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Sigma Synthetic Sigmax Duo

The Synthetic Sigmax Duo contains two of our best-selling brushes with classic black matte handles. The brushes in this collection feature the exclusive Sigmax filament, which allows for flawless makeup application without absorption into the fibers. The F82 is soft, dense and round for seamless blending of mineral products onto the skin. The F84 is soft, dense and angled for easy buffing of blush or bronzer onto the skin.

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Not Good Quality

So like a lot of people, I am not financially able to go out and buy really expensive brushes. Everyone, and literally everyone talks about how great these brushes are and how they are very comparable to other more expensive brands (MAC).However, just because they are comparable does not mean anything. I have had a lot of brushes from Sigma, not just the Duo set, each and everyone except the blush brush and foundation paddle brush have shedded. Not just once or twice, but for months. These brushes shed even more than my Essence of Beauty brushes from CVS that I had before I got these. Also, none of the brushes are actually very dense, which can be a problem. Lastly, these brushes are massive in comparison to the face. I personally like working with smaller brushes because it gives me more control in application and of product dispersal. I could never get the look I wanted with the Sigma brushes.I know that these brushes are highly rated because of their price point. However, there can be great quality in cheaper brands as well. I am a college student = ( poor), and it does not matter what the price is; if the quality is bad, the product is nothing to me.For the past 6 months, I switched to the bdellium tools brushes. I did not buy the kit, just the 949, small foundation 947, and 957. These brushes are cheaper, softer, and more densely packed. I also purchased Real Techniques brushes, they are VERY great quality brushes that are different from most other brands. They are also made of Teflon, so the brushes absorb less in the strands and deposit more than just normal synthetic brushes.However if you are really on a tough budget, I do not recommend any of the Sigma brushes at all. I recommend the ELF powder brush, Eco-tools brushes, Bdellium Tools, Real Techniques, and honestly hands. Just because times are tough does not mean quality should go down, in fact, I usually think the BEST quality products should be purchased that are possible as a kind of gift to oneself.

Margaret Nottingham, NH

Favorite brushes

I love these brushes. They are so soft and i use them everyday. They blend the product very well without streaking.I especially love the fact that these brushes dont shed. I used to have the f80 but it shed so much to the point that I could no longer use it. The price is also a great deal for two brushes of great quality.

Whitney Warwick, MA

Great Brushes!

These are high quality brushes. I use the round brush to buff out cream blushes. I use the angled brush for powder foundation. It gets to all the nook and crannies. Again, the bristles are soft and very dense!

Adela Kimball, NE

2 more wonderful brushes to my collection…..

I believe I know have all the sigma brushes in my collection…..I use the flat top kabuki to apply my foundation EVERYDAY and I love it, it buffs in the foundation to the point where my skin glows….I love it! So i decided to complete my kabuki collection with these 2 brushes…..they are phenomenal! Supersoft and easy to work with, they could be a little painstaking to wash but when you look at your face and how smoothly your foundation has been applied you won’t mind the extra 5 mins at the sink! A must-have set of brushes for women who like to use foundation but don’t need to look they have it on!

Angelique Grady, AL

Amazing Quality!

I just recently purchased this brush duo after receiving rave reviews from a friend. Both can be used for either liquid or powder foundation, I just put on my usual foundation with the F84 and it looks airbrushed and perfect, it also took me a very little time to apply! I was using OK brushes before, but I’ll be passing them down to my daughter who is just beginning to use makeup. These brushes are beautiful and I have no doubt they will last an extremely long time, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional quality brushes. This definitely will not be my last purchase with Sigma, their customer service was excellent and very speedy shipping time. Thank you Sigma!!!

Tara Howard, KS

Wonderfullllllll Brushes !!!!!!

These brushes are so wonderful, I can’t began to explain. I learned of sigma brushes on YouTube and decided to try for myself. I was in anyway, shape or form disappointed! ! I highlllly recommend these brushes to all makeup lovers! ! Please try them,you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Lora Waynesfield, OH