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Silver Airless Treatment with Clear Body Pump Bottle By Skin Perfection 1 Oz 30 Ml Keep Bacteria & Contaminents Out of Your Diy Skin Care Creations or Use for Airline Travel

Silver Airless Treatment Pump Bottle 1 fl. oz. or 30 ml Airless Bottle with Clear Body for Serums Our Silver Airless pumps are great for those who like to blend and make their own serums, creams, lotions, moisturizers and other formulations or recipes. Airless Bottles help keep bacteria and other contaminants out of your organic product or skincare for a long lasting product. Our 1 ounce Airless bottles are specifically designed to handle the thinnest serums to the thickest creams. The pump does not contain a metal ball. A must have for any one who likes to make their own skincare. Our Airless Bottles are 1fl. oz. 30ml. The cap and base is silver, pump is white and the body is clear. OUR PUMPS ARE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO PUMP WATER TO THE THICKEST LOTIONS. Instructional Guide to using Airless Pumps is included with purchase.

Key features

  • Silver Airless Bottle With Clear Body
  • Great for Airline Travel or Making Your Own Skincare
  • 1 oz or 30ml
  • Keep bacteria out of your home made skin care
  • Skin Perfection

Honest reviews


The Perfect Solution To Problem Pumpless Foundation Bottles!

I love these bottles! They look great on my dressing table, they are easy to fill and to use, they work perfectly, they are reusable and affordable and this seller ships lightening fast and combines shipping when you order multiple items in the same order. These bottles are so easy to fill and use. All you do is unscrew the top, pour in your foundation or what have you, screw the top back on, pull off the lid and pump a few times to prime until the product begins to flow. It usually takes just a few pumps and you are good to go. Easy-peasy. If you are struggling with open mouth bottles of foundation, face moisturizer, serum, oil, what have you… Get some of these bottles. You’ll love them.

Bertha Gerald, MO

Did not work

I could not get this to work properly. It pumped out a tiny drop at a time with the bottle two-thirds full and with about fifteen depressions of the pump every time to get anything at all. I even contacted the seller to see if I was missing a part and was assured that it was complete. I have no idea how other people get this to work. Mine went in the trash since it was dirty from trying to make it work after contacting the seller. Complete waste of money.

Morgan Bonfield, IL

really great airless pump bottles

I bought these bottles for mixing foundations since it’s hard to get a color match for me. They are really nice quality glass bottles that look nice on my vanity and they work quite well. I am able to put a cream foundation in and the pump works just fine, so a thicker formula lotion will work in these as well as a liquid.

Lilly Dunlap, TN

Good product and good price

I purchased this to use for Vitamin C serum which I make myself, as it quickly deteriorates when exposed to air. Makes me wonder why the expensive Vitamin C serums are still using bottles with droppers. It is easy to use and works well. They say you can re-use it but I haven’t gotten that far. I also wrap it with aluminum foil to keep out light. Small price to pay for what it does.

Lizzie Concord, MA

Very classy

This is a great little airless bottle. It is easy to fill with any product you need, just make sure it is not oily and it is easy to assemble. I love it.

Amalia Alto Pass, IL