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Simple Clean Simply Ivory Original Scent Body Wash, 24-Ounce Bottles

view larger Free of dyes and heavy perfumes, Ivory simply gets you clean like a body wash should. Its rich, refreshing lather rinses clean, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated (compared to regular soap). Proudly made in the USA. Also try Ivory Bar Soap (99.44% pure) for beautiful-looking skin. At a Glance Leaves skin smooth and hydrated (compared to regular soap) Rich, refreshing lather that rinses clean Free of dyes and heavy perfumes view larger Four Scents to Choose From Ivory Body Wash comes in four scents – Original, Aloe, Lavender, and Water Lily – for a simple clean with a fresh scent. Product Comparison Keep it clean and simple with the right Ivory product for you and your family. Ivory Bar Soap Ivory Body Wash Ivory 2-IN-1 Hair & Body Wash Ivory Liquid Hand Soap 99.44% pure (it floats!). A simple, effective clean. Rich, refreshing lather rinses clean, leaving skin smooth and hydrated (compared with regular soap). Dual-action formula cleans head to toe while leaving hair clean and conditioned. Washes away dirt and bacteria—the simple way to keep hands clean. Scents Original ✓ ✓ ✓ Aloe ✓ ✓ Lavender ✓ Water Lily ✓ Refreshing ✓ Energizing ✓ Features Free of dyes and heavy perfumes ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Key features

  • Leaves skin smooth and hydrated (vs. regular soap)
  • Free of dyes and heavy perfumes
  • Rich, refreshing lather that rinses clean
  • For beautiful-looking skin

Honest reviews


Not all that Natural

After reading the bottle I assumed Ivory was all natural minus dies and perfumes but they do have them may I am getting confused with dove. But I was dissapointed in that

Matilda Bell Buckle, TN

we love this

i used to use expensive body washes from victoria secret/ bath and body and i have them in my shower but yet i use the ivory. i lvoe the scent its fresh and clean and rinses away easily and i have no problem getting a great lather with a bath poof. My bf LOVES this! he is actually dissapointed when something different shows up in the shower. so now i keep it stocked.

Marguerite Magnolia, IL


I grew up using Dove and have used it my entire life. I tried couple other brands in between but always went back to Dove. I got my first Ivory shower gel from a friend a year ago and I was in love. The smell alone will make you fall in love. it’s so clean and fresh and the shower gel does feel great on skin and you feel really clean. I’d recommend this to anyone especially the ones that are stuck on one brand and are afraid to change. I feel that I’m eligible to write a review on this product since I’ve been using it for a year now and this is an awesome product! You will not regret buying it..

Krista Luthersville, GA

Great Body Wash at a price that is less than the superstore generic brand

We were looking for a way to cut down on our trips to the local unnamed super store. As a large family, we go through a ton of body wash, especially since we have a kid with sensitive skin who reacts badly to inexpensive bars of soap. Brand name body wash is expensive, and that is typically all the grocery store carries. As a result, we would go to the super store to buy the in-store brand body wash which was typically about half the price of the comparable name brand. I was pleasantly surprised to find Ivory Body Wash on Amazon. With Subscribe and Save, the bottles are less expensive than any brick and mortar store I can go to, and I automatically get more of it when I run low. Great product, great price, what else can I say?

Madeleine Indio, CA

Original scent? Not quite.

I was expecting, essentially, Ivory bar soap in a liquid. The smell on this is very overpowering. No thanks, folks.

Twila Queen City, TX

Basic Soap

Surprisingly, I can’t find this in local stores. Smells fresh and clean in shower. But fragrance does not linger on. Good for both men and women.

Rachelle Arcadia, OK

Simple Clean Ivory Body Wash

Ivory makes one of the best body washes that there is, it leaves the skin smooth since the body wash rinses off well, there is no residue, and it lathers very easily. I have also noticed that there is a slight smell to it but its not overwhelming like alot of those flowery scents. Its light and airy. This body wash lasts a very long time as well. Highly recommend.

Nancy Boothville, LA

It’s just Okay…

Found this 24oz container at Freddy’s for about $4.Well, you definitely get what you pay for. With this body wash I found that I have to use A LOT to get a good lather(I use a washcloth)compared to other brands. So as big as the container is; it’s not gonna last very long. Plus, it’s not very moisturizing.

Nola Sacramento, PA

Great price for the size bottles

I am satisfied with the size of the bottles and the product itself. I just wish that Ivory would have the product lather a bit more and smell more like the bars themselves…………LOVE the smell of the ivory soap bars!

Mariana Greenbrier, AR