Sigma Beauty Small Contour – F05

Sigma Small Contour – F-05 Unique Feature: Rounded, dense top Function: Contouring cheeks Recommended Use: Buff and blend contour shades under the cheekbone and jaw line for a chiseled look. Length: 7 5/16 in.(18.6 cm)

Key features

  • Buff
  • Blend contour shades under the cheekbone and jaw line for a chiseled look
  • LENGTH 7 5/16 in (18.6 cm).

Honest reviews


good multitasking brush

i use this to apply concealer/corrector under my eyes and i no longer have a cakey appearance under my eyes or settling into fine lines because this brush stops me from adding to much product. after concealer i use this brush to set my under eyes with setting powder. the brush is really dense and any products i use sets on top on the bristles rather than soak inside the brush this insures im not wasting any product. i can also use this to highlight my face with concealer it gives me a blended look effortlessly and then set it with a highlighting powder if you likei have not lost and bristles and washing the brush is so easy the color does not bleed at all and it dries in less than day when i leave it by the window to air dryi dont use any other brush since getting this one to apply concealer under my eyes its basically my holy grailas for contouring it does work for its purpose it gives you a nice blended look of course and its very precise for size of it i dont usually contour that much sometimes i want just a nice bronzy look so i dont use this brush for that only for under my eyesif you have any specific questions feel free to comment below i will be happy to answer

Kasey Fredericktown, OH

Wonderful brush for contouring

I bought this brush to use as an everyday for contouring brush. It is soft on the skin and blends very well.

Joan Cedarhurst, NY


Perfect for contouring. I use it to apply my bronzer. Picks up just enough product without overdoing it. Really nice.

Pauline Wellston, MI

Great brush!

It’s so soft and dense!! I love it!!

Leonor Ehrenberg, AZ

Perfect Contour Brush

This brush is awesome! It’ fits perfectly in the hollows of the cheeks to give a nice chiselled effect. It blends the product so nicely and the quality is amazing. No shedding at all. I’m very pleased with my order and plan on ordering more Sigma brushes. My order came very quickly too so that was nice.

Vonda Philadelphia, PA

For sigma..Kind of disappointing but not awful.

Used this for contouring with matte bronzer. It works ok. It felt cheap for being sigma. I’ll keep using it but I just don’t feel it stood out from really any other contouring brush.

Kristie Clio, MI

Good Soft Brush

Really nice brush. Holds onto powder well and is very soft. Can’t give it 5 stars until I’ve used it for while.

Hillary Saint Marks, FL

sigma impresses again

i love this, it is amazing. makes contour really easy. nice and defined contours, helps with blending it out. it is amazing, sigma brushes are always top quality. this brush is a main staple for me

Florine Ferndale, NY

Excellent brush

This is a great brush for contouring. Buffs everything out very nicely. I use this or Nars ITA brush for same purpose

Louisa Jamestown, OH

Sigma brushes are the best of the best.

Love this brush! super soft … perfect size for contour …sturdy handle will continue to purchase these brushes. amazing quality for a great price.

Susana Avoca, NE

Good investment

I use this brush to contour my face, works really nicely. I use my brown mineral eye shadow or bronzer and brush this on my cheekbones, hairline, and sides of my nose. Brush does a good job of blending and creating that soft glow.

Tamara Yorkville, IL

Not essential

I do realize that this is called the Small Contour brush but I didn’t realize how small it was! I like my contour brushes a bit larger and more dense. But it’s still a good brush. I use it for highlighting my cheekbones instead. This wasn’t a must-have brush in my opinion.

Teri Monroeville, PA

Love it!!! Very versitle

I love this brush. First of all Sigma is a very good brand with inexpesive items that are very well made. This brush i use it for a couple things I can countour the hollows of my cheekbones and I also use it on the apples of my cheecks for blush. Im sure it can be used to apple powder or bronzer all over but which ever way you ise it they are soft and its very easy to blend in the products. Oh yeah and i havent had any of my brushes shed, as longs as you wash them and take care of them they shouldn’t.

Ollie Charleston, IL

Far exceeds the great reviews

I got this brush because of a review on youtube and i was pleasantly surprised this brush is so soft. Perfect for contouring, picks up the right amount of product and gives a professional finish. Brush came nicely packaged and shipping was fast.

