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Silicon Mix Treatment – 16 oz.

Hair treatment to restore the health, shine and the softness of dry, damaged and weak hair.

Key features

  • Revitalize dry, damaged, or weak hair with this treatment in a snap
  • Stimulate fullness and growth for voluminous, long, lucious locks
  • Get a salon grade style without the hassle or expense with this professional grade treatment
  • Safe treatment for your hair so you don’t have to worry about the damage
  • Perfect for everyone and all hair types making this the most universal moisturizer

Honest reviews


Can’t stand the SMELL

Tried this for the first time and was v. pleased. Blew dry my hair. Used the hot iron. Hair looks healthy, sleek, super shiny and feels soft.Regarding the smell — as with other reviewers, I found it absolutely over powering and unpleasant. Very strong perfumey smell and it stays in your hair for days and days and days. It is complete overkill with the perfume scent which is a dealbreaker.I had to give mine away. I just cant bear the smell.

Maryanne Cologne, MN

Loved it but don’t use it anymore

Love this. It works great. Your hair will have so much volume whether you press it or not. It will be incredibly soft and shiny, too. It seems to have more noticeable effects if you don’t use it often, like don’t use it every time you wash. When I used this I would do it as a deep conditioning treatment once a month or less (even though deep conditioning should be done more… but my point is this shows up more when it’s not done frequently). But I stopped using it because soon after I got it I wasn’t comfortable using products with as many chemicals as this. It’s chocked full and I definitely don’t use petroleum, mineral oil, or parabens anymore. This is practically those things only plus some other chemicals. Just a personal choice. Still a great product that works. I’m not comfortable anymore with chemicals in my hair. I highly recommend to ppl who press their hair. This makes your hair silky smooth like a perm when you don’t have one or you need one soon. This is to be rinsed out after 5 minutes though. It’s protein. So if your hair doesn’t like protein it may not like this much. Smells super strong of baby powder. I don’t mind. Leaves it smelling nice for a long time.

Jeannine Staunton, VA

pass this up if your hair can’t tolerate cones.

Too many additives and cones. This was the worse deep conditioner I have ever used. The build up is too much even if you use alittle of the product like I did. Apple Cider vinegar rinse was the only way to restore my hair back to a great condition.Not worth the time or money if your hair doesn’t tolerate cones or you don’t like additives.

Tasha Hartford, WI

happy hair finally

After using Silicon Mix treatment, my hair is now…. silky ,soft,easy to detangle. The comb just wizz right through my hair. My hair also stop shedding immediately. My hair is very dry afro thick hair. Its brittle and weak. I heard about Silicone mix from a utube review. U can also mix Silicon Mix with other Dominican treatments it works well with other treatments.I gave it to my daughter who have curly wavy hair thats also dry, She is now addicted to it. We both can’t live without it. the shampoo and leave-in is great too. This product smells like baby powder. i love the scent. The Silicon Mix treatment have a white thick texture which is great for thick afro hair. You get plenty for the money.You will love your hair just after one use. Leave it on for atleast 45-min with a plastic cap, or get under the dryer for 30 min or a steamer. You are going to love your hair.I will re-order the large size along with the shampoo and the great leave-in.

Libby Stony Creek, VA

Love Silicon Mix

I absolutely love Silicon Mix. Just not on natural chemical free curly/kinky hair (it does nothing for MY natural hair). It works like a charm on colored (or relaxed hair). My hair is colored and I use to before flat ironing my hair (after deep conditioning). It keeps my hair smooth and shiny for days. I also use it on my extensions or if I’m doing someones hair that has been relaxed and it’s amazing.The only downside is that the smell is really strong and stays for days. But other than that the product is great.

Justine Castleberry, AL


I thought I could handle the smell for the sake of healthy or healthy appearing hair but this product just straight up reeks. I have not seen any improvement in my hair since using it the couple times I have but looord does it ever stink. Like putrid old woman perfume.

Jeanette Swannanoa, NC

Great Product

I actually bought this product because of MakeupbyCamilla2 on youtube. She had great things to say about this product and so do I. My hair definitely felt softer and the cuticle shaft was stronger and not nearly as frizzy as usual. I naturally have wavy baby fine hair that can be less than desirable to manage. I recommend this product for a great deep and normal conditioner.

Lauren Big Pool, MD

Love love love this conditioner

This conditioner is the absolute bomb hands down. It is so super moisturizing. You get so much in the container. It’s definetly worth the price and the product is absolutely amazing. You will not be disappointed. If you haven’t tried this; I promise this will be a staple in your hair care regimen.

Yvonne Round Lake, IL


Fez meu cabelo ficar macio, mas no senti nenhum reparo.Meu cabelo continuou quebradio apos ter usado-o algumas vezes.Mas pra uso diário eu recomendo. Deixa o cabelo macio e comum perfume mistico floral.

Reva Laclede, ID

silky and soft hair

I have used it just a couple of times, twice to be exactly and it makes your hair really soft and silky. It is amazing. enjoy.

Sherry Eton, GA

Silky hair !!!

I have dry relaxed hair and this product mixed with the kanechom Ceramides is wonderful ! This makes my hair silky and bouncy and very moisturized. The smell does not bother me at all! This will forever be one of my staples !

