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Silver 4 Pieces Face Synthetic Brush Set From Royal Care Cosmetics

Brushes Included: Flat Brush: Application of concealer on small areas under eyes, discoloration or to cover small spots. Round Brush: Designed for application of primer, or base color for your eyes. Angled Brush: for application of primer or concealer on hard to reach areas as side of the nose. can be use for contouring the face before blending. Tapered Brush: Gives you control in application of foundation or concealer on the eye area or chin, lip area.

Key features

  • Silver 4 Pieces Face Synthetic Brush Set From Royal Care Cosmetics
  • They designed for application of powder, cream and liquid products without absorption into the bristles.

Honest reviews


Highly recommended – super brushes!

So soft, cheap, no shedding – I’m about to order more! Amazing brushes, better than high-end and in a fraction of the price.

Louisa Blairsburg, IA

Sigma Dupe???

I’m all about Bargain shopping. While I’ve never honestly owned any sigma brushes, I’ve heard and read a lot of what they’ve been described to be and well, these little brushes work amazing for their prices!!! I definitely recommend. I haven’t had any trouble with these shedding as of yet and I’ve washed them already. So far so good!!

Kay Bosler, WY

they are good

Well when I ordered I didnt pay attention and didnt realize that these where face brushes and not eye brushes. I havent used them as much as you would think but I do use some of them for blending. I have a different set of RC brushes and I love them. This is a good product and good brand but I just happen to by the wrong style of brush. Im sure i will find good use for them tho.

Christian Bentonville, IN

Set of brushes

I did all the research on brush sets and this one is hands down the best value – I love using them – each one really has a perfect use and I especially love to experiment with different looks. I have not noticed any fallout and I have washed them several times

Terry Norfork, AR

Ahhhhmazing deal!!!!!

These are seriously just as good as sigma’s brushes for way cheaper, get them. I love them for concealer, and contouring.

Shelly Temperance, MI


Perfect! Despite the review on them not being good for cream concealer, I find the flat top one is perfect for it. I’m not a brush noobie so I know that these are great quality. They are big, but I prefer them that way.

Elinor Duncanville, TX