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Sigma Beauty Round Kabuki – F82

Sigma Round Kabuki – F82 Unique Feature: Dense and rounded head Function: Buffed powder foundation application Recommended Use: Blend mineral products onto the skin.

Key features

  • Unique Feature: Dense and rounded head
  • Function: Buffed powder foundation application
  • Recommended Use: Blend mineral products onto the skin
  • Bristle Type: Synthetic Sigmax Â

Honest reviews



This was sort of an “impulse” buy….I was looking for a face cream by Salma Hayek and I happened to see these brushes. I pondered……my Bare Minerals kabuki brush is old so I rationalized that I could actually use a new brush and I liked the look of this one with the longer handle.I went ahead and ordered, then right away had buyers remorse, thinking to myself that I probably should not have spent that much money on the brush. When the brush arrived, I was worried when I saw that the bristles were much “shorter” in length than my Bare Minerals kabuki.BUT……when I first used it…..I was THRILLED. My Bare Minerals foundation with this brush was MUCH BETTER than my original B.M. kabuki. The coverage was MUCH better, and I ended up using LESS makeup.This brush was WAY worth the money, I am so so glad I bought it!!!! If you are wondering about this one…..GO FOR IT. This brush will be your favorite brush, no question. I love it with my mineral foundation.*************UPDATE: I’ve been using my Sigma kabuki brush for a couple months now, and I am still over the moon in love with it. Every time I use it I am so glad I stumbled upon it here on Amazon. This is by far the best brush I’ve ever used for my mineral foundation application. It makes the makeup go on smoothly, evenly and effortlessly. I have very blotchy skin with some redness, and the coverage with this brush is far superior to the Bare Escentuals kabuki. And I need less makeup than with the B.E. kabuki, yet I get great coverage. My skin looks like porcelain after applying my makeup with this brush, I kid you not. I can’t say enough about this brush. If you are considering buying this one, do not hesitate. You will be very happy with it!!

Rosie Manzanita, OR

The Perfect Brush for all your cosmetics

Wow,I am so impressed with the quality of this brush. The bristles are very tightly packed, yet it is as soft as my ecotools brushes. It is perfect with pressed powder, it is also perfect with mineral products, as well as liquids. It is definitely a go to brush for me. It applies cream blush like a dream, and makes my makeup application flawless. I am so glad I purchased this product, the shipping was fast, and arrived well before the estimated date. I highly recommend this brand and this brush to anyone looking for that perfect do everything brush. Thank you Sigma, for designing this amazing brush, it makes all my makeup go on great.

Alyson Sergeant Bluff, IA

Not so sure

Maybe this brush is not for me.. I like how thick it is and its of top quality I just didn’t like how bulky it felt on my face and a bit hard, its a soft brush, but it has so many strands tightly packed that it feels too dense for me.. but it might just be me. :o/

Marcy Jasper, FL

I use it all the time.

I use this for my foundation application. I use this to initially apply and swipe then I use a beauty blender to finish the process. On a normal day I don’t want thick coverage, but if I do, I have used this for stippling foundation as well and it works very well. I really just use the beauty blender to ensure that it’s all smoothed and no missed lines of makeup. I have also washed this and it came out very well. No shedding.

Fanny Junction City, GA


I LOOOOVE this brush! It is my first "nice" brush (compared to the $7 ones at drug stores) and I absolutely love it. I use it to put on my liquid foundation and it goes on so evenly! No streaks. And it feels very sturdy, not cheaply made at all (so far). I would recommend this for using a liquid founation definitely

Kristine Huntsville, KY

Round and round it goes, the effort defintley shows.

I fell in love with the F80, so I decided to give the F82 a chance as well, with no regrets. The round top is absolutely great for under the eyes and around the nose, as described. Because of this, I use way less under eye concealer than before, and around my nose needs no reapplication during the day. The brush quickly dried true to shape after washing, and no unraveling took place.

Earlene Warrenton, OR

Exactly what I expected from a Sigma brush……

This round kabuki brush is excellently designed and well constructed just as all Sigma brushes are. I own 35 Sigma brushes and I have yet to be disappointed in one of their brushes. This round kabuki is the perfect match to the F80 and F88 kabuki brushes. It’s a very dense brush that picks up product great and delivers it just where you want it perfectly! It is soo soft but yet very well structured, I find myself just rubbing and rubbing and rubbing because it feels so good on my skin. I have not had one problem with shedding or having brush hairs fall out on my face or anywhere else. I am a forever Sigma fan!!! No other brand can compare to Sigma.

Tara Leonard, MO


I bought this brush from a recommendation on a blog.. glad I did. It works great,, and it’s nice and dense. I use this brish to apply my liquid foundation.

Evangelina Turtletown, TN


I use this brush almost every day. I also love the flat top one. I can never decide which one I love more, so I alternate them. Every girl needs at least this one or the flat top one for foundation. I’ve never found anything better!

Celina Seelyville, IN

Sigma Brushes Are The Best!

I have tried quite a few makeup brushes in the past. Some were lousy, some were decent, but none impressed me much…until now. I ran across Sigma brushes at Amazon and, after reading some reviews, I somewhat reluctantly decided to try one (the stippling brush). After owning it several months, I was so impressed that I bought two more brushes (the Angled and Round Kabuki). I LOVE ALL OF THEM! They feel wonderful on your face (almost like mink, or one of those really soft velvety blankets). They apply and blend makeup nicely. They appear to be well made, look stylish, and are priced very reasonably for the quality of the brushes. And best of all…my very favorite feature…they haven’t shed a single hair! 🙂 I was duped into purchasing a MAC blush brush a while back, and though it put my blush on reasonably well, it shed horribly. I just can’t tolerate a brush that leaves a bunch of stray hairs behind all over my face. Yuck! Enough said. Honestly, a repeat purchase kind of says it all!

