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Sigma E30 – Pencil

Unique Feature: Soft and tapered pencil tip Function: Soften and smoke out liner Recommended Use: Soften pencil liners along the top and bottom lash lines, add shadow to line the eyes, or use to highlight inner corner of eyes. Â 2013 Sigma Enterprises, LLC

Key features

  • Unique Feature: Soft and tapered pencil tip.
  • Function: Soften and smoke out liner.
  • Recommended Use: Soften pencil liners along the top and bottom lash lines, add shadow to line the eyes, or use to highlight inner corner of eyes.

Honest reviews


It’s ok

I guess pencil brushes aren’t my favorite to use so I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with them. But for what it is, I like it.

Diana Cave Springs, AR

It’s pretty good!!!

Ordered this brush for applying shadow under the bottom lashes… Does the job, but I think that the brush I received was cut down a little too much… The tip is a tad bit on the rounded off side. Overall I like this brush, applies color very well and is very good for using in the inner and outer corners of the eye!!!

Brittney Annabella, UT

Adivce from customers and product sealer as well

with this Sigma Pencil – E30 can this be also use as an smokey eye look and also can this be clean if so how can it be cleaned cause this Sigma Pencil – E30 iam intrested in this also looked up into the rates on amamzon and looked it up on

Dianne Cloverdale, OR

Absolutely great brush

Sigma is a trusted brand name in makeup & quality is definitely what u get with this line. Stands up to cleaning, doesn’t shed excessively and isn’t overly harsh on the skin. From amateurs to pro mua could make use of this brush

Phyllis Hayden, AL


Really Recommend this brush .. the bristles are very softeveryone should have a pencil brush to get a perfect eye look

Lucy Baxter, TN

Love these brushes!!!

I am using my husbands account. What else can I say. I love these brushes. My makeup goes on a lot smoother and more effortless since I started buying sigma brushes. I am in the process of replacing all my brushes to sigma brushes. I already have several. I’d like to have them all!!! There a bit pricy but worth every penny!!!

Dianne Gurabo, PR


love these brushes are pricey for me but will buy one or two at a time till i get them all…..

Dianne Viper, KY

Great!! Must have multi tasking eyeshadow brush!

Great for creases, the outer V and under the eye. Soft bristles that are pointed and hold together well. Great value and great buy.

Goldie Ringwood, NJ


I’ve been watching a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube and I kept hearing about Sigma brand brushes. A lot of the make artists that I liked were using them, amongst a bunch of others, so I thought I’d give a few a try. I just had a very basic brush set from Eco Tools that I got at Walmart but wanted a few more specific for eyes. So, it does the job but its not a favorite by far and I’ve gone back to my trusty Eco Tools and Real Techniques brushes which I think are wonderful. I’ve had this particular Sigma brush, I bought 3 total, for less than a week and I’ve already had a significant amount of bristles fall out and I’ve washed them twice. Although it feels soft there is a definite "pointy-ness" to some of the bristles which can prick a little on the eyelid socket.So overall, not bad but wouldn’t purchase again,don’t think the extra $$ for a "name brand" is worth it for me.

Pansy Dodge, TX

Sigma Pencil – E30

I love the sigma E30 pencil,it works wonderfully for me,it’s everything i thought it would be and more.Its really Lovely

Angeline Daleville, MS


Since I go the performance eye it, I bought this brush to see how much use I will get from it. Well the real deal was this brush not the kit, I use the E30 a lot, for defining my outer corner, on my lower lash line, on my lash line, crease… I’m thinking about getting other two E30, maybe next month.About quality, go for it!! It is soft to your eye (I have sensitive lids) and blends perfect!! A must have in your makeup bag!

Katharine Warda, TX

sigma brush

I got this brush, and I love it. Not bad for the price at all. Its soft, and the handle is easy for me to hold on too since I have long fingers. It was a great price for such a wonderful brush.

Deann London, TX

Love it!

I ordered this brush from Amazon because my local retailers didn’t have it in stock. My order arrived promptly and the brush is amazing! It’s soft, easy to hold, and does a great job applying color. The bristles don’t seem to fray like on less expensive brushes, which means I’ll be using it for a while. I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone!

Malinda Townsend, WI

WOrks well

Ordered this because I saw on a blog. I like it that it nice and dense. Would definitely order Sigma products again!

Hillary Hudson, MA

Great brushes

I ordered the sigma beauty brushes because they have come highly recommended and I do not regret it! They are great brushes, but I was expecting something a little softer– I find the eco tools to be softer, but these do the job I wanted them to do!(:

Sonia New Sharon, ME

Perfect for highlighting and inner corner

Is a total dupe for mac 219 although its a bit fluffier so if you want more precise application ie high glitter or shine product I would not recommend this brush

Helga Stratham, NH


sigma brushes are top quality, you never ever know how you lived with any other brush and they are such a deal especially compared to other high end companies, i own many sigma brushes and i have never hated one.

Laurel Spencer, VA

Loving this brush!

