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Silicon Based Primer 1oz. Temptu Airbrush Makeup Product

Developed to combat shine without adding weight, this innovative formula can be applied as a spot treatment to prep oily skin for makeup application. Base Smooth & Matte Primer also works to diffuse the appearance of pores and fine lines, resulting in a “perfect canvas” on which to apply foundation.

Key features

  • Soothing Botanicals
  • Oil Free and Hypoallergenic
  • Primes and Perfects Skin
  • Controls shine for matte finish
  • Ideal for all skin types

Honest reviews


Disappointed – not for airbrush gun

This primer is not for airbrush gun , that is a fact as I never saw a airbrush gun spraying so heavy liquid , as mentioned before it is like yogurt , however the product works as well , but I had to apply it with a brush and not airbrush as it would never works, on this point I am thinking is the product old already ? there was some issues I purchased other stuff one one time it was working fine the other time it was to tick , so I don’t know in this case .. as I never used this primer before , it prevent the skin from drying as well but the reason I purchased it was to use with my airbrush gun and that why I give it 1 star for false advertisement

Dale Keavy, KY

Great primer but not for Airbrush

It is a great primer but it is so thick that it just sits in my airbrush and even with my medium there is no way i can thin it enough to make it airbrush consistency so I think it is a good primer if you use it as a lotion and not for airbrush. Also be aware that there is no return on this product.

Leann Cissna Park, IL

Five Stars

Love the product.

Celia Avis, PA

Air brush makeup primer.

Works great under your air brush makeup doesn’t clump or plug your sprayer up either. I highly recommend it! You can use with other makeup air brushes.

Leola Strawberry Plains, TN

Not sure…

I love Temptu foundation and was excited to try with the primer but unfortunately, my experience has not been nearly as positive. When first applied, this primer has a faint chemical smell and doesn’t feel nearly as silky as other silicon based primers I’ve used. It also makes my skin tingle for a minute or two, so perhaps I’m sensitive to a particular ingredient. That aside, the performance is really just mediocre. Personally, if I’m going to put silicon on my face, I want it to perform miracles….and this primer certainly does not.

Madelyn Wardtown, VA

help smooth area for eyeshadow application

i apply this to my eyelids when i start my makeup routine each morning and it has helped to make my eyeshadow go on smoothly … no ripple effect! this little bottle will last longer than a year … you just need a small drop for both eyelids.

Sadie Modena, PA



Jaclyn Bowdoinham, ME