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Sigma Beauty Tapered Blending – E40

Sigma Tapered Blending – E40 Unique Feature: Soft and fluffy rounded tip Function: Soft blended crease Recommended Use: Using just the tip to apply color, sweep back and forth through the crease for a diffused and blended finish. Bristle Type: Natural

Key features

  • Soft
  • Fluffy rounded tip
  • LENGTH 7 7/8 in. (20.1 cm)

Honest reviews



Am I the only one who got this brush and it’s sheds like crazy? Got it on Sigma site so it is defiantly authentic. I found this brush the worst brush of my collection! It sheds, the bristles actually brake and fall out, I have had the brush for about a year now and did’t use it very often but it is now half way bold. I am not happy with sigma brushes, I defiantly will say that ECO tools are better quality than Sigma! Why spend a lot more many if the chipper brushes do better job?

Joann Geneva, NE

Glue sorry wrote this review under my hubby’s account

Most of my brush collection is from sigma. Great quality but for some reason this brush is not shedding but there are flakes coming out of the brush. I believe it’s glue. I wash my brushes and hang them upside down on my benjabelle flower tree which is basically a makeup brush drying rack so I don’t understand why the glue is coming out of this brush. I did purchase this from instyle. I think I just got a bad one.

Jenifer Deer Park, NY

Best Makeup Investment

As many makeup artist will tell you, its all about the brushes to get a good makeup look. I completely agree! I bought this brush after reading numerous reviews and its the best addition to my collection. I use it to apply the “All Over” eyeshadow color on my lids. It picks up just enough color but with the same brush you can build on it. I love it.Stop reading and just buy it!

Josefa Dodge City, KS

My eye makeup never looked so good

This brush is made with unicorn hair. It has to be! I could apply my eyeshadow left-handed and then go in with this brush and blend it out, and you’d never know. Amazing, beautiful, soft, fluffy, best eye brush I own!

Angelia Lakeview, NC

I love this brush, but it does shed a little!

I have wanted one of these brushes ever since i seen it being used on Youtube. So i could not wait to get it. A little pricey for one brush but it is sooo worth it! One thing i did not like when i first used it it shed a lot. Now that i used it a bunch more times it only sheds a little here & there. It works great for blending your eye shadows and since it is tapered it gets in the crease & blends that out very well. I dont know what i did without this brush in my HUGE collection of brushes!!!

Debbie Conway Springs, KS


I had higher expectations for this brush. I see so many gurus on YouTube rave about this so obviously I had to try it. When I received it I noticed some of the bristles were straggly and it was rough to the touch. I washed it with Dawn dish soap, baby shampoo, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it was soft as described. Blends really beautifully though!

Deborah The Plains, VA

More shedding than a Persian Cat

This review is for the Sigma Tapered Blending Brush – E40. I’ve owned cheap brushes from my youth and purchased expensive brushes in my prime, but this thing sheds more than a white cat on a black couch even after 3 uses. This is my first introduction to breakage and fallout and I never thought it would be with such a highly recommended brush. I want to love this brand, but I passed the booth up at IMATS after this experience. It’s a sad day when a Sonia Kashuik brush I bought 8 years ago is still a better quality than a Sigma brush purchased today.The person who recommended Sigma brushes to me swore up and down that they were among her favorite, but when I told her I had breakage, shedding, and fallout on the first use, she had no defense. Maybe I received a brush from the reject pile? I want to believe this is just a cruel joke.

Alba Loveland, OK

Perfect brush for powder

I bought this brush to use with Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder. It works very well with the light powder under my eyes. It could definitely be used as a blending brush as well. Be aware, when I washed it the first time the water turned a bit black. Since then, no color change in the water and nothing showed on the makeup or under my eyes.

Maryellen East Millsboro, PA

Crap brush

This is the worst brush ever. It’s not the actual sigma brush it’s thin and not fluffy and sheds. DONT BUY or you will be so disappointed. Might as well go to the sigma site and buy this brush. It’s a FAKE

Inez Elmore City, OK

Great brush

I am a makeup junkie. This brush is the perfect size, shape, and softness for blending and using it as a "windshield" brush. Makes my eyeshadow look significantly better.

Freda Nightmute, AK

Ok, but I returned it

This product was great like all the Sigma brushes I have bought, but was too similar to another brush I already have. I returned this brush.

Jewell West Cornwall, CT

Blends fabulously!

