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Sigma Beauty Small Tapered Blending – E45

Sigma Small Tapered Blending – E45 Take full advantage of how makeup can enhance your look and define your eyes with this very tapered and pointed brush with a precise tip. It’s the perfect tool for accurate and controlled colour application onto the crease. Picking up colour with just the tip of the brush, apply intense colours to the crease to add depth and dimension to the eye. Unique Feature: Very tapered and pointed with precise tip Function: Precise color application onto the crease Recommened Use: Picking up color with just the tip of the brush, apply intense colors to the crease to add depth and dimension to the eye

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  • Body Care / Beauty Care Sigma Small Tapered Blending – E45 Bodycare / BeautyCare

Honest reviews


Haven’t found a need for it

I may just not know how to use the brush, but I definitely don’t reach for it, EVER. Seems legit though

Jewel Newbury, NH

This brush feral has “patent pending” wth?

This is not a dome shaped brush! Its flat and has sparse bristles. I was expecting a bigger pencil brush for more precise shading. This one is flat. Ill be ordering straight thru sigma from now on. Plus it sheds so who ever sells these thru amazon is terrible! Ill say it again, Terrible! Sigma has great brushes and I feel this one was a fake. "Patent Pending" what a joke. Fake!

Cherie Bradshaw, WV

Amazing!! But over priced

So i purchased this blending brush for my creasing. It is exceptional and I love it, the package arrived super fast and I washed it tried it out and it does an amazing job. I do have to say tho….in the sigma website this brush costs half what i paid for it. So yes this brush is all the hype but pay less from Sigma.

Florence Stovall, NC

Great for blending into the crease

I love this small tapered blending brush to blend eyeshadow into the crease. It is high quality and does the job well. I opted for the smaller tapered blending brush over the other large one that Sigma has because I have smaller eyes. It fits into the crease well and works well for me.

Yolanda Gower, MO

Blend, Baby! Blend!

Blending is probably one of THE most important steps in any type of makeup application. This brush is fantastic!! It’s shape is perfect – the bristles (brush part?) are the perfect length, and as the name says, are tapered to a soft point at the top. This is a great brush for getting your crease color and placement just right. Nice and sharp, easy to work with, no shedding.

Sylvia Danbury, WI


Love this brush so much! Great for a cut crease and holds onto eyeshadow really well! I use it everyday.

Penelope Flemington, WV

Best crease brush ever!

I really wish I had found this brush sooner! I own all the Real Techniques brushes. They all wash well (no dyes running out) and dry super quick. They are good quality, never shed and are (in my opinion) great investments. I have a petite face so it’s not easy finding makeup brushes that can accommodate my features. This is the only crease brush (aside from the MAC 117) that fits right into the area I want with no hassle. If I could afford them, I’d order 4 more of these brushes- they’re that good.

Ester Minturn, SC

it’s ok

I love my e35 blending brush. it’s way fluffier than this. This doesn’t blend out as much as I would like, but overall, it’s a nice brush for the price!

Estella Alburnett, IA

The best

This is by far the best blending brush I have used in a long time. I really like the fact that I don’t have to put a lot of pressure to blend .

Ginger Bridgewater, MA

Love it

This is my seconed sigma brush, i’m impressed with this because i bought two sigma’s but i find the quality of this is better

Tammie Middletown, RI

Great quality AND affordable!

I own some MAC brushes but I really didn’t want to drop hundreds of dollars when I decided to update my brush collection. I started with a couple of Sigma eye brushes, and I’m quite impressed. I don’t find them to be QUITE as nice as MAC, but for the price, this is hard to beat. Much better than drugstore brushes for a very similar price. Best of all, each of my brushes came with a small bonus brush! You have to love that kind of customer service!

Gracie Newman Lake, WA

Am buying 2 more of these

This brush is PERFECT for blending and getting beautiful looks. Super soft just like my other Sigma brushes and is a must have in anyone’s collection!

Goldie High Shoals, GA

Holy Grail Brushes

Amazing brush!!!! Applies & blends color sooooooo flawlessly. My first Sigma brush and certainly not my last. Looking to buy the Short Shader and Precision Brushes.

Gena Windham, CT

Use it everyday for crease color application

I have a small eye space and this is perfect for really defining my crease and outer cornerI also find this smaller brush works better for palettes where the eyeshadows are tightly packed, other blending brushes can be too big and pickup other colors if you’re not too carefulI do have to blend with a bigger brush but this helps me more precisely define where I want to put the color

Jeanette Summit, AR

The best crease brush!

this brush is definitely worth the money! Its exactly what i needed, and it picks up the product perfectly and applies beautifully.

