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Simple Soothing Facial Toner, 6.7 Ounce

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Key features

  • Pack of two, 6.7-ounce bottles of Soothing Facial Toner from Simple
  • Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed
  • With Pro-Vitamin B5 and skin-loving ingredients: Chamomile, Witch Hazel and Allantoin
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin
  • 100% Alcohol Free; No Dyes, No Artificial Perfumes and No Harsh Irritants that can upset your skin

Honest reviews


Absolutely no scent at all

No added perfumes and despite the contents no scent or sting.Ingredients:1.Water2.Sorbitol (a sugar alcohol)3.Witch Hazel4.Bark/leaf/twig extract5.Panthenol (vitamin B5)6.Chamomile flower extract7.Allantoin (a synthetic used in skincare products)8.Sodium PCA (a naturally occuring amino acid in the skin)9.Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate (a synthetic degreasing agent found in soaps & cleansers.)10.Propylene Glycol (an alcohol commonly used in cosmetics & skincare products.)11.2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1 3-Diol (an antibacterial)12.Methylparaben (a paraben preservative.)The bottle clearly states that it contains no animal derived ingredients but is clearly a chemists potion. It is up to the consumer to reconcile themselves with its contents.I myself experienced no ill side-effects or drying of the skin.

Jesse Nicollet, MN

Witch Hazel is an irritant

I love gentle, soothing facial toners made for sensitive skin. I am always careful to buy toners with no irritants in them – this is a harder task than it seems on the surface. Almost every company seems to slip in an irritant somewhere, usually under the soft-sounding umbrella of a ‘natural’ ingredient.That’s why I was surprise to see this toner by Simple contained, largely, witch hazel (third ingredient). Like lavender, mint and rose water, this ingredient is considered a facial irritant. It’s too bad, since I love the smell of witch hazel, and used to enjoy using it, as a kid.I do use this toner on my neck and chest and shoulders, where I am not worried as much about breaking out, and it still does the job of cleaning excess oils and dirt. My cotton pads show it works as an extra level of cleanser.I am happy with the other ingredients, like allantoin, sodium PCA, and chamomile, and the B vitamins (panthenol), and very pleased there is no alcohol in the formulation.I think this formulation should go back to the drawing board, because other than the witch hazel, Simple got a lot right in this toner.FYI, for information based on annotated scientific studies, search for the website of the “Cosmetic Cop” and look for her articles/lists of irritant ingredients. Just because an ingredient is plant-based, doesn’t mean you should put it on your face.

Socorro Swayzee, IN

What is this Stuff Supposed to be Doing?

Feels nice going on. It does leave your face feeling a bit refreshed for a couple of minutes after application. I don’t get any adverse reaction after using it. However, I’m not sure what else it does. I don’t notice any difference in my skin after about a month of use. Honestly, after reading the package and online ads for this toner, I am still unsure what it is supposed to do.

Alexandria Westdale, NY

Decent Toner

I enjoy using this toner when I come out of the shower. I waan’t sure what to expect from this one, which is probably for the best as it doesn’t really do a whole lot. I wasn’t exactly pleased, but I didn’t feel like it did a whole lot either.The toner feels nice on my face, but that’s about it. I’m not even sure I’d go as far as to call it soothing. It does leave something to be desired.The toner lost a star because of the price. At eighteen dollars for a pack of two, I can’t exactly rave about this toner that doesn’t really wow in any way, shape, or form. It feels nice, but that doesn’t quite cut it.

Arlene Hendrix, OK

Mild Irritation

Simple Soothing Facial Toner gave my face a nice soothing feel that I enjoyed, but after I enjoy using this toner when I come out of the shower. I had high expectations for this product but the next day I noticed my complexion had these very fine bumps that are similar to a rash. I wanted to be sure that it was this product that was doing this to my skin so the next day I only used this product and again my face had this fine but rash like irritation on my face. I really wasn’t pleased with the results and I immediately discontinued my use of the Simple Soothing Facial Toner.I love Simple Facial products and have used them before because of my sensitive skin but something in this particular product didn’t agree with my skin. I will use Simple Facial products again but just not this toner.

Cecile Elizabethtown, PA

Love Love Love this!

