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Sigma Beauty Large Powder – F30

Sigma Large Powder – F30 Unique Feature: Large and soft rounded brush Function: Even powder application Recommended Use: Uniform blending of powder products onto the face and body. Length: 8 1/8 in. (20.6 cm)

Key features

  • Unique Feature: Large and soft rounded brush.
  • Function: Even powder application.
  • Recommended Use: Uniform blending of powder products onto the face and body.

Honest reviews


Nice, But Hairy

This brush is huge. I think I should have chosen a smaller one for blush, but I got confused by the photo when I was trying to order what a girl used in a YouTube video. While this brush does the trick, a lot of little black hairs come off of it with every use. I’ve tried brushing it out, but it still sheds. I THINK eventually it will stop. It has at least slowed down. We’ll see.

Jewel Baker, LA

Best Brush ever!!!

I keep buying Sigma, brushes are so soft, don’t shed and the quality is better than MAC. Need a Sigma store in Phoenix…I never tooght that I would like a brush more than my MAC brushes.

Ingrid Stockholm, WI


I put my loose powder using is easiy to use. and it make my face looking naturally. I recommended it.

Carolina Concord, VA

I must have gotten a lemon…

Wow. All the positive reviews here floored me. I’ve had my brush for about a month and it’s still shedding like crazy. I can’t believe how many little black hairs I have to pick off my face each morning after I use this brush. I bought this brush to replace a MAC large powder that also shed uncontrollably. Maybe it’s me? I decided to replace this brush with one of Sigma’s Sigmax brushes. I love those.

Carla Sandstone, WV

Its okay-Real Techniques is better

This particular sigma brush SUCKED……I love their kabuki brushes for foundation….and I thought I would this one for my powder foundation, but its not good. It puts the product on very sheer, and I use MAC studio full coverage powder……It works well to blend out my blush or for setting powder….not for powder foundation for full coverage. it is however soft and nice and fluffy, the handle is way too long also.

Michell Muse, PA


I was expecting a high quality brush because sigma has a reputation for that. The brush was dense with very soft bristles, came nicely package with no “plasticky”odour.

Mariana Unionville, CT

Great quality!

The brush feels amazing against my skin! I was looking to purchase MAC brushes, but thought I’d check on Amazon to see if there were any other brands (that are just as good) for a cheaper price. I found this one, and thought this was a very good buy. It does the job, feels amazing, and easy to clean.

Winifred Nauvoo, IL

Just what I was looking for.

I love this brush. I already had a large face powder brush but it didn’t cut it. The quality was bad and it shed alot. Once I used this brush you could definitely see the difference in my makeup application. It was like night and day. Thank you Sigma!

Penelope New Lenox, IL


This brush is great you can tell its a good brush by how thick the head of the brush is. It is very soft and grazes the face perfectly for powdered foundation. I am an avid Mac cosmetic buyer & I still stand behind this brush.

Candy Maury, NC

love sigma brushes

I used to buy MAC but then discovered Sigma and have no plans to ever waste my $$ on MAC brushes again. Amazing quality and great prices.

Jewell Kanawha Head, WV