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Sigma Beauty Flat Definer – E15

Unique Feature: Flat and sharp thin edge Function: Sharp and precise application Recommended Use: Press product along upper and lower lash lines to create an easy thin liner. Works with gel, liquid or powder products.

Key features

  • Flat and sharp thin edge
  • Sharp and precise application
  • LENGTH 6 1/2 in. (16.51 cm)

Honest reviews


Does the job exactly as I wanted

This line of brushes is supposed to be high quality and that is exactly what I paid for and received. Bristles are firm enough to do the job but not harsh on the skin. Would recommend this brush to anyone from novice to amateur mua

Marisol Pinsonfork, KY

Great Push liner brush

dense, stuff and precise square edged brush for application of shadow to the lash lines. can be used to "push" dark shadow into the lashes for a more natural liner look or to darken the lash lines (mostly the top) or to smoke out pencil liner or set it with shadow. it does these jobs very well.

Monica Bridport, VT

High quality!

This was my first Sigma brush. Based on the purchase of this brush, I bought a ton more Sigma brushes on Sigma’s website. They are very beautiful and sturdy. I will continue to purchase more brushes from them forever! I’m sold. Shop around. Sometimes they are cheaper on Amazon, but Sigma has better prices for the most part.

Dessie Adkins, TX


This is the best eyeline brush I have purchased. It gives me the perfect under eye line ever. I will be purchasing another so I will always have one with me.

Kimberly Central Islip, NY

Love it for getting neat eyebrows

I love Sigma brushes and own quite a few. They last a long time and still look good even after being cleaned multiple times. I dip it in brow gel and use this brush to get a good straight arch on my eyebrows. This brush helps you get a clean brow and its hard to mess up when using it. You can also apply concealer to it and then use it to clean up around the brow if you werent so neat with your brow pencil.

Eliza Dry Branch, GA

Oh how I love this!

I love this brush. It is very thin and it would work for liner or placing a liner or shadow on your bottom lid or defining your brows. Just great. 🙂

Hester Mammoth, WV

Well Made, BUT…

I purchased this brush because my MAC 212 was getting pretty beat up. The fact that MAC asks $24 for their version of this simple brush is brutal and since I’ve been really pleased with Sigma’s E37 and E38 brushes in the past, I had high hopes for the Sigma E15. Sadly, I was pretty disappointed with this particular brush…the bristles are not quite firm enough, although it does appear to be a quality well made brush, In my experience, Flat definers should only have enough give/bend to provide comfort when used. Personally, I use it as a brow brush and for an occasional liner brush, although I have other brushes I generally prefer for lining my eyes. This brush has too much give, it bends when I need it to stay precise like the MAC brush has always done so beautifully well. Although this Sigma E15 brush is a full $11 cheaper than the MAC 212 brush, $12,50 is a lot of money to spend just to find out it isn’t the brush you were hoping for.

Jessica Shirley, MA

Must have brush for eyebrows, tight lining etc

This is actually my second of these brushes, that’s how amazing they are!I keep one for filling in my eyebrows and one for eyelinerThis brush is also great for doing anything on your bottom lash lineHighly recommend

Rena Emmons, MN

Great Brush

I use this brush to apply concealer under my brows- Provides a clean line and easy application. Plan to try more Sigma brushes.

Ronda Crompond, NY

Best Eyeliner Brush ~ Ever…

I’m so glad I bought this eyeliner brush. I wet the brush and dip into dry black eyeshadow or pot eyeliner. It makes for a quick and easy fine line or can be made as thick as desired. Great for tightlining the eyes.

Catherine Crestline, OH

Great product at unbeatable price!!

This brush is great quality at an amazing price. Will recommend this product, and similar products to everyone! Will be purchasing similar products immediately!

Sandra Itasca, IL

Great for Gel Liner

I love this brush! I use it to apply gel liner to my lids and lower lash line and it creates such a smooth and straight line. I have always had trouble with applying eyeliner but problem has since been resolved since purchasing this brush. I can do it so effortlessly it has me asking myself "Where have you been all my makeup life?" An awesome addition to your makeup collection.

Corina Santa Fe Springs, CA

Great for tightlining with Laura Mercier’s tightline cake

I recently ordered the Laura Mercier tightline cake, but instead of ordering her more expensive brush, bought this one instead since I had read that it’s a great dupe. It works fantastically for tightlining your eyes! The flat bristles enable you to get the product right into your lashline on both the top and bottom of you eye, and it places the perfect amount of product on your eyes. This is the fourth Sigma brush I’ve purchased, and they’ve all been fantastic quality!

Emily Peck, ID

Good Quality, Pleased Overall

I was apprehensive about buying the brush, seeing as you can get ok ones slightly cheaper, but I’ve been making a point to get a better quality of product when it comes to my skin and makeup, etc. as one life lesson I’ve learned leading up to now is sometimes you are better off saving up for or paying a little extra for certain things made of “better” quality than to waste $ on things you’ll have to replace more frequently anyway.I digress, the product shipped and arrived quickly. Not sure if it is a temporary promotion or what, so I can’t guarantee it would be the case in the future, but I also received a bonus brush “gift for me” – a travel size E25 blending brush. Nice! Essentially I got 2 brushes for the price of 1, and am very happy with my purchase thus far. I’m intending to use the brush for tightlining with the Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner, but I’ve not received the liner just yet. The Sigma got to me first.

Cecelia Luna, NM

Love it, better than MAC

I have a flat definer brush from MAC, and this one by Sigma is far better and is cheaper. I can’t wait to try more Sigma brushes; I want to transfer all of my MAC brushes to Sigma.

Jacklyn Priest River, ID

great brush

love it i really do ,my gel liner glides with this brush with a perfect line will purchase more of these brushes thank you for great service and fast delivery.

Marie Couderay, WI


I like everything about this brush! Its perfect for apply shadow under your water line!! I recommend it 100%, perfect performance! I love it!!

Amparo Idledale, CO

Sigma Brushes Rock

Have used many make up brushes throughout the years – these are the best I’ve ever found. Have purchased several and highly recommend. A little more expensive than some but you get what you pay for. I use for both powder and liquid foundations and they are excellent for both.

Polly Bayou La Batre, AL

love it!

I needed a brush to add eyeshadow to my lower lash line and this works perfect! applies color easily and looks great.

Sheryl Tennent, NJ