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Sigma Beauty F70, Concealer

Unique Feature: Small and slightly tapered flat brush Function: Conceal small areas Recommended Use: Conceal the hardest to reach areas such as around the nose and eyes

Key features

  • Small
  • Slightly tapered flat brush
  • Conceal small areas
  • LENGTH 7 1/8 in. (18 cm)

Honest reviews


I love it

Its perfect to put concealer with it, I think I have pretty eye when I use it than using my hand

Ida Ruby, NY

Helps you use less product

At first I wasnt sold on it but you have to get use to using it. Now I find I use less product and its not cakey looking. I use it with my Bobi Brown corrector and concealer/powder due

Kasey Dundas, VA

Love it

This is a terrific concealer brush. I use it every day. It is just the right weight and stiffness. Great.

Elvia Wellsville, PA

it doesnt seem to shredd

well, i like the brush of course but we always face the shredding problem so what I did was pulling as hard as possible from the bristles and nottttthing came out. Very nice to blend underneath the eyes by the way.

Gertrude Shaftsbury, VT

Excellent brush!

I love the way this brush blends concealer so easily! Highly recommend for acne sufferers. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Velma Glasgow, KY

A must have brush

great to add cream concealers precisely to the face where needed. great to help get on product where your finger is not small enough especially. and great to conceal and sculpt around the brows and lips perfectly. durable synthetic brush bit not hard or stiff.

Katherine Eugene, OR