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Sigma New Synthetic Essential Kit 10 Brushes

Sigma New Synthetic Essential Kit 10 Brushes – SMAX08 The Synthetic Essential Kit contains ten brushes specially designed for a high definition, flawless makeup application. The brushes in this kit feature exclusive SigmaxTM fibers, uniquely designed to apply powder, cream and liquid products without absorption into the bristles. The Synthetic Essential Kit has everything you need to achieve a perfect and flawless face. Brushes Included: F80 – Flat Kabuki: Application of liquid or cream products to flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks. F82 – Round Kabuki: Blend mineral products onto the skin. F84 – Angled Kabuki: Buff cream blush or bronzer onto the skin. F88 – Flat Angled Kabuki: Blends foundation easily onto hard to reach areas of the face. Angle fits all areas of the face seamlessly. Works especially well on cheekbones and contours of the nose. F86 – Tapered Kabuki: Apply cream and liquid foundations onto the harder to reach contours of the face. P80 – Precision Flat: Stipple concealer on sun spots, blemishes, and other small imperfections. P82 – Precision Round: Apply eye shadow base or primer onto the lid. P84 – Precision Angled: Apply product to areas such as the sides of the nose and the hollows of the cheeks. P86 – Precision Tapered: Exact placement of concealer in harder to reach areas such as around the eyes and nose, chin, and around the mouth. P88 – Precision Flat Angled: Use for precise application of concealer products anywhere on the face. Works particularly well around eyes nose. Individual Brushes: P80 – 7 1/8 in. (18 cm) P82 -7 in. (17.9 cm) P84 – 7 3/16 in. (18.2 cm) P86 – 7 7/16 in. (18.8 cm) P88 – 7 3/16 in. (18.2 cm) F80 – 6 in. (15.8 cm) F82 – 6 3/16 in. (15.7 cm) F84 – 6 3/8 in. (16.2 cm) F86 – 6 13/16 in. (17.3 cm) F88 – 6 3/8 in. (16.2 cm)

Key features

  • The Sigmax® Essential Kit contains ten face brushes specifically designed for a high definition, flawless makeup application. This kit features our exclusive Sigmax® synthetic filament, which was created to perfectly apply powder, cream and liquid products onto the skin without absorption into the bristles. The shape, density and height of each brush was designed to complement the different areas and shapes of the face.
  • EXCLUSIVE FEATURES: Sigmax® Fibers – Sigma Beauty’s exclusive thermoplastic engineering polymer developed to evenly apply cream and powers products onto the skin for a high definition effect. Features premium filaments engineered for outstanding softness, heat and chemical resistance, mechanical strength, and high durability. Sigmax® fibers are antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Ferrules – The patented 3-ring brush ferrule is made with high performance SigmaAlloyTM for durability and strength. Patent No. D718060. Handles – Each brush handle is made from a lightweight, sustainable source of wood which receives 8 coats of paint, making them scratch resistant and guaranteed to last.

Honest reviews



the brushes were surprisingly soft. I now use all of the brushes except for the small and big flat top kabuki and the big round angled kabuki. The great part is that for each big brush, there is a small brush to match it. I really enjoyed the tapered brushes and the flat angled brushes. The small round angled brush is great for applying eye shadow primer. Only downfall is that my big tapered brush came apart at the wood/metal. All I had to do was add super glue and it is good as new.

Louise Shawboro, NC

Hard to clean…

The only reason that I don’t LOVE these brushes is because they are so hard to clean… I use either a liquid or cream on almost all of these brushes so we all know they already take a long time to clean just with the liquid and cream… but because these brushes are so dense, they are even harder to clean.

Twila Paris, MI

Good, but expencive

Good, but expencive

Tamika Lytle Creek, CA

Five Stars

Sygma is very good product just is expensive!!!

Nadine New Bedford, MA

I love these brushes!!

I love these brushes. Very well constructed, no shedding. The small brushes get into all of the areas where the big brushes can’t fit. I now blend my foundation to perfection! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Jeanine Laurinburg, NC

Love Sigma!

You can not beat these brushes for the price. The quality is very high. If you love MAC brushes then you will love these. I only use Sigma brushes now!

Louisa Amboy, IN


I love this kit. I think the kabuki and precision brushes are sigma’s best products. The brushes are soft and and dense and hold their shape very well. I find myself reaching for every single one of these brushes all the time. I especially like the precision brushes. My favorite brushes in this set are the F88 and P88 which are angled flat top brushes. They have a nice teardrop surface which is great for the areas around your nose and eyes. The only one I don’t use as often is the tempered face brush. I would definitely buy these again.I know these brushes are expensive but they are definitely worth the money. If you cannot afford these I would look into royal care cosmetic brushes. I don’t own their kabuki or precision set, but they seem like a good alternative.

Lucinda Alma, NY