You regret buying this.This is the best Toner i have ever used.It does’nt burn the skin,it takes out the residual make up and soap,and it just leaves your face soft and refreshed.I don’t regret buying this and will stick to this product for a very long long long time

Valarie Tyler, MN

OK. Non-Irritating, But Not Sure of Effectiveness.

I tried the Simple Toner in conjunction with Simple Face Scrub & Simple Hydrating Moisturizer. As a trio, the products did a great job of cleaning my face, keeping it moisturized and warding off break-outs.However, I’m not sure how much of a role that the Toner played in the face cleansing routine. The Simple scrub does a good job of cleaning (although it is a gritty cleaner) & the moisturizer does a pretty good job of moisturizing, so, what does the toner do?The toner is suppose to trap moisture in the upper layers of skin – maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. The moisturizer does. Toners are suppose to cleanse the skin & shrink the appearance of pores, but the Simple Toner container only talks about soothing skin & tightening the pores (is cleaning for another product?). Consequently, I’m not sure if the Simple toner is an essential part of the face cleaning line-up.In any event, the toner is perfume & dye free. It does not irritate my sensitive face skin. Additionally, I have not experienced any “break-outs” while using the toner, but my skin is not prone to frequent “break-outs”.

Guadalupe Hartwood, VA

I rate this product 3 stars, but with some qualifications!

Many of the main ingredients in this product seems safe and environmentally acceptable, but there is one ingredient in particular which is questionable. That ingredient is 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol. It ranks as a high hazard on the EWG Skin Deep database. And several references express concerns that it can be contaminated with formaldehyde and nitrosamines.One website claims its use is restricted in Canada and the EU (these countries seem to be more cautious about such ingredients than the U.S. is), and I’ve seen references online suggesting it may have an adverse effect on the immune system, etc. If I saw more substantiation that these claims are true, then I would possibly downgrade my rating to one or two stars.My fiancee tried this facial toner and reported that it left a “film” on her face, but I haven’t noticed that problem. I have been using it as a pre-shave before using my electric shaver and I find it works very well for that purpose.I’ve also tried Zia’s “Sea Tonic rosewater & aloe toner” as a pre-shave conditioner, and I think its ingredients are safe (plus I like this Zia product), but it’s very expensive.

Chelsey Bel Alton, MD

I love this

I like this product because I have sensitive skin.When my skin is irritating and I use this it doesn’t feel burnt, but it helps my skin feel calm.Great product for sensitive skin.

Viola Ironton, MN

Winning toner from Simple

Fellow men: Instructions regarding toner follow — this is not to be used as a cleaner, but rather to be used after washing. So take something like Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash, wash your face, and then pour a few drops of toner onto a cotton ball and wipe your face with the moist cotton. There is a very mild astringent here so you follow with moisturizer. This three step process will result in clean skin, properly moisturized, and free of both dry flaking areas as well as teenage type blemishes.I like this toner. It does its job, leaves my skin without any dry areas or clogged pores, and does so without any scent or obvious effort. Frankly, this toner feels very much like water. That’s fine – I don’t need to be slapped in the face with heavy astringent or alcohol-based product. I just want it to work, and I don’t want to smell like lavender afterward. And Simple has done a fine job here in coming through with a product that men can use without embarrassment.

Sadie Portland, OH

witch hazel in a sensitive skin product?

I was excited to receive this product as I have sensitive skin and acne and thought this would help. However, my excitement waned when I saw witch hazel as the third ingredient. Witch hazel is a known irritant, and sure enough, this product aggrevated my rosacea. Not worth it.

Jerry Chillicothe, TX

My skin loves this stuff!

This alcohol free toner is the best thing that ever touched my face. Its all natural and it smells so good. I really cleared my complexion and gave me a healthy, rosy glow. The benefits of witch-hazel are detailed in many books and websites. This particular brand feels good going on, leaves my face feeling clean but not dry or tight. It removes anything that is left over from my cleanser (usually nothing) and preps my skin for the next step in my regimen. I also love the scrub in this line.

