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Sigma Beauty Flat Kabuki – F80

This exclusive Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki was designed to deliver a flawless makeup application. The Sigma Beauty F80 is a buffer brush that can be used to blend powder or liquid products. The short and dense bristles make it easy to buff your liquid foundation. The long handle adds comfort to your makeup application. The synthetic fibers are ideal to be used with liquid products and can be easily cleaned. Made of Synthetic Sigmax HD filament.

Key features

  • Made of Synthetic Sigmax HD filament

Honest reviews


sucks! no more Sigma for me!

September 5, 2010:Shipping is super fast and the brush is well packaged. It comes in a cute red bag with a free gift, the travel size blending brush E25. Even get happier after using the brush. It works effectively with liquid foundation. I end up looking flawless when applying my foundation in a stippling motion. The bristle is so soft and dense. Most importantly, it didn’t shed! Not even a single bristle! The best part is, I bought TWO!! Sigma F80 is definitely the best foundation brush ever!….Updated review (Oct 24, 2011):I bought this brush in September, 2010. Now, after a year, i have no choice but to throw both brushes away….why?…coz after using it for a couple of months, it sheds horribly…it just won’t stop. Finally, the remaining bristles just pop out from the ferule…eeeew[…] this brush is my biggest regret!

Rachel Bethlehem, KY


I purchased mine from the Sigma website, I’ve seen tons of youtube beauty guru’s raving about this brand of brushes, and this one in particular to apply liquid foundations. It’s just alright. Though the quality of the brush is great, it’s very soft, etc; it does not apply products very well. My face looks very unnatural and I’m left with tons of streaks after using this to apply my liquid foundations. It looks awful no matter how much I try to buff it in! Wouldn’t recommend.

Rhea Cresson, TX


I have been watching Samantha Schuerman on Youtube for a while, and she is always talking about how fabulous this brush is. So I decided to give it a try. I must say it is absolutely AMAZING. It’s by far the best brush I have ever purchased. It makes my foundation look flawless. I will definitly purchase more items from Sigma.

Leona Rose, NY

The most amazing brushes I have EVER used!

I honestly can’t say enough about this brush. I’ve told all of my friends. All sigma brushes are so soft and beautiful with no fallout what so ever. My skin and makeup looks significantly better since having received them! I purchased this along with the brush roll set and I highly recommend you do the same. You will not regret it. The price is right and the quality is astonishing. Never again will I use my MAC brushes. Sigma brushes are number one. Give them a shot!

Diana Mont Belvieu, TX


This brush its so good i apply my mineral foundation with it and it looks so good and antural and it gives a good coverage all over the face its amaizing.This is a most have in every girl make up bag.Loved it.

Danielle Beaumont, KY

Super Soft!

I was very impressed with how fast this product reached me! I received it a few days after ordering it and was very excited!I love this brush! It is SOOO soft! And it is a great quality brush too! I had been wanting this for quite some time, and am so glad I finally have it! It is great for applying powder, and also liquid foundation. Now I want 2, one for each purpose!My only negative was the brush protector. That plastic thing that covers the brush so the bristles stay intact. It wouldn’t come off! It was too tight, so I had to cut it off. Normally I like to keep those, to help the brushes keep their shape. It’s not that big a deal though.I highly recommend this brush! It’s great quality, for not too bad a price, and am I am so happy with my purchase!

Sabrina Provencal, LA

Cannot rave about this brush enough!

Love love this brush! So ridiculously soft and glides on smooth. I want to rub this over my face all the time haha. Would definitely recommend. Can’t wait to try other sigma products!

Claudia Keswick, VA

Sigma flat top

I’ve never used this product until a month ago. Never took it out the packaging, never inspected it – NEVER used it at all. So when I finally decided to use it, you could imagine my dismay to open it and have the brush in two pieces. The black part and the silver part of the brush were completely disconnected and I could see the glue inside. If the shipping and arrival of this Sigma brush was not fast, this would be a one star product.

Amparo Fulton, MO

Better than beauty blender

I love this brush. It’s firm but soft and does a nice job of blending my foundation. I’m in loveUpdate on August 25, 2013: I prefer this over the beauty blender. It’s easier to handle and I love the way it makes my makeup look. Plus it doesn’t hurt my hand when applying. The beauty blender tends to make my hand tired.

