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simplehuman 34 fl. oz. Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap Refill Pouch, Lavender / Vitamin E

The optimum consistency for simplehuman soap pumps and sensor pumps, simplehuman’s lavender-scented, vitamin E-enriched biodegradable hand soap leaves your hands clean and moisturized with no harmful ingredients. This large 34 ounce resalable refill package is specially designed to quickly and easily top up your soap pump with no messy spills. We tested and refined our formula to make sure it does the job effectively without unnecessary chemicals.

Key features

  • Optimum consistency for simplehuman soap pumps
  • Dermatologist-tested, biodegradable, hypoallergenic
  • Lavender essential oil and vitamin E leave hands smooth and soft
  • Pouch is easy-to-pour and resealable

Honest reviews


Oh, SO Nice and it Cleans hands fantastically

Simple Human makes some of the better home products I have ever used and even down to hand soap is no exception. A sample of this came with a Simple Human dispenser we bought and we enjoyed it so much that we had to continue using the refills. And we have no regrets. It leaves our hands clean and squeaky with sufficient moisture. I found no single element of its ability to clean defective and that alone is important to me. It is indeed a product I highly recommend.

Juana Palmer, MA

lasts a while with Simple Human automatic dispenser

Bought this to be used in my Simple Human automatic soap dispenser. Hasn’t caused any clogs yet, smells pleasant and is just the right consistency where it washes off relatively easily while still feeling like you actually cleaned your hands. This one refill will probably last me the entire year of use due to the enforced small soap usage from the automated dispenser.

Beatriz Pungoteague, VA

As expected

Just as expected – works fine in the simple human motion sensing soap pumps. Not too strong of a smell.

Gussie Henryetta, OK


The Simplehuman lavender hand soap is excellent. I use this soap in Simplehuman dispensers. It takes very little soap to generate a rich lather and the soap rinses off easily. I like the subtle lavender smell. The packaging is outstanding, the screw cap seals tightly. It is easy to fill a soap dispenser. The pouch itself is just the right thickness to easily get all the soap out of this package. I like that I’m using a whole lot less packaging for this amount of soap than bottles or disposable dispensers.The soap cleans well, smells nice, and leaves my hands soft. Just about perfect.

Stephanie Grandfield, OK


wonderful scent, not too overpowering and easy to use pouch.Love the simple human products. Gentle on your hands also.

Julia Barnum, IA

Works beautifully

Very mild and luxurious soap it cleans and leaves your hands feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to do battle again! I highly recommended it.

Liza Joplin, MO

A longtime favorite

The lavender simplehuman hand soap has been a favorite ever since I purchased the company’s sensor soap pump. The consistency of the simplehuman soaps are absolutely perfect for these pumps — and are rather affordable compared to Mrs. Meyers soaps that are of comparable quality.

Emilia Lewisburg, TN

like the packaging

The liquid soap is ok. The scent is barely there. The soap doesn’t lather much.And doesn’t leave your hands feel soft.

Tasha Mendon, MO

Favorite hand soap

The smell and consistancy of this product makes it my favorite hand soap. It smells like authentic lavendar. I like the ease of the packaging for refilling my soap dispenser.

Lorie Jenkins, KY

I use this in my Simple Human Auto dispenser and love it

This stuff smells amazing, feels amazing and doesn’t dry my hands out. it’s January right now and I’ve been using this for 8 months. It lasts forever (we have it set to dispense about a dime size) and it never dries out my hands. I use it 4-6 times while I’m making dinner some times (handing raw meats) and everything else dries my hands out. It’s a gentle smell. I don’t do well with over powering things or things that want to compete with my perfume (like bath and body works). the smell is there but it’s not going to be noticed before you are.

Sharon Washington, KY

Tried another, but why not this, it is great!

I used a soap I get from Trader Joes but it too thick for this dispenser and did not save me money, so why not order the one made for the dispenser? Perfect, smells great, affordable, and great from Amazon.

Maritza Wilcoe, WV

Thin soap

This is a thin soap made for the Simple Human sensor soap dispensers. It is gentle on my hands, and a little seems to work. I’m sure it would work on others kinds of dispensers.

Mara Roosevelt, NJ