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Sigma Beauty F60, Foundation

Unique Feature: Firm and slightly tapered flat brush Function: Smooth foundation application Recommended Use: Apply liquid or cream products such as foundation and primer. Length: 7 1/4 in. (18.3 cm)

Key features

  • Firm and slightly tapered flat brush
  • Smooth foundation application
  • LENGTH 7 1/4 in. (18.3 cm)

Honest reviews



Truly gorgeous. So soft. High quality. Affordable. Worth it investment. And I don’t even wear foundation, I use this for liquid illuminators and liquid or cream highlighters. So versatile.

Adrian Rosemont, WV

SOFT and SHAPED just right!

I use this to apply liquid makeup and or moisturizer. It is very soft, no shedding, and holds/spreads just perfect. It doesn’t hog the product up. I love it! THANKS!

Berta Thurmond, NC


I use this with my favorite BB cream ans swirl in a circular motion to minimize pores. . .virtually non-existent.

Angela Tyrone, NY

Authentic seller – SUPER fast shipping

I had actually emailed Sigma with a question of which to buy – F60 or F80. They never got back to me and so I bought the F60 here on Amazon. Mine was shipped from Etailz which is an authentic Sigma seller. It shipped super fast with Prime membership.I used it and my foundation looks great! I had splurged on a decent foundation ad wanted something that helped spread it on my face.I have pretty noticeable pores on the sides of my nose. I am 34 years old with pretty smooth skin but I hate those pores. I have never tried a foundation brush and always used a sponge. But this works great! It really got into my pores and made them less noticeable.I would guess they ‘disappeared’ about 80%. I would highly recommend this brush. The rest of my face looks airbrushed.

Rosa Ironton, MO

I love Sigma brushes.

I got the premium kit but it didn’t have my favorite style foundation brush, so I bought this one to complete the set.

Marianne Newalla, OK