This brush is everything! It blends and diffuses makeup lines effortlessly. I think I use this everytime I apply makeup.. The packaging was great and they even gave me a bonus eyeliner brush. Very pleased with this purchase:)

Robyn Elizabethtown, NC


I didn’t really expect much but this is great. Very gentle but really smothes and blends wonderfully. Don’t hesitate. Just get it.

Dianne South Greenfield, MO

Great brush!

This is a really great brush for applying eye shadow! It’s a little more than I would have liked to pay, but it does the job! I’ve been using the brush for a week and none of the bristles have fallen out. Super soft!

Vera Monroe, GA


I love this brush… It is great for blending product and although it is very fluffy, it has a very controlled blend.

Cecile Wilson, MI

Good blending brush!

Super soft! A lot larger than I had anticipated though. This is really a huge brush!!!! It does work to help blend the edges of your eyeshadow out though. It always sheds a few hairs each time I wash it. Overall, I do like this brush quite a bit!

Elvira Bay Shore, MI

Worst brush ever!!

I have purchased most of the brushes that Sigma has made and absolutely love them. When I first received this brush I loved its shape and feel, however, with every use it sheds. Not just one bristle but many!! With one make up application you will be picking 20 small bristles off of your eyes. Horrible brush. Has completely lost its shape and density. Stay away from this one.

Kristina Wyoming, NY

The perfect blending brush!

When doing an eye shadow look it is always important to blend it out, this brush is perfect for that purpose.

Lindsey Buttzville, NJ

eyeshadow blending brush

This brush works well! It’s the best brush I’ve used at blending eyeshadow and does not shed. I would repurchase.

Ana Christine, TX

It sheds

The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because of the shedding during washes. It blends my eyeshadow very well and fits perfect on the eye. For the price it’s a steal over MAC brushes ( they shed also).

Diann Wood Lake, MN


amazing blend really nice good quality keep it up recommend it hold the product really good and also very smooth and blend great

Rae Elk Point, SD

Sheds like crazy

I was excited to get this brush because I have another sigma brush (contour) that I love. I was extremely disappointed that this brush sheds like the dickens. I was hoping after a few washed the shedding would cool it but no, alas, every time I try to use this I get black hairs all over my face. Not cute.

Georgette Brainard, NE

Major Shedding

I’ve had this brush for at least six months, and it still sheds like crazy every single time I use it or wash it. I like the size for blending, but I just can’t handle the shedding. The sad thing is, the brush I have now was a replacement for another one of the same E40. The first one was just as bad, but I figured I had just gotten a defective one. Now, with the second brush just as bad as the first, I’m thinking it’s an actual problem with the manufacturing of this brush. I have other sigma brushes that I use everyday, and they do not shed. I’m very disappointed with this brush.

Fanny Chokoloskee, FL

Very nice

Lovely blending brush fits perfectly into the crease area and the results are perfect. Bristles are soft and its a all around sturdy brush. Shpping was fast and brush came nicely packaged.

Emilie Kivalina, AK

Great for blending!

I bought this Sigma blending brush after seeing someone use it in a tutorial and I’m so glad I did!! I love using this brush to blend my eyeshadow seamlessly together. I would buy from this seller again! Prompt service and the brush arrived exactly as advertised.

Summer Raleigh, NC

Great brush!

Great blending brush! Great quality and performance. Just like all the other Sigma brushes i have! Love them all! You really can’t go wrong with this brush because it’s soft yet still firm enough to apply the eyeshadow with just enough force.

Patsy Phil Campbell, AL

Blends great

This is a GREAT fluffer! Blends great! First time using Sigma and to be honest I think this is as good as any of my Mac brushes and way less money!

Carla Henderson, MD

favorite blending brush!

I use this every time I do my eye makeup. It’s the best brush I’ve used to blend transitional colors onto my crease or blending a dark color to smoke out my eyes.

Hilary Solebury, PA

Good, but not great

I like this brush, but the bristles keep falling out for me! I wash all my brushes carefully, as to not get water inside the adhesive, and I don’t have this problem with any of my other Sigma brushes. But the brush is perfect for blending out eyeshadows, and it’s affordable. I may consider buying a duplicated, just to see if the one I had was defective.

Chandra Jeanerette, LA

Five Stars

Love this brush need me about two more to add to my collection

Pat Lancaster, NH