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Simple Styles Pony Pouf, Blonde or Brunnette


Key features

  • Great Goody Simple Styles Pony Pouf, Colors May Vary 1 Each
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  • Please note: Color of product received may vary from image shown.

Honest reviews


Right-handed construction. Issues with Thick Hair.

This does work. Does stay in place. Does grip and poof hair. However, be warned that it does have decidedly right handed construction. You WILL have to put it in from the right, with your right. Also, I have thick but not over thick hair and this just Barely clipped into my hair. So, if you DO have exceptionally thick hair this may be a problem for you.

Roxanne Menahga, MN

I’m hooked

I’ll be first to admit that I love gadgets so as soon as I saw this I knew I had to try it. I bought this item this afternoon. It is currently in my hair. I also have fine hair like another reviewer mentioned but as many hairdresser reminds every time she highlights it – you have a boatload of hair. I read over the instructions, pulled my hair back and clicked it twice. I could probably get away with only clicking it once but I prefer my pony tail tighter so I went with two clicks. I liked the way the pony pouf holds your hair away from your head a bit. I am wearing mine a bit higher on the back of my head than the enclosed picture but that is where I usually wear it. I wouldn’t do what they called the half-up pony pouf because that looked a bit too “cute” for me. I plan to get another one or even two since I tend to lose track of things like this easily. I am only giving it 4 stars because I am not too sure how sturdy this thing is and it appears that it may break easily. Time will tell.

Frances Dugger, IN


I didn’t quite know what to expect, but took a chance on this since the reviews were so good. It’s plastic. It’s a hair clip. Nothing really special about that, but if you’re wanting to fan your hair out over the top, this will make thin hair look fuller. Pretty well made too. It won’t break the first time you use it.

Beulah Deerfield, MA

Only one I use! Great!

This is the only pony tail holder that I have found that works for my fine and thin hair. This is the only one to buy. It is quite expensive but it is worth it. It has two different settings . Will probably get an extra one for in case one breaks.

Deena El Campo, TX

Clip is lightweight

I like the lightweightness of the clip but i’m not pleased with the quality, I feel that it is fragile and may break easily if I throw it into my purse when I’m not wearing

Aileen East Nassau, NY