Lilly Armbrust, PA


love love love it! this brush is amazing. love the way how it feels so soft working on the lid.

Deana Protem, MO

Best Blending brush I’ve ever used!

I was going to order the travel kit from the Sigma website, but did not want all the brushes in the set. When I saw they had them on Amazon individually, I decided to get just the ones I wanted. I’m so glad I did! They are as great as everyone says and I love this particular brush for blending my crease eyeshadows on my lids. I got 3 brushes I wanted for way cheaper than buying the set that had brushes I didn’t want and not all the brushes I wanted. If that makes sense. Anyway I’m happy with my purchase!

Gretchen Humphrey, NE

Great brush

This brush is great if you are looking to adventure on a more advanced makeup technique. it’s perfect for you that have issues blending colors.

Annie Blocker, OK

Great. Not super soft

Great for blending. Must wash before use, otherwise it gets too stiff. Good for crease, not fantastic for blending. I prefer my Sephora, travel kit blending brush for that

Lena Littleport, IA


This brush is sooooooo pretty , the hair is sooooo shiny and pretty and sooooo soft and sooooo pointy……it gets right where you need to be. My 3rd Sigma Brush…..

Latasha Garrettsville, OH

Nice brush

This brush is exactly what I needed to put eye shadow into the crease and it applies really nicely. The brush itself is really soft and has a tapered point to where its perfect for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes. As for the texture of it in your eyelids, it sort of feels a bit scratchy on mines but that’s probably because mine are a bit more sensitive. Overall great addition to my collection, I will be using it often.

Octavia Sterling, CO

Smallish, tapered blending brush

Nice handle length and feel. Slightly pointed tip appears to be keeping its shape with washings. The brush is slightly scratchy on my eyelid, but I assume that if it were too soft it might not blend very well. Good value. Recommended.

Lorna Ashland, NY

Perfect for Asian eyes.

Perfect size for small eyes or monolid crease defining. I use it daily to blend my taupe into my crease. And I have a very thin crease so I try to create one on my lid.

Andrea Bradford, OH

Great BRush!

Soft brisels, don’t shed, best brushes you can find, founds this brshes on a makeup tutorial by Camila cohelo. Great products

Karen Empire, AL

one of the makeup Treasure <333333

OMG !!!! i loved this brush. its smooth with extra soft hair. very easy to use. wonderful for blend. Absolutely its my FAV makeup blending brush ever.

Dionne Oak Grove, MI

Multi use brush. A definite tool to have!

I am new to Sigma after being a MAC fan for many years. I find Sigma brushes to be softer with significantly less hair fall out. This particular brush is quite lovely. It places just the right amount of color in the outer corners of my eyes. It also lends itself nicely to putting color in the crease. You can use the tip to place highlight in the inner corner of the eye. I have even used this brush to apply under eye concealer. Cost suits my budget nicely.

Kimberlee Summersville, WV

Great brush!

Although these brushes are a little more then I wanted to pay, I can completely understand why make-up artist spend more. The quality of this brush far surpasses other brushes I have bought. Also, the brush is so severely tapered I should have no problem applying shadow to the v area of my eye with ease. I am definitely going to buy more Sigma brushes as my budget allows. The packaging was great as well. The only con is the fact that they send their brushes via USPS rather then a private carrier. The shipping can add up quickly and I don’t get to utilize my Amazon Prime account.

Sharon Branch, LA

Love this brush!

Bought as an addition to my collection, definitely nice, bristles firm but not hard at all on the skin. Maintains shape as well, minimum shedding.

Kim Jones, OK

Great brush

I used this brush for putting in my brow crease and it works like a charm. I am totally stuck on Sigma brushes they are of the highest quality.

Rocio Red Rock, OK

Really great brush for smaller eyes

I bought this brush to use as a crease brush since my MAC 217 is a bit too big for my crease and ends up placing shadow on my lid instead of just my crease. I’ve had one Sigma brush before (a lip brush) and really like it, but this is the first eye brush I’ve bought from them — and it’s great!The bristles are super soft, and the small size makes it easy to place shadow in your crease and outer V.I’ve also washed it a few times now, and it doesn’t shed.Sigma brushes really are great!

Maggie Ulm, AR