Sadie Mangum, OK

seems to work just fine

I like to use this in the morning and in the evening.After toweling off in the morning after a shower – even if it is to just jump in, wake up, wash my face…. – I like to apply this toner. It probably is best described as a means to wash up any residual gunkies and just give my face a nice clean, fresh start to the day. At the end, before going to bed, whether I decide I have the energy to wash my face or not, I like to use this to do a little “last minute cleaning” before going to bed. It really, and oddly, feels rather refreshing.As far as using it, I don’t know what I was reading or where I got the idea, but somehow I was under the impression that the user was to apply the “upward” technique of small circles, but this wasn’t effective. I had tried this for about two weeks, and it was just getting awkward. :(So, I re-read the instructions and it just said “upward” movement/strokes (sorry, I don’t have the bottle on hand). Perfect! I could use shorter or longer depending on if I was in a hurry or if I just felt like one or the other…. And, when the directions say “apply generously,” unless your cotton ball(s) or square(s) are sopping wet/dripping, you can’t apply too much. The first few times I tried it, I thought I had poured too much, but in all reality, I had poured too LITTLE! Even still now, having used it almost every day for about two months (here and there have been a night or two when I’ve traveled that, to me, it isn’t worth bringing along when I can just use it the following day/the day following) to TRY to go through it, and I still have some left. My guess, if used twice a day everyday….easy two months, maybe three. For me, it feels as if this bottle lasts forever and will “never” run out, which, in my opinion, is a good thing, especially if you like the product, and I definitely like this one. :)Cotton BallsIf you are using large/huge: you only really need one, unless your face is SUPER huge, or is SUPER dirty (if you haven’t washed your face with something already).If you are using small: you will want/need at LEAST 3 or 4. I try to stick with 3, but sometimes use 4.If you are using cotton squares (like for makeup removing): I tend to stack 2 to 3 thick. Two usually does the trick. But, on days when my skin is drier and likes to absorb just about anything/everything non-water, I use three.Overall, I really enjoy this product. Would I buy it again? Yes. A definite, no hesitation: yes.Do I rave about it? No. Is it the next best thing to sliced bread? For me, no. But it helps. I’ve had no negative repercussions from using this (having sensitive skin and the like) and to me, if it helps or works enough that I’d want to use it again, I’ll recommend it if someone asks. 🙂

Phyllis Lawrenceville, VA


Before trying this product I was not much of a toner girl. I’ve tried toners in the past but failed to see the benefit as they all felt like I was basically wiping water on my face.With this toner, however, I did notice a difference after use. Per the directions I placed a generous amount on a cotton round and applied it to my face in an upward circular motion. The cooling sensation I felt when applying it was wonderful and when I was finished my skin felt refreshed.I love that this product contains witch hazel and is free of perfume, dyes, and harsh irritants, and unlike some other natural products that are free of perfumes, this one did not have a particularly overpowering or unpleasant scent. Overall I’m very happy with this product.

Barbra Ortonville, MI

Simple Soothing Facial Toner

Toners are a part of my facial routine, and as a point of reference I consider my skin normal, but occasionally sensitive. I live in a very dry climate and need moisturizer to compensate for the loss of humidity and I avoid products that dry my skin. I use a mild cleanser then toner squeezed onto a cotton square to remove any make-up my cleanser may have left behind. I am not a scientist, but toner also seems to neutralize my skin to prepare it for moisturizer, which is my third step in my regimen. I use a light moisturizer with sunscreen during the day and a slightly heavier one in the evening.As a teenager I used a toner primary designed to aid in acne control, but as years passed I switched to Clinique and then finally Obagi. Obagi is a good product, but expensive – about $28 for an eight ounce bottle. And although toner does last a long time, when I looked for places to cut my budget this was one area that I decided to trim.I read the back of the Obagi bottle and discovered the toner was mostly water, aloe and witch hazel. Yes, there are a few botanicals noted way down the label along with preservatives and as I recall, something added for color (why?) So, about three years ago I decided to make my own toner, guessing at the proportions by using the descending order of the ingredients on the label as my guide. The homemade version is working beautifully. If interested, the recipe is three parts distilled water, two parts aloe and one part witch hazel. Obviously, the cost of homemade versus the premium brand is significant.So, why did I want to try the Simple brand toner? When I read the ingredients I noticed the similarity and thought I could use it as a back-up to my homemade concoction. My version contains no preservatives so there is nothing to prolong shelf-life. I prepare small batches to avoid any possible contamination. If I run out and for some reason am too busy to make-up a batch, the Simple version is a perfect reasonably priced substitute.

