Indeed it is a luxury due to price but I have always found the simplehuman products to be good value for the money which is something that is getting harder to find these days. My daughter who does a lot of acting in local theater likes to go in my room to apply her makeup. She has a lighted mirror but finds this one far superior to hers.It is a thing of beauty for sure. If you need a great make up mirror, this is it.

Yesenia Plains, TX

Best makeup mirror I have ever owned

I feel almost ashamed for having spent so much money on a makeup mirror, but it will probably be the last makeup mirror I need to buy. The 5x magnification is perfect for up-close work, like tweezing and tightlining. I can see just enough without seeing too much. (Anyone who has stared into a 10x mirror knows what I mean.)The design of the simplehuman Sensor Mirror is incredibly sleek with no wasted space. It feels both study (cat won’t knock it over) and lightweight, takes up almost no room on my dressing table, and there’s no annoying cord to work around, so you can use it anywhere. When the charge gets weak, a red light comes on near the base. I spend anywhere from 5-10 minutes on my face, 5-7 days a week, and I have charge the mirror once a month. It charges fully in just a couple hours.The only thing I don’t love is that when I lean back to take in the finished look, the light goes out. I have to lean in for the light to come on, which can blur the periphery of my face, but I’m OK with that. Perhaps, one day, simplehuman engineers will redesign this mirror and give customers the option of choosing between two magnifications: normal and 5x. Until then, I remain deeply satisfied. This is one truly excellent mirror.

Ashley Ruthven, IA

Clearly, a Fine Lighted Mirror

UPDATE: It is now less than two months after the initial date of review (6-14-13). The mirror will not charge. The mirror will not light. What a shame; when I saw how much I liked this Sensor Mirror, I threw away my former lighted makeup mirror. Now I’ll have to go out to buy another one–NOT Simplehuman, unfortunately!AT A GLANCE: The quality of this mirror is exceptionally good; in construction, materials, and clarity of image. The lighting surrounding the mirror is far brighter than any I’ve seen so far and the surface is larger than almost any other on the market, giving you a well-lighted, full image.LOOKING CLOSER: Having gone through a number of lighted make-up mirrors and having done several weeks of research, I find this to be an unusually fine mirror. It has both pros and cons. Please read further.PROS:* Full circular lighting (around the mirror) produces a very bright, day light* Surface of the mirror itself is larger than most mirrors* Fine quality of (5 x magnification) mirror reflects even the tiniest details* Mirror tilts up/down for better viewing* Turns on/off with a sensor–no buttons needed* Recharges within a few hours, hence no electrical cord sits in sight* It takes up less space than a makeup mirror with sidesCONS:* Only day light is produced; no separate lighting mimics office, evening or, home lighting** Mirror tilts only vertically, not horizontally* There are no side panel mirrors that afford the user viewing on the extreme sides of the face* If the user is not directly in front of the mirror (sensor is on center, top of mirror), the light goes off. (If you get up momentarily or, reach for something that takes you away from the sensor, the light goes off.)* There is only the one side with 5x magnification. Normal viewing is not an option with this mirror* Makeup mirrors can be bought for a much lower priceHaving said all that, if you can afford this mirror, get it. The superior lighting, very high quality of the mirror’s glass, and its overall design, workmanship, and ease of use make it better than any other lighted makeup mirror I have ever tried for home use. The only ones I found to be as good were in luxury hotels in South Beach, FL and Newport Beach, CA. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they were manufactured by Simplehuman.In my quest for lighted makeup mirrors for both home and to take in my luggage, I was always rejecting mirrors for three reasons. One, the surface was not large enough to see a full face. Two, there was always some distortion in the glass. Three, the lighting went a full 360˚ around the mirror but, just didn’t produce a bright enough light to apply makeup or tweeze tiny brow hairs. The Simplehuman sensor bathroom mirror answers all three objections.As for travel, I would like to see Simplehuman produce a lighted mirror that weighs much less. Giving it a padded case for protection would be a plus, too. If anyone from Superhuman’s R & D department sees this, it would be nice to hear from you about a traveler-friendly version. There must be enough of us who travel and want to look our best, making this a profitable item for you to sell.*Unless you are new to applying makeup, you should be able to judge how heavy a hand you will need for applying makeup to be seen under fluorescent lighting (office); softer, pink lights (evening); or, soft white (home). In most cases, once you know this, lighted panels aren’t really needed.

