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Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes, Radiance 25 ct

Simple Radiance Facial Cleansing Wipes are a blend of gentle cleansers and mango extract perfect for cleansing and removing impurities for naturally healthy looking skin. Facial wipes from Simple are perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin. These face cleanser wipes are convenient and perfect for everyday use after a workout, after traveling or anytime you need a quick cleanse in one easy step.

Key features

  • Made with skin loving ingredients and triple purified water, our purest possible water, these face wipes provide instant hydration to the skin
  • Effectively cleanse your face of dirt, oil, and impurities without drying skin – can be used to remove makeup as well
  • Infused with a combination of mango extract, Glycerin which hydrates and nourishes, and Bisabolol known to help soothe and calm, and combined, will leave your skin feeling pampered and refreshed
  • Use Simple Radiance Face Wipes for bright skin without irritation anytime and anywhere – our convenient packaging allows you to take these wipes anywhere
  • Simple facial cleanser wipes are perfect for all skin, especially sensitive skin – they contain no artifical perfume or dyes and no harsh chemicals that can upset your skin

Honest reviews


Textured wipes won’t sting, but are not paraben-free

The wipes are a generous size and are slightly rough so clean adequately.There was enough moisture in the wipes to clean my face which dried fast. However, they felt drier than some wipes I’ve used. They are made in the UK, so perhaps they had lost moisture in transit.The cloths removed grease from my face and hands. They felt smooth afterwards. Unlike some wipes with strong alcohol in them they did not sting or leave the skin feeling cold because of fast evaporation.They claim to have skin-loving ingredients. Most are typical cosmetic ingredients. Another claim is that oil and alcohol are absent.Here is a list of ingredients in order:WaterCetearyl Isononanoate – used as an emollient or moisturizerBetaine – permits water retention in cells – originally came from sugar beetsGlycerinPolysorbate 20 – stabilizes the ingredientsMangifera Indica Fruit (Mango) – this is touted as a leading ingredientBisabolol – an oil, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial – helps absorptionCeteareth-20 – used as an emulsifierPhenoxyethanol – oily liquid, kills bacteria and preservesCetearyl Alcohol – mixture of fatty alcohols – cleaner and stabilizerGlyceryl Stearate – emulsifier, thickenerCeteareth-12 – allows deeper skin penetration – according to the Environmental Working Group SkinDeep database it is safe in low quantities, but is not safe on damaged skin if used in products for skin damage1-Methylhydantain-1-Imide – creatinineMethylparaben – some people don’t like parabens as they are concerned that it might cause breast cancer, it is used as a preservative.Disodium EDTA – preserves and prevents cosmetics from going rancidSodium Citrate – salt of citric acid – helps preservePropylparaben – another paraben2-Bromo-1-Nitropropane-1, 3-Diol – preservativeBenzoic Acid – helps balance acid/alkali, i.e. PH and acts as a preservativeCitric Acid – helps balance acid/alkali, i.e. PHZingber Officinale (Ginger) ExtractFrom the ingredient list the No Alcohol, No oil claim seems only half-true. There is no alcohol as used in popular parlance such as ethanol or isopropyl alcohol, yet there is fatty cetearyl alcohol. Also it seems there are some oily liquids, but maybe not as much oil as some other cosmetics.The wipes have a mild, pleasant fragrance. Whereas, hot water and soap may remove dirt and some makeup faster with less wiping, these wipes are practical when a sink isn’t readily available.