Judy Harrisburg, OH

Love this conditioner

I actually love the smell of this conditioner and my boyfriend loves the smell of my hair after I use it. If you do not like products that have a noticeable fragrance then this product might not be for you but I on the other hand like hair products to leave a pleasant smell in my hair so for me this is a plus and not a negative.I have naturally straight medium thickness hair down to the middle of my back and I use this about twice a week as a deep conditioner and usually only from the middle of my hair down to the ends avoiding my scalp as I have a very oily scalp. I massage it in well and leave on for about 3 minutes and immediately feel my hair softer as soon as I rinse it off. I use it to soften my hair and to make combing it more manageable because my hair gets very matted. It works very well and for the price I think it is a steal. Love it!!

Patsy Hartford, NY

Great Product

Fats shipping, product as described.As far as the product goes, I have been using this as a deep conditioner for my dried, stringy hair. It leaves my hair smooth and manageable. I’m hoping it helps bring my hair back to life, so far so good.

Jasmine Eckelson, ND


Adorei o produto!!! Demorei pq minha tia me enviou e demora muito pra chegar, mas veio tudo direitinho. Perfeito, amo esse creme!!

Charlene Oakley, KS

Smelled like relaxer

Will not repurchase again sorry. But I did not like the smell. I did not like putting all of those chemicals in my hair

Nola Window Rock, AZ

Great product

This product is great! The only problem is that it doesn’t smell so great but other than that it’s really good, makes my hair silky and smooth for a great price.

Leila Boyes Hot Springs, CA

Fast delivery, but doesn’t live up to the sellers claim.

This is an ok product. Smells good, but doesn’t work as well as the seller is claiming. So I pretty much went back to the beta-carotene shampoos and conditioners. They work better than this does imo. It is a nice product, and I’ll use it up, but wont buy it again.

Cindy Dammeron Valley, UT

Good product

So far I like this product but I need wait more time to see how well my hair will do with it. I got its recommendation for the beauty guru Camila Coelho (her her is impeccable, always) so, I gave a try on the Silicone. My hair for sure got more smoother and moisturized! I am excited about the next few weeks of use.

Chris Hilliards, PA

this is the best hair treatment

My wife used this silicon mix and now she don’t live without it.this is de third silicon mix that she buy.

Carolina Bode, IA

best conditioner!

amazing stuff! great for extentions, human hair wigs and weaves this intense conditioner restores and bring luster back to hair

Evangelina Benkelman, NE

Smells like a dream.

This product has sooo many reviews, most of which is good. I bouth it once before and I bought it again 1 because it smells soooooo great. if they are using this high scent to mask the chemicals? it works, lol. it smells soo sweet the smell takes over the house when I use it and lasts a while on the hair. mind you I have only used this on my extensions so I don’t know if it really works on your own hair as others say it does due to information about the chemicals in it not being good for your natural hair, I haven’t tried it on my own head. but I can tell you, it makes my extensions smell great and makes it super soft. that being said. do your research before you buy and use anything.

Grace Williamsburg, MA

Good conditioner add in!

This is a great little product to add in conditioner mixes. Works very well especially on heat processed or color treated hair. I originally used it along with a Kanechom conditioner but I find it works just as well when added to other conditioners as well! Strengthens weak hair and makes it soft and manageable. Be careful of using this product too often though. This is a great addition to any deep conditioner mixes

Estella La Fontaine, IN

Great product

Wow another great product, my hair loves it, my only issue, is that it cost more on amazon then it does in my local beaut u supply store, but other from that it works very well for my natural hair.

Hope Pep, TX

great product but

great product but, be careful will cause cystic acne if hair is on face daily with the use of this product

Elvira Hesperia, MI

horrible smell and no results

What a waste of money–I absolutely cannot stand this hair product! It smells so strong–like floral-chemical-awfulness. Way too strong of a scent, and a horrible scent at that. The product is pretty goopy and watery, not as thick as I would expect of a "hair treatment."Because I hate throwing away unused products, I tried to bear the smell and use it as a conditioning hair mask a few times, but I didn’t notice any positive results. It didn’t make my hair shiny or smooth, but it did make it smell terrible!A beauty blogger I follow recommended this product–I’m dying to know why she likes it so much and how she stands the overpowering grandma-perfume scent.

Daisy Marathon, NY

Lovely smell, lovely results, and at a lovely price!

I mix this and the Kanechom Goats Milk together and it is WONDERFUL! This product has a baby smell to me and it stays in my hair for about two days, which my husband loves! I texlax and I am currently five months post-relaxer but this product makes it look like I am bone straight relaxed! Just great stuff ladies!

Cathleen Grover, SC

Love it

LOVE this product.I use as a everyday conditioner.My hair is soooo soft and smooth. Totally recommend it. And the price is awesome

Penelope Sidell, IL

Super!!!! Smooth

I use this with the Brazilian hair treatment goat milk. I mix the two together as I found in an YouTube video about the product. She tested it and her hair was soft as silk after blow drying. Except I don’t blow dry my hair. I simply add it after showering and washing my hair. I let it sit in my hair for 30 mins to an hour and rinse off. It is super soft manageable and full of sheen. My hair tangles fast so this acts like a detangler to my almost waist length hair. I’m black American / Native American with a texture laxer not a relaxer.

Allene Saugatuck, MI

A Must Have!

The Silicon Mix is the best product i have ever used and I am a product junkie. After researching over and over again about the product I decided to give it a try. And I am so glad I did. This product does have a strong perfume scent but does not linger in my hair after I rinse it out like it does for some. I used it in conjunction with the kanechom goat milk brazillian treatmet and my haor texture felt completely different. Thank you for such a fantastic product!

Tina University Park, IA

silky rinse

I’m a naturally curly girl, and I know that most curlies are anti silicone but whatever! I love the slip that this conditioner provides and makes my hair super soft.

Colette Sidney, NE