Eliza Oakville, WA


Yes, it’s expensive but worth it. I love that it lights up when you look into the mirror and love how perfectly clear the reflection. The bad part of that is you see every blackhead and every pimple and every fuzzy hair.

Concetta Oberon, ND

Battery lasts 5 weeks? Try 5 Days.

I *like* this light, but it’s not worth $200. The light is fairly bright, brighter than a lot of competitors, and the mirror is very clear. I would have loved this mirror since I really don’t have room for any more cords on my vanity and I love that it just flicks itself on when I lean down towards it to do my makeup or pluck. Unfortunately, although their website boasts a battery life of 5 weeks, the battery really only lasts about 5 measly days. I say measly because I used this light only to put on my makeup and pluck my eyebrows. That’s it. I didn’t sit staring at my reflection for an hour, I didn’t use the mirror every time I walked into the bathroom. And yet, after 5 days, I start getting the red band of low battery warning near the base. I was surprised, to say the least, that the battery which was supposed to last weeks died after less than one. I’ll put up with a cord and a switch for $50 and save myself the extra $150 on what ended up being a short lived novelty.

Monika Brooklyn, CT

My new favorite gadget

I recently moved into a new condo that is very contemporary. So, functionality aside, this mirror gets 5 stars for looks alone. It is very sleek and well made. It looks fabulous and is high quality.But what I really love about this mirror is the hands free element. It turns on when I get close to it and turns off when I leave. Its fantastic for putting on makeup because you dont have to touch a thing. The power source is great too. You can plug it into a USB if you choose to. I love this mirror.

Jeannie Trout, LA

Love Love This Mirror

I like to have a lot of magnification when doing my make-up, so am always looking for a better mirror. I have one attached to the wall that works fairly well, but this simplehuman Sensor Mirror is great when it comes to moving around or doing make-up somewhere other than my vanity table.The sensor works well – the mirror turns on as I approach and turns off when I walk away. With the 5X magnification and the realistic light, I can really get my make-up to look perfect and know that there will be no surprises once I go outside.I charged the mirror when I received it and have been using it for a week – haven’t had to recharge so far. I’ve heard others say charges last up to a month. The no-cord feature is priceless to me because I can take this mirror anywhere. It also looks much neater without all the cords hanging around.Definitely worth the price to me.

Jeannine Hope, ND

Absolutely gorgeous mirror

I think there is absolutely no denying that is is a remarkably beautiful and sleek mirror. The design is superb. The convenience of being able to use it without a cord is amazing. Love that you can carry it to your favorite place and not have cords cluttering up the tabletop. It charges by USB and then holds its charge for weeks so you can stash the cord in the drawer until needed again. It is very bright and lights up very well. The sensor is spot on and lights up automatically when you go to look in the mirror. It will turn off automatically too. Because of this, the entire outer surface of the unit is sleek and easy to wipe down to keep clean. The weighted base keeps the mirror stable no matter what position you tilt the mirror to. It tilts up and down very easily and holds its position. The image reflected back is magnified at 5X and so extremely clear. You can see from edge to edge at perfect clarity without any distortions. I’ve used magnified mirrors before that had distortions and so you only had one small area of clarity. Not this one! And that makes this mirror so much more superior. There really are no cons to this mirror – it truly is a work of art. If money is not an issue and you are looking for a truly great magnified mirror – this is the one to have.This mirror is only a 5x magnification. It would be great to have a normal mirror and/or a higher magnification available too. As it is though, this is a remarkably well designed and built mirror. I would definitely recommend it.

Bridgett Industry, IL