Cecelia Adamsville, TN

Real Radiance

I got this product free, as a BzzAgent! I was so excited to be apart of this Simple Skincare BzzCampaign.I wouldn’t necessarily call my skin sensitive, although I do struggle with breakouts and dry skin. I’m always looking for new products to try, so I was glad to see this on my doorstep. Do note that the wipes might appear really dry when you first touch them; I thought that at first, but they stay moist while taking off all my makeup and leave my skin with a radiant glow and soft feeling. No tightness or filminess from this product, unlike many facial wipes I have tried! And, for a lazy gal like myself, I’ll take wipes that I can keep on my bedside table over getting up and washing my face any day of the week! I never feel like I need to go wash my face again after using this; my skin feels clean and soft each time. I generally use one wipe, front and back, until all my makeup is off. Oh, and I have to mention the smell. It smells SO fresh, clean, and light. My dry skin woes disappear when using this, and my skin has stayed surprisingly clear as well.I will be taking this to the gym and on road trips! It’s so refreshing just to use it at the end of the day, so I imagine it is great to use after a long workout or while on the road. I’m going to even be putting a pack in the fridge so I have some cold wipes during the hot summer months. Ladies and gentleman, I highly suggest you try this product, especially if you are struggling with dry skin, acne, and/or find it hard to get up at night to wash your makeup off. Simple Skincare, extraordinary results!

Sandra Carter, SD

Great to keep in the car on summer days, but not much else

These wipes are dryer than a lot of similar products, which is fine by me since i don’t want my face to feel slimy and wet, just clean. If you’re expecting something sopping with moisture, this product won’t make you happy.I don’t wear make-up, so i can’t speak to the make-up removing qualities of these wipes. What i’ve used them for is giving my face a quick once over after riding in a hot car. The damp wipes feel cool and nice, and they mop up a little bit of sweat to make me look ever so slightly more presentable.I wouldn’t use them in any other context, though. I don’t need to use a moisturizer after cleaning my face with these, but they do make my skin feel, if anything, slightly rougher. That’s not what i expected from a wipe with a ‘light exfoliate [sic]’.And as for sensitive skin, i do not break out in a rash after using these, so they get my skin’s stamp of approval. Most Simple brand products have been kind to my fickle skin, and this one was no different.

Christi Shanksville, PA


At night time before bed, I use Simple Radiance Cleansing Wipes. The packaging says they refresh skin and keep pores clean of impurities. These smelled kind of like witch hazel and aloe. They look and work similar to the Simple Oil Balancing Wipes, they just smell different. I noticed that they gave my skin a dewy, healthy look when I looked in the mirror the next morning. My skin looks flawless every morning, now. It leaves no residue and removed makeup from face and eyes without burning my eyes. My face feels healthy, protected, and soft and clean before bed. I also apply Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer after using the wipes. I would recommend these wipes for all skin types, these are really gentle yet shockingly effective. I got this for free from BzzAgent!!

Lila Warren, MA

Really nice for the lazier among us 😉

I don’t wear makeup every day, and at the end of the day I’m often ready to collapse into bed rather than bother with a skin-care routine. This has not done my complexion any favors.Enter the Simple Radiance wipes. I can just grab one from the little packet, mop my face with it and conk out. (I feel like they’re lightly moisturizing, so I don’t even always bother with a moisturizer afterward — I don’t get that dry, tight feeling on my face after using these.) I knocked off one star because I think they could use a little more “texture” — I don’t think they’d do a good job of taking off foundation as-is, though they seem fine with a little powder and blush.My skin is looking terrific, too, and I definitely plan on re-purchasing these!

Jill Copiague, NY

Very Nice Wipes

As far as a make up removing wipe, these definitely do the trick! They are soft against my skin and not rough like some of the other wipes I have tried. I can get all of my make up off with one wipe. I like the fact that this wipe has no alcohol in it. This makes me feel better about using them on my skin every night. There is no residue left when I am done, either.

Anne Cooperstown, PA

Simply works great

Compared to Simple Oil Balancing Wipes these are much more "abrasive" since they have a quilted like design. I have combination skin and have that horrible T-zone problem that causes me to have blackheads around my nose. The wipes are not overly wet, they actually feel just damp. As you go over our face you might think to yourself it is not doing anything but you will be amazed how dirty the wipe will be when you look at it. It goes deep into your pores to remove deep down dirt and impurities.Leaves my face feeling clean, refreshed and glowing. It did not leave a dry or "tightening" feeling behind. No perfumes or harsh chemicals – just simply simple.

Frances Falls Church, VA

Road trip tested

We used these on a recent trip, and found that they did their job well – keeping us feeling and looking fresh despite being cooped up in a vehicle over a 9 hour drive.