Adrian West College Corner, IN


I first purchased this brush in January, but after almost a year my brush broke in half. I must have been using it too much or too hard because the ferrule came off the handle, and the bristles went all over the place!But…………. I loved it so much I purchased a new one today =] I can’t live without this brush, it blends my foundation so well and everything just looks airbrushed. I just hope it doesn’t break this time =] I use this brush and my travel kit sigma brushes, and the face always looks BAMMMMMMMMM

Beryl College Place, WA


This brush is simply AWESOME.I have used it quite a few times now and I am very happy with it!USE:After applying some concealer I use this brush to “stipple on” and then “buff” my tinted BB cream.My complexion looks radiant and natural, SO much better than when I applied makeup with my fingertips. I highly recommend “stippling” with this wonderful brush! It does not even look like I’m wearing makeup – just a flawless, natural complexion.The only reason I did not give this brush 5 stars is because I noticed a small hair left behind on my face on two occasions now.At this point it’s MINOR and does NOT diminish the effectiveness of the brush.I will keep you informed and post an update on this.*****UPDATE 4/6/12*****I am upgrading this brush to FIVE STARS because it has not lost any more hairs and in addition, it is remarkably easy to clean.Once a week I apply a brush cleaning spray, then I rinse it. Not only does it retain it’s shape (I shape it and lay it on a sunny windowsill to dry) but it looks as good as new – the white tips are still perfect white. I LOVE THIS BRUSH and I highly recommend it!Enjoy and God bless 🙂

Carey Errol, NH

Fantastic brush, worth the price

This review is for the Sigma Beauty Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki – F80 makeup brush.I purchased this brush several months ago and it’s made a convert out of me. Sigma is now my go-to company for new makeup brushes. This brush has a pleasant weight and feel to it which makes it very comfortable to use when applying full face makeup. I’ve used this to apply mineral powder foundation with very good results. The brush picks up enough product for coverage and not so much that you’re wasting a lot of product. It applies the powder foundation very evenly and I’ve found that I can quickly build coverage in spots that need a little extra foundation.Cleaning the brush has been very easy, just a little liquid soap and water to rinse out any built up product. Shedding is so minimal it seems like it doesn’t shed. I have used several other manufacturers brushes before, Benefit, Sephora, Bare Minerals, and Sigma puts them all to shame (especially the bare minerals buki brushes which shed at an obnoxious rate). The bristles have remained soft and have not clumped throughout my use of the brush.

Chandra Dothan, WV

Fell apart

After having this Sigma Kabuki brush for about 6 months, one day the entire brush head fell off of the handle

Rosalia Strong City, KS

Sigma F80

I just got this brush in the mail today. This is my first sigma brush purchase so I was so excited to use it. This brush is amazing. I used it for my liquid foundation. It buffs and blends product onto my face flawlessly. I hate having my make-up look packed on and cakey but with this brush I apply as much product and avoid looking cakey. I’m very glad that I bought this brush. I’ll be buying more sigma products for sure.

Martina Belle, MO

Best foundation brush ever!!

This is my all-time favorite brush for any type of foundation! I usually always use thicker liquid foundations but it’s great for liquid, cream, powder, anything really. It will leave your foundation looking flawless.The brush is reallyyyyy soft so you don’t feel like you ripping your face off. You will love tho brush. :)Absolutely recommend this to everyone!

Heidi Mc Clure, PA

Believe the hype!!!

This brush is AMAZING! When applying liquid foundation, this brush gives the most perfect and airbrushed finished. No streakiness, no patches, no unevenness. I bought the F50 sigma brush and was initially very impressed with how it applied liquid foundation, and when I received this brush I was even more impressed (if that’s even possible). This brush is magic. You don’t even have to use that much product too, the bristles somehow just distribute it all over the skin without half of it getting wasted in the brush. I have never owned a brush this great, it seriously has changed my makeup game forever. Highly recommended!

Shelia Mc Carr, KY

Sigma Kabuki – F80

At first a bit skeptical with between positive reviews and of course the ones that say the company encourages you to leave positive feedback to get a free gift. In any case noticed more positive reviews for this on Amazon and decided to get these for my wife. Unfortunately these brushes didn’t hold so long, the ferrel fell off just after a week and to say the least both very disappointed. One would think a product with 500+ reviews selling for $25 a brush would hold up for around a year or more, very disappointed to have spent so much on an overrated brush.

Allyson San Ysidro, CA

Best Foundation Brush

This is an excellent brush. I use it to buff out my cream foundation. The bristles are soft and very dense.

Emily Meridian, GA

The BEST Foundation Brush!

This is without doubt, the most amazing brush for applying liquid foundation, leaving an airbrushed finish! I love these synthetic brushes, Sigma has the best brushes I’ve ever used. It cuts application time in half, leaves a beautiful, natural look and they are so easy to clean. Thank you, Sigma for the wonderful products!!