Jana Frankfort, ME

Love The Toner

I’m old, have super sensitive skin, and it’s been a long, extremely dry winter. So I approached this toner with trepidation. However, I’m very happy.THINGS I LIKED:–first thing I like is that my chapped skin (I had been out playing with the dogs in winter wind) wasn’t further irritated by using this toner. Instead it made my face feel soothed.–didn’t dry my skin–didn’t have anything that irritated by skin–best of all, didn’t leave any residue. With other toners I always end up rinsing afterwards so my skin feels clean. Haven’t had to do that with this Simple product.OTHER THINGS:–nothingThis is my new toner. I’ve triedOlay Oil Minimizing TonerandNeutrogena Alcohol-Free Tonerand one or two others and none were as mild as this toner, nor left me feeling as clean. (With hopefully smaller looking pores.)Pam T~

Sheryl Caledonia, NY

“Soothing” indeed

I like this toner. It’s inexpensive (especially here on Amazon) and effective. It has reduced the look of some of my stubborn acne blemishes and scars – probably because it contains Witch Hazel, a gentle, natural astringent – without drying out my face. A great product.

Catherine Longview, IL

Good product

I have used toners before and I’m never a fan, but I like this one. It doesn’t have a strong horrid smell, or a sting or overly cooling sensation. I love that with my sensitive skin that it didn’t make it break out or turn red. The price is crazy cheap, in my opinion. I use Glymed products and I think this toner compliments my facial wash well.

Marla Mayfield, MI

Works fine, but pretty expensive considering the active ingredients.

I tried a variety of Simple products and found that none of them caused a reaction with my sensitive skin. They all have a mild smell to them that is not overpowering.This facial toner works fine. Sorbital is the first active ingredient, it is designed to draw moisture from the air (and yes, it is the same stuff as the sweetener) so perhaps your experience may vary based on how much moisture there IS in the air near you. The next ingredient (witch hazel) is an astringent (a chemical that shrinks body tissues) is available for a much, much lower cost by itself.Overall, I think it works ok, but I find the cost fairly high for what this does.

Rosalind East Killingly, CT

Completely Wonderful!

1) It works…even during that time of the month that wreaks havoc on my skin (when bills are due ;p).2) It doesn’t have that antiseptic smell that a lot of the facial cleansers have, which is nice when I use this before bedtime – I don’t smell like a medicine cabinet, and it doesn’t leave an after-scent on my pillowcase.3) No irritation of any kind. A lot of facial products are adding so many “herbal” extracts, I’m wary of putting any of them on my face when I know so little about the ingredients. With the Simpe facial products, I don’t have to “investigate.”I’ve been using this withSimple Smoothing Facial Scruband Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel, and I’ve been very happy with all of them.

Dorthy Ebensburg, PA

Working well on my skin

I have dry skin and many toners I’ve tried leave my skin feeling more dry and too tight. It feels as if my skin will crack if I smile. This Simple Soothing Toner does not leave my skin feeling as if all the moisture has been sucked out of it. It doesn’t have any strong, annoying fragrance or wreak of alcohol like some toners. Like its name, it’s just a simple cleansing aid for the face. It wipes on smoothly and cleans my pores a bit more than washing alone. It hasn’t been a fix-all to give me an even complexion, but it’s one of the better of the toners I’ve tried over the years. I’ve used expensive department store toners as well as inexpensive ones I found at Target. For the price, I think this Simple toner is worth it.

Sharon Riley, OR

Compares favorably with Clinique…

After about 3 weeks, my wife tells me that this is comparable to Clinique. I hope she switches over long term since Clinique costs about twice as much.She uses “Clinique Clarifying Lotion II”The only difference she noticed is that this has a lighter scent….

Hillary Imogene, IA

Non-drying toner

I’m big fan of using toner after cleaning my face, because it closes my pores and removes trace amounts of makeup that were missed. Most toners leave my skin feeling tight and very dry, but this one didn’t. My super sensitive skin doesn’t feel dry or stripped and it has hasn’t has any reaction related to sensitivity. Since I’ve been using this my skin has felt cleaner, had fewer blemishes and it looks really fresh. I’m also pleased that it doesn’t have a heavy medicine scent. I really like this product a lot and I highly recommend it, particularly to those with sensitive skin.