I was going to order the travel kit from the Sigma website, but did not want all the brushes in the set. When I saw they had them on Amazon individually, I decided to get just the ones I wanted. I’m so glad I did! They are as great as everyone says and I love this particular brush for building up my corner crease eyeshadow on my lids. I got 3 brushes I wanted for way cheaper than buying the set that had brushes I didn’t want and not all the brushes I wanted. If that makes sense. Anyway I’m happy with my purchase!

Kimberlee Java, SD

Love this brush

I love this brush very much! It works great to angle in your inner and outer corner and in your crease. I can’t say anything negative about this brush as its nicely pointed and works like a charm!

Maryann Seabrook, SC

The Sigma Pencil brush is perfection

10 month update ***Since my last, rave review, I have used the brush several times, but I don’t use it as much because it has gotten scratchier, which is suspect. Also a hair falls out every time I use it. Some of my super cheap brushes feel the same. I don’t know why this is. It still applies like a dream, but it is slightly more irritating to my sensitive eye area. I see a lot of reviews for various sigma brushes and I get an idea that Sigma brushes 1)should be soft 2) should not shed and be of general high quality. This is a great, useful shape, but some of my $1 brushes haven’t even shed this much or gotten this scratchy.Also my uses for this brush have been 1) for cutcrease, although I find using an angled brush is better 2)for under the eyes, when you want a smoked out effect. I usually use a smudge brush, but this gives an even smokier effect. It was really irritating to use in that delicate area today, though. No longer sure this is an essential brush!_____This is probably one of the softest brushes I own, which is crazy because this is a stiff brush! I can’t imagine how divine all other sigma brushes are.The pencil brush is for precise application of color and it worked even better that I thought it would. This brush has a nice, long handle and gave me a lot of control over where and how my eyeshadow applied.Honestly, this was just a test to see how Sigma brushes performed (it was Sigma vs. Bdellium and Sigma is, without a doubt, several tiers above all other brush companies at the same price point). I’m really impressed (and very sad for the future of my wallet). I am going to save up for an entire kit!

Irene Tipp City, OH


I just got this brush in the mail yesterday and I am so in love with it. Works so well! Sigma brushes are great!

Courtney Canyonville, OR

Perfect for under the eye.

very delicate bristles with perfect texture and density. Im so glad I have this brush. It will change your lower lid game. Also arrived very fast.

Dorthy Key Biscayne, FL

Just what I’ve been looking for

Just got my brush and let me tell you next.First, about the seller. I’ve ordered from Sigma beauty and they did an awesome job: even so I ordered only one brush, they sent it to me in a hard carton box, and the brush itself was in another, signature, box (for me it is really neat because other sellers would put such small items just in regular envelop). Plus, very fast shippment/delivery: just 4 days and my brush is here.Second, as to brush it self: it is really a good quolity brush, with natural soft, not rough at all, bristles. I have used it onec (if a brush is good it is enough time to see it) and my verdict is: it is not as stiff and pointed as MAC one, and I really like it (that was the main reason why I ordered it). This difference makes it more usfull. This brush is more flexible and does a great job applying/blending shadows in my creas and outer v-area. It is perfect for it. Like it very much. Definitely, would recommend this brush to anybode.

Jane Canton, MS

Perfect for Highlighting

I use this brush every day to highlight under my brows and around the tear ducts of my eyes. The bristles are a perfect texture (not too soft and not too stiff), pick up eyeshadow well, and have never shed. This brush would also be good for creating a dramatic cut-crease look and I am planning on purchasing another to use with dark shadows. Overall, this is an extremely affordable high end brush.

Claudette Keno, OR

Better than MAC’s

This pencil brush in my opinion is better than the ones put out by other companies(like MAC) and it’s half the price. I washed this brush when I opened it and I didn’t notice any shedding at al. I would prefer to have gotten he synthetic one, but I purchased this one. I like sigma brushes so much, I’m saving up for the Mrs. Bunny brush set.

Jannie Cable, OH


I was worried that the brush would be domed shaped (like a crease brush). However, IT WAS NOT! I love it. My search for a pencil brush is over. I love this brush. I’ll be getting a couple more.

Lessie Indian Valley, VA

must have pencil brush!

You can’t go wrong with this pencil brush. I use this to smoke out the outer corners of my eyes. I also use this to apply shadow on my bottom lash line. It’s perfect because it’s small and precise. It’s also a great crease brush. Love this brush!

Brooke Isle Au Haut, ME


I use this primarily to smudge out my bottom lash line for that smoked out look. Great brush! Highly recommend!

Jesse Twinsburg, OH


I use this brush everyday and I love it. It puts the color exactly where you want it and can be used for multiple purposes. I love sigma and have added to my collection since receiving this brush. Get one for the perfect application of your shadow to the crease or bottom lash line.

Michell Campobello, SC

Great brush

I love this Sigma pencil – really great for detailed work on your upper lids. I am going to purchase more Sigma pencils, they are worth every penny.

Kelli Newton Grove, NC