Sheryl Oklahoma City, OK

Very gentle cleansing

I am very pleased with these wipes. For those who have problems with fragrance, you will be happy to know you won’t have to worry about that, either.When I first opened the pack and used one, it was so gentle that I thought it wasn’t doing anything to remove my makeup and cleanse my face. However, when I looked at the wipe after I swiped it over my face a few times, I was amazed to see just how good a job it really did.It removed all my makeup without harsh chemicals or scrubbing and I highly recommend these wipes for those with sensitive skin.

Germaine South Heights, PA

Great Wipes!

This wipes are awesome for a quick refresh mid day. I work with dogs so when I get home it’s straight to the shower, but some days I might not have time. It’s awesome to have this great product for sensitive skin so I can do a quick wipe and feel good. I have extremely sensitive skin so when I was told about this Simple line by bzzagent, I was ecstatic to be given a chance to try the product for free. They don’t dry you out, don’t leave you feeling greasy or oily, and best of all don’t bother skin. Plus, I am crazy about mango and they have some extract in them!

Lila Riceville, IA

Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes

Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes. I love washing my face. I love that clean, refreshing, tingling feel that face-washing brings. I love washing my face in the mornings. I love washing my face and removing makeup in the evenings.I tested these wipes, and I love them. They are thick (especially compared to some other brands) and they also have a texture (some brands are smooth). I prefer the thickness and the texture to the thinness and the smoothness. The texture gives a slight more tingle. The thickness just feels better and is easier to handle on your face.I use these at home, but they would be perfect for travel. Next time I travel, I will make sure I have some in my bag.These wipes have vital vitamins, skin-loving nutrients, and no perfumes and no dyes, per the package.Highly recommended if you are like me and like to wash your face, and also if you are traveling.

Brianna Painesville, OH

Gentle but effective

I tried the exfoliating wipes and found them slightly too abrasive for my dry skin. This version is much more suited to both dry and sensitive skin. The scent is pleasant and my face feels clean afterwards.. they’re actually quite soothing to the skin.

Pansy Morgan, GA

New necessity for hot muggy days and late nights

What a wonderful product! Such a convenience for those nights you are too tired to wash your face. Just pop open a wipe and that’s it. No residue, so no rinsing is required. No messy wash cloth, skin product and towel. It’s ready at your fingertips all in one product. Great to carry in your purse also for hot, sticky days…I like all the wipes but I will compare three Simple wipes and one Biore cloth. Since I have dry, older skin, the Simple facial wipe that is best for me is Simple Radiance. It costs about 20% more than the others, but it is a very soft, lush, gentle, cooling and soothing cloth. This cloth has a slight texture that makes it more plush. It does not exfoliate. It does seem to leave my dry skin feeling the best of the four. I think I would alternate the Simple Radiance with the Biore Daily Cleaning Cloth. I would use the Biore on days when I need a good cleaning. The Biore has an interesting texture and, although it is nice and soft, it is cleverly designed with cloth fibers that trap surface dirt and help dislodge grime so it does not clog your pores. I have seen that the Biore’s actually do this; the cloth does grab dirt and removes it. I do not wear makeup but it is also made to dissolve dirt, oil and makeup. Biore’s package says ideally the cloths are best used within 45 days of purchase but I have used them over a much longer time period. I have also liked the original Simple cleansing wipes. They claim to remove waterproof mascara (which I do not wear). The cloth has no texture, but does the cleaning job and the package keeps moist for at least 7 months, if you keep it sealed. The fourth wipe I have tried is Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes. They are textured with little bumps and the cloth is rather stiff to gently lift dead skin cells and revive your skin. The cloths are double sided. You needn’t scrub, just wipe the cloth over your skin. All the cloths are low fragrance. They can all be used on eyelids–you just can not get the moisture in your eyes. Just like when you wash with soap and water. The Simple cloths also state they are safe for contact lens wearers. Treat yourself to a pack and you will always want them available.

Leann Chauncey, GA

My skin feels SO clean!

