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Silicone Brush Blackhead Remover Facial Cleansing Pad 2PCS

The Blackhead Silicone Brush helps to keep your face smoother and tender by cleaning out of dirt and cuticle effectively on face. Features: It is made of good quality silicone and feel and massage comfortably on your face. This great blackhead remover brush help to remove stain or oil spots on your face for daily use. Improving the blood circulation of your face by brushing lightly and gently. A silicone suction cup on back for easy handling. Come with a small facial cleansing pad for you to use for small area. Specifications: Color: Blue Size: one is approx. 2.5in x 2in (L*W), the other one is approx. 1.1in x 0.8in (L*W)

Key features

  • Product Name: Facial Cleansing Brush
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 6 x 4.8 x 2.3cm / 2.4″ x 1.9″ x 0.9″ (L*W*H)
  • Color: Blue
  • Total Weight: 19g; Package include: 2 x Facial Cleansing Pad

Honest reviews



The performance is great. If you are an asian female who really looks after her skin…this brush is gentle enough to cleanse the face!! Great designing and material. 🙂

Mindy Zuni, NM

Too gentle cleaner

If you have beautiful, unblemished skin and want to keep it that way, perhaps this is the product for you.If, however, you have less than perfect skin and have been using a Buff-Puff/loofa (or similar) product for years this face scrubber will disappoint. I purchased this face scrubber because I hoped it would be as good as my Buff-Puff, but maybe last longer.I found that this facial cleaning pad is far too soft to be effective. I have washcloths that are better at exfoliating. Maybe this would be good for children?Fortunately, the price was low, so I just threw both of them away. Don’t know if you don’t try it…

Maricela South Deerfield, MA

It feels sooo good on my face!

When I first got these I thought it was absolute junk, before I opened it and tried it of course. While it does not look like anything special, I find that the texture is perfect for mildly sensitive skin and the massaging action feels so good. I love that the little knob you hold onto is small enough to contour the thing around the jaw line to perform lymphatic drainage. I am an esthetician, most of my clients tell me they use a clarisonic brush, and I must admit that the people who tell me that have clearer skin and smaller pores. However, I am cheap and always looking for natural and affordable solutions to everything. I think that for sensitive skin the clarisonic could be too much and I find these to work perfectly, and personally love the small design, accessibility and the control of the motions. However, I do not think that this product removes blackheads as easily as a clarisonic. Using a clay mask once a week is one of the best things for that, and refining pores. For the price, I highly recommend this.

Angelita Hazelton, KS

Making the blackheads take a hike.

Yes yes and yes. It really does work. Uh, not for me but for someone in the family. Excess sebum can really wreck the pores on your face, they clog and short of extraction, you’re hosed. this little bugger really does the job, it scraps and cleans. Time of course, it takes time, don’t expect miracles, just expect better skin in a few weeks. If you use it, good things will come your way…skin wise.

Rachael Zillah, WA

Pleasantly surprised!

I wasn’t sure about how well these would work, but I’m not always keen on using "scrubs" all the time. I like the "non-chemical" solution provided with these pads. I found that they are wonderful! Every morning and evening I get a mini-facial with these. They are flexible enough to get in the nooks and cranies (i.e. around the nose crease). They are very gentle, yet seem to do a great job at cleaning out my pores. The directions show to use one pad in each hand, but I am fine with using one. So I keep one by my sink and one in my shower.

Chasity Forgan, OK

Very useful!

I really like this little brush for my face. I do have a clairisonic brush but when I’m in a hurry this works great. I ALWAYS remove my makeup, so this just helps remove it without breaking out the clairisonic. Worth the small price.

Ruthie Spencerville, OH

ridiculous buy ever.

i have no idea why i bought this… is crap and if your mind is telling you this thing will work or does work you must be nuts because it does do absolutely nothing…. it only rubs your skin.

Elsie Grays Knob, KY

great for sensitive skin, but not for deep cleansing

thought the product would be stiff bristles instead of soft, later saw it listed as silicone.. works ok, but its hard to use and doesnt clean as deep as i thought it would..

Chris Millfield, OH

I love it.

I didn’t think it work. But I after my first use I love it. The bad thing is it is out of stock now. So I ordered the pink color buy price is little more than before hope they are the same quality.

Carol Allen, KS

Works great!

I was really surprised at this little gem. It was super cheap so I thought I’d give it a shot. It works great at gently exfoliating your face and it has held up very well. The shipping was very fast all things considered. I’ve been using it for awhile (and used it both morning and night) now and it still works as well as the day I got it. I may order another as a "just in case"!

Penny Chesterland, OH


This works really well but the one thing I don’t like about is how the suction cup at the end of isn’t strong. It keeps falling off my mirror. Other than that, definitely recommended as a gentle exfoliater

Berta Leighton, IA

Good massage. Doesn’t remove blackheads

This is great for massaging your face but really doesn’t do much for removing blackheads. The tiny bristles do a good job lathering my face wash.

Ava Caddo Mills, TX

Quirky tool for gentle exfoliation!

I use this occasionally with a gel cleanser. It works well to increase the foaming action and adds gentle exfoliantion. It’s a nice, inexpensive, quirky took to have in my beauty stash.

Marcella Blue Mountain Lake, NY

good product at a good price

at this price i wasnt sure if i would get good results…but it works beautifully and you can see changes after a few uses.helps remove black and white heads easily.make of silicon so doesnt hurt the skin

Rosemary Laurelville, OH

Doesn’t do what it says, but still does good.

This cleansing pad doesn’t really remove blackheads, but it is good for general exfoliation. I now use it as an alternative to apricot scrub since the pads seem to work well with sensitive skin.

Helena Rochester, TX

Not as scrubby as I thought

This silicone brush is more of an applicator. The nubs barely brush although this is better than hand applying facial cleanser

Karina Kimmswick, MO

feels good on the face

my daughter is breaking out and she uses this the brissels are soft and tiny they really do clean your face from all the make up and grease thank goodness they had pictures because the directions were in chinese which i thought was cute great product

Kristine Groveland, FL

Nice srubber!

I really like this scrubber, during the usage its not rough at all nice and soft. But good enough to get the dead skin off and leave a fresh clean feeling. Although, it doesn’t get the pealing skin off my nose, I think I’ll have to continue looking for another tool to do that job. But it’s great and sensitive towards my skin and my sister extremely sensitive skin. It also comes in a pack of two, so one for me and one for my sister, great price too!

Juana Queen Creek, AZ