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Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit 4 Brushes

The Synthetic Kabuki Kit contains four face brushes that allow a high definition, flawless makeup application. The brushes in this kit feature exclusive SigmaxTM fibers, uniquely designed to apply powder, cream and liquid products without absorption into the bristles. © 2013 Sigma Enterprises, LLC

Key features

  • The Synthetic Kabuki Kit contains four face brushes that allow a high definition, flawless makeup application. The brushes in this kit feature exclusive SigmaxTM fibers, uniquely designed to apply powder, cream and liquid products without absorption into the bristles.
  • Vegan-friendly

Honest reviews



I think this is a great product especially for cream and liquid, not the best for powders, the brush is just way too compacted that it’s hard to make sure the makeup (ex. blush (powder)) is apply evenly on the brush. Overall it’s a great product, made especially for liquid.

Carolina Lancaster, SC


THESE THINGS ARE AMAZING! I have tried tons of brushes over the years. I am a BAREMINERALS addict, these things have saved me so much money, I had no clue how much powder I was wasting inside my brushes. These are so soft, the cover every area. You will never buy any other brushes! These blow other brushes out of the water. Nothing I have used or tried in stores has compared to these. I am a make up hoarder! I have tried it all at one point in my life. I will slowly add more of these brushes to my collection.Another plus is that they accidently sent me two of the same brushes & they sent me the missing brush right away, and let me keep the duplicate brush! You will not regret this purchase!

Earline Center Line, MI

Five Stars

Perfect brushes never shed!

Audra Gibson, LA

Super soft

These brushes are really great quality. I bought them with the intention of using them to apply my foundation, however, my foundation does not go on smooth with these brushes and goes on easier with a sponge. Not the brushes fault! I use the brushes in different ways now and they really get into the corners of your face. Great purchace!

Florence Northern Cambria, PA

sigma synthetic kabuki kit

love this brush there so soft and really good fast delivery and i got a free gift i got the eye shadow E55 brush i lovethis i will get more of this brush so in love you have to try this i throw my old brushs for this i love best brushs i have ever used

Lori Plattenville, LA

perfect set

I am loving my sigma brushes, it’s the perfect set of brushes for contouring and applying blush. I use my flat kabuki everyday to apply my foundation. Good quality brushes.

Cassie Bemidji, MN

Love Sigma brushes

Thankful for sigma brushes and how they helped me finish my makeup in less time. I wash them daily hope they can last.

Jean Nada, TX


I love Sigma brushes. Worth the price! I use all these every single morning and have never been disappointed! Spend the money, its worth it.

Jami Luke, MD

Amazing Brushes

These are by far the best brushes i have ever used. The quality is superb and the brushes are so soft. I love them.

Yvette Platinum, AK

Love, love; did I say love?!

For the price you will not find better quality brushes. Just keep in mind how you will use them and the type of make up you will use to apply. Love these brushes and if you’re on the fence and trying to decide, trust me, you will not be disappointed. These are the ones to purchase. ENJOY!

Maryellen Homestead, IA

The brushes are very good quality.

I use 3 of the 4 brushes on a daily basis. They’re very good quality and holds up pretty good through washings.

Rosetta Montgomery, LA

These are the best brushes I’ve ever owned!

Just got these brushes last week and I’m so happy with my purchase. These brushes are made very well and are very sturdy. Holds product really well and is easy to clean. I haven’t seen any bristles fall out and I have been washing my brushes everyday! I would definitely recommend this product.

Lora Jerome, MI

Great brushes!

Sigma also makes great brushes and have a few of there brushes and they are quality brushes they are soft and also have had no shedding on them.

Kenya Faison, NC

I’m a fan!

I’m a big fan of sigma brushes and had initially brought the flat top and the round top one separately. I decided to buy the entire kit so that I could have more brushes to use and not need to wash brushes everyday. My favorite is definitely the round top kabuki. It buffs everything in flawlessly and makes virtually any foundation look great. A few words of caution though…you should definitely exfoliate and moisturize your skin well before using these brushes. You’re essentially micro exfoliating your skin when you do the buffing motion, so it might worsen dry patches slightly if you buff too much. Also, make sure after you wash them to dry them out gently on a towel and dry them upside down (bristle side down). These brushes are so dense they take a long time to dry and the water seeps down into the handle and loosens the glue and messes up the brushes. Invest in a brush holder or tie a rubber band to the handle and hang them from a clothes hanger! Definitely worth it though. These brushes are amazing.

Jacklyn Fort Branch, IN


I have never tried Sigma brushes before and took a chance on these. I have to say these are the most amazing brushes I have ever used. They are soft yet dense. They provide excellent control and precision. I have used brushes from MAC and Sephora as well as cheap brands like e.l.f. and I have to say these are the best. I use them every single day for foundation, powder, and blush. I think this is a very good kit and great addition to any brush collection. The brushes arrived very quickly and were well packaged.

Gilda Ransomville, NY

love it!

LOVE these brushes.. they are so soft and blend really well..i’m happy with my purchase and recommended them to my sister in law.

Estela Bridgeport, MI