I really liked Simple Radiance Wipes (for the face! LOL) so much that my adorable hubby noted that I liked them quite a bit. That doesn’t always happen – although he does take an interest in my Vine products – which is really nice. Anyway, he found a coupon for a buy a Simple (brand) lotion/get a pkg of Simple Radiance (facial) Wipes free, and he bought them for me! What a sweetie!Simple Radiance Wipes, 25 CountSimple Hydrating Light Moisturizer, 4.2 OunceThere is no scent to either the facial wipes or the lotion – which is really nice for those who are sensitive to scent in their cleansers and lotions. The wipes left my skin feeling clean and looking pleasingly rosy! The wipes are large enough to clean my face and neck, and if I feel like it… behind my ears. (I was the product of a mom who always told me to “wash behind my ears”! LOL) As my skin dried it felt good – neither dry nor greasy – just right! I found it surprising the first time I used the Radiance Wipes; my face felt “lifted” and yet not at all dry! All the little lines which appear around my eyes when my face is too dry after cleansing were not there!(when the weather is very cold in the winter!) Ahh… What a relief (it is!) ha ha!My only concern is the price of the product – anywhere from $5.99 – as an “Amazon Add-on Product” – to $14.00 with shipping and handling from Amazon Marketplace, for 25 Simple Radiance Wipes. I have to know what I’m going to pay for it now, and have some idea of what I’ll be paying a year from now. (My current product hasn’t changed much in price in over 20 years!)If you are someone who uses facial wipes and loves them and isn’t daunted by price, or perhaps a possible change in price, then by all means give these a try! They are a very balanced product – no scent, neither drying nor greasy, and the coverage is good – plenty of product to clean your face and give you a nice glow!

Johnnie Riga, MI

Simple Radiance Wipes

The Simple Radiance Wipes work well for removing most makeup (not mascara!) and leaving skin feeling clean. I think these would be a great addition to a gym bag for a post-workout freshen, or for carrying around in the summer to wipe away the hot humids, or certainly for travel. You’ll just want to bring along an eye makeup remover that is not Simple, if you wear mascara that stays on through more than getting misty-eyed.

Judy Soso, MS

Very gentle on the face

I have 3 kids including an infant so at night I am often totally beat. I liked this product because instead of washing my face I can just use a wipe and throw it away. It may be lazy but it is a lot easier. I also have a fair amount of allergies to face products so I have to be choosy with what I use. This wipe has done a great job of cleansing my face and being very gentle on my skin. My caution is that if you wear a heavy foundation or more than a little eyeshadow it doesn’t do a great job at getting all of it off. However, I do recommend their eye make up remover cloths. For my everyday make up they work great by themselves but I do use the eye cloths when I have done my make up for going out at night.

Bethany North Bergen, NJ

Great wipes!

Note: I received this product for free from BzzAgent.These really do clean your face relatively gently. I had a few tight spots but considering how dry my face normally is, it wasn’t a big deal. There’s no strong scent to this, and the material of the wipes are nice and soft, not scratchy like other wipes I’ve tried. My face looked and felt very fresh after using this, I’ll definitely try this product again!

Dianna Baldwin, GA

Another good Simple product

I’ve tried three of the Simple brand face cleansing cloths and all have been effective and good to my skin. This version cleans gently and even if I don’t rinse after use I do not feel that there is any unwanted residue left on my face. I don’t wear makeup but do have slightly oily skin and the wipes clean thoroughly. I still feel like my faces is smoother and cleaner when I wash with some shower gel, a wash cloth, and hot water. But these wipes are very handy for a quick refresh.

Ursula Perdido, AL

Very nice. A bit more grit would make them 5 stars

These wipes are very refreshing and they do a good job of cleaning make-up and daily grit from my face. They have a light, pleasant fragrance and glide smoothly across skin. I would have liked to have a bit more exfoliate in each one, but for people with very sensitive skin these are probably about right.The packaging is good and features a resealable flap to keep the tissues from drying out.