Sally Rothbury, MI

Love, doesn’t shed

Sigma brushes are the best. They don’t shed and work great, very good quality. I have used many different expensive brushes, these are the best quality Iv’e found.

Barbara Mack, CO

Another great brush!

As I’ve said in my other rating for the larger Sigma brush: The brush feels amazing against my skin! I was looking to purchase MAC brushes, but thought I’d check on Amazon to see if there were any other brands (that are just as good) for a cheaper price. I found this one, and thought this was a very good buy. It does the job, feels amazing, and easy to clean.

Theresa Elgin, OK

Awesome Brush!

I love this brush. It has just the right amount of thickness. I do not use this brush for contouring, I actually use it to apply my liquid foundation and it works great. It gives my face just the right amount of foundation without overdoing it.. Giving me the very natural airbrush finish. It reminds me of M.A.C. Cosmetics Brush #109 except without the M.A.C. price.

Charlene Collegeville, PA

Great quality brush

Wow this brush is awesome. It is very comparable to the “higher end” brushes.This brush is the perfect size for contouring and applying blush. I am super happy with my purchase and will continue to buy from Sigma!Brushes are really the foundation in makeup application, if your brushes aren’t good your makeup wont look as good as you want it to.Buy this brush, you will not regret it!

Essie Gentry, AR

Multipurpose brush

This brush is great for contouring. Whenever I need to contour, this brush is the first one I pick up. It makes contouring look so natural and flawless. It’s great for highlighting, too. It’s small enough to apply the color in the specific area where you want it. But that’s not all this brush does. It is also great for blush, powder, cream and liquid foundation. It is firm, dense, and only slightly domed, which makes it perfect for buffing.Update: Had to take two stars off. The coating on the handle chip very easily for no apparent reason. I just took the brush out of the holder and the thing chipped sooo badly! The coating just crumbled under the touch of my fingers. And i just bought it 3 months ago!!! Don’t know if this is the case with all the brushes, will they all end up like this? ( the other ones i have are ok… for now ), or i’m just “lucky” like that. Maybe it’s defective. Whatever it is, i don’t like it. Looks like very poor quality coating/handle. This happened to anybody else as well?

Nora Oaks, PA


Makes contouring cheeks super easy. This is the perfect size to contour easily. I love Sigma brushes. High quality at great prices.

Hester Palomar Mountain, CA

love this brush!

I love this brush for contouring my cheeks and face! The shape of this brush fits perfectly into the hallows of my cheeks making it easy to apply my bronzer. This is a must have brush for my every day make up routine.

Trudy Kremmling, CO

Not great for contouring

Meh…this brush, for me, is not ideal for countouring… too small, and the bristles aren’t tightly packed enough. I do find myself using it occasionally for powder blush, but it’s definitely not my favorite.

Shawn Truckee, CA

great brush

I orderd this brush and I totally Love it , it’s my favorite brush for contouring either with a bronzer or with a blush .

Tamara Fort Myers Beach, FL

Super brush

I love this brush! The bristles are super soft. It is the perfect brush for contouring. I am going to purchase more Sigma pencils, they are worth every penny.

Colette Shelly, MN

Half the price of Mac brush

Soft bristles easy to handle and does the job. Hairs don’t come off easy. I’ve actually washed this brushed twice and noticed no hair falling. Decently priced

Loretta Lake City, FL

<3 Love <3 my sigma brushes!

Love my sigma brushes ……. I read post after post when I was shopping around for brushes and I’m glad I took the advice of many and tried the sigma brand …… I’m very satisfied with my sigma brushes! Perfect size for chiseling out the perfect cheekbone and contour….they are very well made brushes with perfect structured handles.

Jodi Chase, KS

Very nice contouring brush

I was looking for contouring brush and this is a great option. The brush is very dense and makes blending very easy. Good quality and very soft. A great brush for contouring!

Blanche Pequannock, NJ

great brush but one I dont use everyday

I like this brush but don’t use it too often….only when I’m serious abiut contouring my face. Works well for that though. Feels amazing on the skin.

Tonya Drayton, SC

small contour brush

quality of this brush was great and application even. Price was a bit to high considering I found the same brush by Bellus on amazon for much less. I would recommend the Bellus F05 over this to any one who wants to save money and not give up quality.

Young Coal Mountain, WV

More than great

This brush is ideal for contour small areas of you face as well your cheekbones!! It has an even application of the product and the final result is totally gorgeous

Callie Alexandria, MN