Bridgett Brighton, MO

Best liquid foundation brush

Loveeeeeeee this brush. I used to use a MAC stippling brush but saw so many reviews on youtube about Sigma and I had to get this brush. The flat top makes all the difference when blending liquid foundation and I feel like there is so much coverage and the brush doesnt absorb all the product. This is my # 1 go to besides the beauty blender but def a must have!

Nettie Embarrass, WI

Wonderful brush.

I always used my hands to apply my liquid foundation. When my sister came to visit me recently, she told me to try her Sigma brush, instead of using my hands. I was amazed with how much better and nicer the foundation went on. Very smooth, with no left over streaks. I had to have one. I went onto Amazon and ordered one that night. I received the product yesterday and got the same wonderful results that my sisters brush gave me. I will buy another one, once the current one wears out.

Jami Missouri Valley, IA

the weight of the handle is beautiful, seriously

saves my life for when i’m running late, the weight of the handle is beautiful, seriously, if you’re going to splurge on a makeup brush, try this one

Maryann Butler, AL

I am crazy about this brush!

this is the first foundation brush I have ever purchased and used in my whole life. and im soooo happy i picked this one up my first time instead of wasting my money on other brushes. i placed my order on the 27th of july and recieved it 3 days later so shipping was fast. this brush is really dense and it picks up enough product i feel like i dont have to use alot of liquid foundation because this brush smooths out the product easly and gives it a even layer of foundation and still providing that flawless full coverage that i want. since the brush is so densely packed my foundation only sits on the top of the bristles no foundations seep inside the brush so your using all product and not wasting anything. i couldnt be any happier with this brush its amazing and makes my make up look flawless all day and it only takes me 1min to apply my make up with this brush. you could use the f80 for almost anything its versatile but i love this for liquid foundation. this brush with the maybelline 24hr superstay foundation is perfect! i have flawless glowing looking skin i am inlove with this brush. my makeup application is cut in half i would recommend you buy the f80 or you can get the trio set is great as well but if your just looking for a single foundation brush pick this up you will not be disappointed.

Stephanie Compton, MD

Best foundation application brush I’ve ever used.

I use MAC foundation, and have tried their brushes…. but nothing compares to the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki. I never have to worry about uneven foundation again. It gives me good coverage yet goes on lightly enough so that my face looks natural. Worth the cost. Highly recommend.

Dale Newtown, IN

Great buffing brush

I use this with my mineral foundation and I love it. There is no fall out so far and I just saw Sigma coming out with two more brushes! LOVE

Tracy Cedarville, WV

Sigma’s Sigmax Brushes are the best

I only use Sigma brushes because they are wonderful and they get the job done beautifully and the price is reasonable. However, as much as I love my regular set, the Sigmax brushes are my favorite. The Kabuki line is amazing and this brush is perfect for foundation application (dry or liquid). Well done, Sigma.

Gertrude Jefferson, SD

Very Dense & Soft

This brush is so soft and full, yet it applies my liquid foundation so evenly that it looks flawless. I have another flat kabuki brush that I thought did a good job but after using this I realize it didn’t apply as smooth and evenly as this Sigma brush does. It was worth every penny! My only concern is in keeping it clean. It’s so dense that I’m afraid I’ll have a hard time cleaning it without ruining the fibers. I clean with face cleanser (to remove the make up) or light shampoo (to keep the fibers conditioned and not dried out). I hope the brush lasts.

Carolyn Orrum, NC

amazing brush quality

Amazing!! It’s just great quality! I love it for putting on my powder foundation, and to put on blush 🙂 totally recommend it

Elsie Yulan, NY

Worth a try

I really like this brush. I recently started wearing foundation but I didn’t have a proper brush to apply it with. My other brushes just didn’t cut it. My stippling brush wouldn’t blend well, it would leave me looking blotchy and streaky where the foundation just sat on my skin. My other brush would just pick up too much product and leave me looking cakey. I finally decided to try this one based on much research and good reviews. I love it to say the least. It picks up less product and gives my skin an airbrushed natural finish. Best of all it applies foundation so quickly because of it’s size. I can’t recommend this brush enough. I plan to order two more when I can. It didn’t shed one bit and best of all it is unbelievably soft. When I first received it I couldn’t help but keep running it along my face.

Lily Spencer, ID

Great brush!

Great brush! I love it! Very soft bristles! Great for natural looking finish foundation! Comes with brush protector! Fab brush! Great buy!

Willie Little Genesee, NY