Rose La Center, WA

soft, nice scent

I used these for a few days in lieu of my usual product. It really didn’t make my face feel clean but was nice to use just a refresher. I have baby wipes that I use for multiple purposes and honestly they work just as well as these wipes for taking off make-up and being gentle on the skin. They also cost a lot less. Personally, I would rather use a gentle cleanser and wash cloth and use something like this product for occasional use only. It is better for the environment, less wasteful. This would be better for something to carry in your bag, the wipes can be used all over, so on a hot day when you might be feeling sweaty and yucky but aren’t at home, these would be helpful for a quick body fresh-up as well as your face.

Flora Cayuga, TX

Good For Traveling

These are good facial wipes. The wipes are scent free. And they clean my face well and leave it feeling soft, not dry. These will be great when I am traveling and don’t need the hassle of bottles. My only complaint is the packaging. To get to the wipes, there is a peel back sticker. I know from past experience, this type of packaging can dry the wipes out quickly. So I store these wipes in a heavy duty plastic bag, and seal it up tight.

Mollie Elton, LA

What a novelty!

I love these becasue not only do they do a great job on my skin but they are so portable as well! I am an equestrain but any athletic woman/girl would like these for after workout cleansing. I am outdoors a lot and my face feels so much better after a wipedown with these.So great for after a ride in a dusty indooor arena! My skin looks and feels like I just left the spa!

Jeannine Cloquet, MN

Very Light Scent. Not a Daily Cleaner, But Will Remove Light Make-Up.

I was excited to try these wipes to see if facial cleansing cloths have improved since I last tried them about 4 years ago. I was not overly impressed. On the positive side, the wipes are very lightly scented, so do not irritate my sensitive skin.The wipes are not saturated in liquid – they are “moist”. They are a good size & are large enough to adequately cover your entire face. The cleansing part of the wipes will remove light makeup, but I wouldn’t trust the wipes to properly remove foundation or mascara. I also wouldn’t use the wipes as a nightly cleanser.The package is too big for traveling, but you could probably remove some of the wipes & put them in a baggie in order to preserve the moisture.Overall, just OK. Since these are not a nightly cleanser & since they produce a lot of waste, I probably won’t be a buyer.

Manuela Greenup, IL

Great product to keep Adult acne at bay

I love the Simple brand as a face wipes. I found this a great product to use daily to take off makeup and keep acne a bay. This product stays moist and makes you feel clean.

Milagros Cokato, MN


I love the ease of a facial wipe. When I’m running late in the morning or exhausted at bedtime, washing my face is often the multi-step process that is going to get skipped. With Simple facial wipes, you have no excuse. They are great for travel or keeping in your car or desk when your face needs a little refreshing. These wipes work great for both removing makeup and everyday facial cleansing. I’m not sure which of the several different flavors of Simple I’ll end up adding to my daily routine, but I’ve been really happy with this product line.

Lupe Matagorda, TX

Nice, gentle facial wipes

These facial wipes are made with a very soft cloth. They have no added perfumes but do have a very, very subtle scent to them.They cleanse well. They don’t dry out my skin. I like the convenience of facial cleansing wipes and this one is one of my favorites. All of the other “name brand” wipes I have tried contain perfumes and I really don’t like using perfumed cleansers on my skin.

Patricia Morehouse, MO

Cleans well without drying skin

My skin has been very dry lately, but I often still feel the need to wash my face. These cloths leave my face feeling fresh without making it feel dry and tight. I also use these to soothe my skin after waxing. They feel nice and cool and there is no burning or irritation at all. I don’t know how it cleans off makeup, as I do not wear any, but it did do a fantastic job of completely removing coconut oil from my face. I really like this product a lot. It also works on my dog’s face to gently remove tear burn.

Megan Chenango Bridge, NY

removes makeup but isn’t gentle or moisturizing

I use face cleansing / makeup removal wipes a lot. I have some at home, at the office, at the boyfriend’s, in my purse – I use about one per day. I’ve used several brands but don’t have a strong favorite yet.This product was pretty disappointing. Almost every other brand I’ve tried is better than this one, even generic brands.The wipes are not very wet, they feel sort of dry on my skin.The ‘exfoliating texture’ just feels rough, like a paper towel or a housecleaning wipe.Also, the wipes are not moisturizing – after I use one, my skin feels dry and tight.They’re OK for removing makeup but not good for skin care.