Verna Goodlettsville, TN

Very gentle

I have very sensitive skin that can turn pink easily when something is applied that contains a harsh chemical. I have been avoiding almost everything lately in terms of moisturizers and my skin has paid a price in terms of combination oiliness and dryness and flakyness. So I was eager to try out this toner.I have shied away from all toners for a very long time after noticing that almost all of them do not help my skin one bit. On the contrary, my skin flares up at the thought of a toner.This one is truely mild. In fact my skin felt soothed and comforted by it, rather than irritated. My pores looked smaller and there was no redness as there often is for me. Yes it felt nice and my pores looked better so that is probably reason enough to use it. I didn’t feel any stickyness afterward either, which would have been a deal breaker for me.This has a wonderful cooling feeling and my skin absolutely loves it. I have never used any toner that made my skin feel and look this good. It’s refreshing. I like to put this on two cotton pads and relax with this delicious cooling sensation soothing my tired eyes. The main ingredient is witch hazel, so I’m guessing it’s this fantastic herbal toner that is doing the great work.It is unfortunate that one website has witch hazel listed as a skin irritant. This is not true. It has been used for centuries as a soothing calming skin soothing tonic from the plant of the same name. It is the only skin toner that I can use that doesn’t turn my skin pink.If you are a lady who likes to use toner after cleansing and have skin that is easily irritated I recommend you give this one a try. It is indeed mild and gentle with no detectable fragrance. In fact, I have to say that this is most definitely a toner you will love.

Randi Bow, WA

One of the best toners I’ve tried

Some years ago I tried a variety of different toners to use after scrubbing my color-stay make off, since my face washes were pretty harsh. I was looking for something to follow up using exfoliants and washes with Benzoyl Peroxide. However most of the ones I tried either made my skin feel very tight or made my skin red and raw feeling. So I pretty much gave up trying to use any toner.Recently I started using this Simple Soothing Toner and I’ve been quite pleased with the results. It doesn’t make my skin red, and instead of giving my skin a tight feeling, it gives it a clean feel. It’s great for sensitive skin, even those of us who tend to break out easily using anything on our face that doesn’t contain Benzoyl Peroxide. It’s a great match with theSimple Hydrating Light Moisturizerwhich I find also works well.

Jenny Muir, MI


Made with witch hazel and chamomile, this toner is formulated without dyes or artificial perfumes. The water-like liquid is applied with a cotton ball. I found it to be refreshing and left my skin feeling smooth and soft. I have mildly sensitive skin but suffered no irritation at all.Toners balance skin ph and tighten pores. I generally avoid them except in the summer because they tend to be too astringent. But looking at all the gunk I put on my face, from moisturizers and serums, sun screen and makeup, the extra layer of cleansing is probably necessary. I found this one effective and sooothing and will add it to my skin regimen.

Tia Newton, TX

Very neutral product in terms of scent, feeling, results

This Simple toner must be very simple because it is very neutral in terms of scent and feeling when using the product. There is very little fragrance, and I dare say you wouldn’t smell it at all with regular use. I was purposefully trying to detect an odor for my review. I have used this product several times and can’t say that I feel like it does anything dramatic for me…it seems kind of plain. I would prefer using straight witch hazel instead of a product with it diluted to this extent or opt for something without any witch hazel at all.Further warning: because of the standard pop open cap, it is really easy to accidentally waste some of this toner the first time you open it because you may squeeze the bottle too hard. Be careful to avoid spilling.I didn’t have an adverse or positive reaction to this product, and I have combination skin in general with larger pores at my nose and upper cheeks.

Sadie Makaweli, HI

Good product

I saw good reviews and purchase it. It works very well! I am very satisfied with it. Will keep using it.

Cherry Deweese, NE

Great New Discovery

I’m really happy with the Simple Soothing Facial Toner. It’s nice to have a product with no scent and can be used on sensitive skin. It made my face feel even cleaner and kept the adult acne under control. It’s a nice size that will last for a long time. I’m a new believer for this line. I look forward to trying and reviewing more of their products.

Maureen Brooklin, ME

Non drying and so refreshing

When I was in High School and other girls were worrying about zits and using anti-oil toners I had dry skin. I’ve always had dry skin and age has only made it worse. I love toners but it’s difficult to find toners that don’t make my face feel the Sahara. The simple soothing facial toner really is simple and soothing. It’s odorless and left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed, not dry. I loved the toner so much I’m ordering the facial wash to try it also.Odorless, goes on smoothly, feels good on the face, dries quickly. This is a great option for people like me with sensitive skin.

Beulah Madrid, NY