Corinne Cullen, LA

Great with liquid foundation

I brought the travel set from sigma and also this brush to add to my collection( go to for a coupon code). I am addicted to trying out brushes and I am a happy buyer of this brush. It does blend your makeup very well for a flawless look with no steaks. I’ve had it for 8 months now and no shedding at all ( I wash it with dawn and Johnson & Johnson conditioner). This is a must for makeup lovers.

Willa Fullerton, LA

Great Brush!

Out of the four Sigmax brushes, this one and the flat top kabuki would be my ALL-TIME FAVORITES! This one on top of all the other ones 😉 It feels, looks and works AMAZINGLY WELL!! yes, it’s a bit expensive, (for my taste), but it’s really worth it and it truly does LAST1 🙂 no shedding or anything of that nonesense 😀 Get it 😉

Aurora Fairview, SD

Love it

I accidentally bought this wrong brush for my liquid foundation, but decided to try this for patting out my corrector and concealer. This worked well and I love it!

Robin Union Center, WI

Love love love !!

Super soft, great quality and size. Will be purchasing more sigma brushes! Haven’t seen any little hairs come out yet, which is a plus. Good price also, will be buying more! 🙂

Rita Yoder, IN

This is perfect. Love it!!!

This is the best brush ever. It’s small and very dense and soft. I applies foundation beautifully, if you want that very smooth, thing layers that look almost airbrushed. This is small and I do believe there is a large version. Small takes more times but means it works on the nose and around the eyes. It is very dense so foundation blends beautifully. I use it with Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation and BB creams and it does an amazing job. The beauty blender is faster and soft on the skin. This looks even better, as you can really blend. You can use it for any cream or liquid product. I use it to apply powdered blush sometimes as it’s small and I like to apply blush on a small area, as I have redness near the nose, so I don’t want anything pinky even close to that area. So I can bland in small area with this. It is very well made. It feels so soft against the skin yet the very firm. It’s a super dense brush and fairly stiff. This is a really well made brush.

Yvonne Shingletown, CA


Love love love this brush!!! I use it to put on my foundation and seems to go on almost flawless. Soft brush, washes nice.

Beulah West Falls, NY


(Faints) I looooooove this brush omg! This brush blends blends blends effortlessly. This brush is no joke. The price is unbelievable. This brush will make you foundation and concealer look like skin PERIOD!

Ophelia London, WV


This brush is awesome. So soft and sturdy…….It buffs liquid and cream in like no other i’ve tried, and I’ve been looking for months!!! THIS ONE WINS !!! I especially love using it with my Pro Longwear Concealer from MAC as my foundation…………. Going to buy a 2nd brush for back up soon……….(( i also tried the flat angled kabuki brush, and it leaves streaks on my face))

Alison Faith, SD

Great for mineral makeup!!

Best brush you could use for mineral or loose makeup, brissels are soft and don’t shed. Need a Sigma store in the Phoenix area.

Clare Byron, MN

Love this brush….Sigma is the best!

I have tried other brushes but Sigma is the best! You cannot bet these brushes! I love this brush.Sigma brushes are wonderful.

Aline Union, WA

Absolutely TERRIFIC !!

This is the best foundation brush ever ! I already have the flat kabuki F80. I love the flat one but when I try this brush I loved it soooooo much ! Its nice smooth easy give airy effect. Absolutely TERRIFIC !!

Andrea Ireland, WV

amazing brush!

i dont usually leave reviews but this brush is amazing! The bristles are so soft and it works better than i had anticipated. it gives you flawless foundation application. i cannot wait to order more brushes. thanks sigma!

Karin Saint George, GA

well got the wrong one

i ordered the flat top kabuki brush before and i love it so i decided i want this one too , so i ordered it but i got the same one i ordered before F80 🙁 , and no one ever replied

Ophelia Malden, WA

great brush!!!

I really enjoyed this brush. I ordered it after seeing someone apply their liquid foundation with it on youtube. I use it to apply my Colorstay liquid foundation and it goes on wonderfully!! I buff it right into my skin and I get so many compliments on how great my skin looks.

Sydney Eaton, IN

Absolute favorite foundation brush

I know that this one is suppose to be for "mineral" foundation but I actually do prefer this one to my F80 for cream and liquid foundations as well. Go figure. I mean don’t get me wrong I love the F80 as well but if it’s clean THIS is my first choice, every single time. I love it!

Elvia Artesia, CA


This brush is sooooo soft on my skin. I want to buy more. It glides and blends beautifully!! Every Diva needs this brush!

Pearlie Glasco, KS


I like this round top kabuki better than the flat top version that Sigma also has out. It lets me get into all the little nooks better than the flat top and leaves a flawless and amazing airbrushed finish. The brush is dense and EXTREMELY soft, doesn’t irritate or scratch the skin at all. No shedding at all, and I wash my brush with baby shampoo after each use. Price is extremely reasonable for such a high quality brush. I LOVE IT!

Monica Roxton, TX

A Must Have!!

This is the softest line of brushes that I have ever used! Any of the Sigma brushes are definitely a must have for any makeup lover!

Chandra Sarcoxie, MO

Sigma Round Kabuki – F82 TM

I like it i used it every dayI dont think its worth the price, dont get all the hipe, its a nice brush.The foundation looks ok, its faster to apply mi make up whit this

Olive Richgrove, CA


I really like this brush because it is such a hard job to blend in the foundation near your nose and eyes, this can do the magic. Go for it

Ebony Mercedita, PR