Kathrine Bryant, AL

Not sure what makes these exfoliating but otherwise, they’re lovely

To set the context for my review, I have sensitive, dry skin that is also acne prone. (What a lovely combination!) And my skin is also made all the more sensitive by prescription meds for the acne. Because of this, I always seek out the most gentle facial products I can buy and take care that they are oil free and won’t cause my acne to flare up. Typically that has meant I have used facial washes from the dermatologist’s office orAveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Cleanser, 6.7 Ounce. The Simple brand has intrigued to me from day one because of the claims of simplicity and gentleness. I’ve already tried one of their lotions and was not a fan, but figured I’d give them a second try with these wipes as well as theSimple Oil Balancing Wipes, 25 Count.Thankfully, I’ve been more satisfied with both types of wipes than I was with the lotion. Despite other reviews that the wipes are dry, I actually found mine to be perfectly moist. I was able to clean my entire face without needing to wet the cloth. I also liked that even without rinsing afterwards (this wasn’t mentioned on the packaging so I’m hoping I don’t have to) I didn’t notice a residue on my skin. These also have a fairly neutral scent due to the fact there are no added perfumes.Comparing these to the Oil Balancing Wipes they are very, very similar. There is a bit more texture to the wipe which I am guessing is the ‘exfoliation’ but if that’s what it is referring to, calling it exfoliating seems like a bit of a stretch. At least for me when something is exfoliating I expect a bit of particulate that sloughs off dry skin. This didn’t have that or if it did it is much less noticeable than other exfoliation products I’ve used. Still, I like these for general face cleaning but if you’re in need of some serious exfoliation I’d use a scrub instead. (Lush Ocean Salt is my absolute favorite and has been perfect for my face and body.)That said while these are good for general face cleaning, I wouldn’t use them for removing eye make up, at least not if you have very sensitive skin. The packaging said eye safe and I will agree that my eyes themselves did not sting while using it. But it did make the skin under my eyes feel very tender and irritated while using this product. Thankfully, this tends to go away a little while after I’ve used it. But I’ve found using a dedicated eye make up remover with a cotton round to be much gentler on this area. That said, it did do a very good job removing the eye makeup so you may find it okay for this purpose if you have normal skin.I also will mention that while I think this works well, I wouldn’t say it works better than the Aveeno cleanser I’m already using. Both seem relatively equal when it comes to their ability to clean my skin without irritating it or making it feel tight. I intend to continue to useAveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Cleanser, 6.7 Ounceas my day to day cleaner because I think it is more affordable as a day to day cleanser since it lasts me longer. (Washing my face twice a day I would go through a pack of these in less than 2 weeks whereas I can get by using a bottle of cleanser for at least two months. The same thing is true of the Aveeno cleaning pads and that is why I choose to use one of their liquid cleansers over the pads.) However, I can see them being very handy for traveling due to carry on liquid rules and also plan to keep a pack at my desk. I think they are especially handy for the latter because there are sometimes I want to remove my makeup and reapply before going out after work and this is MUCH more convenient than storing a bottle of cleanser and a wash cloth there. I could also see them being great for toting to the gym because when I go there, the fewer things I have to lug the better!Overall I think these are pretty solid wipes for someone who wants a convenient facial cleaning solution sensitive skin, as long as they’re careful around the eyes.

Juliana Burghill, OH

nice make-up remover sheets

This is a handy make-up remover without any fragrance but something that does the trick easily and comfortably. My one regret is that the seal on the plastic container is possibly not good enough because mine tended to dry out a bit. They have remained somewhat moist enough to use but my impression is I should use them quickly before they are as dry as any Kleenex sheet. Other than that they seem to work well and I would use them again only placing them either in a sealed plastic container or possibly a plastic sealable baggie.

Kasey Danevang, TX