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Sigma Beauty F50, Duo Fibre

Unique Feature: Fiber blend with large flat top Function: Creates an airbrush-like effect onto the skin Recommended Use: Can be used with powder, liquid or cream products. Â 2013 Sigma Enterprises, LLC

Key features

  • Unique Feature: Fiber blend with large flat top.
  • Function: Creates an airbrush effect onto the skin.
  • Recommended Use: Can be used with powder, liquid or cream products.

Honest reviews



This brush evenly spreads & applies your foundation perfectly. It gives you a flawless, soft, airbrush look! I think it is one of the best brushes from sigma. It leaves you with an amazing, flawless face & makes you look amazing in pictures. I 100% recommend this brush to anyone who is looking for a flawless brush for foundation. It also doesn’t make your makeup look cakey like other brushes do. Once I tried it out it instantly amazed me. I find it even better than my MAC 187 brush! I am really satisfied with this brush & will definitely be repurchasing. It also can be used for blush or highlighter, if you want a soft/subtle pop of application on your face. It gives you great coverage without making your face cakey. LOVE THIS BRUSH!

Myrtle Manchester Center, VT

Love this brush!!!

This brush is awesome. High quality and lasts long. I clean my brush every week with soap and water. Spreads foundation so well. Gives you the near flawless look. I DID SAY NEAR FLAWLESS…

Elva Pequea, PA


I recently lost my MAC 187 brush but couldn’t get myself to pay another $42 for another one, so I brought this more economical brush instead for a fraction of the price. I’m glad I did, because this brush is high quality and nearly identical to the MAC’s version. The quality is just as good and applies liquid foundation evenly and perfectly. You skin will look airbrushed if you stipple the foundation on and do soft circular motions to blend it in. No shedding so far, and the bristles are extremely soft. Why pay all that money at MAC when you can buy a cheaper brush from Sigma that performs exactly the same? I highly recommend this one!EDIT 11/24/12- I loved this brush for the first two weeks but after a few washes, it started shedding like crazy! I wash my brushes gently with mild brush cleaner and dry and store them correctly, so I’m not sure why this happened. Not only are the bristles shedding, but the black dye from the bottom bristles travelled upwards to the white part! Now I have this weird grayish brush that sheds like crazy and leaves fibers all over my face. And like another review said, it left black dye on my face as I was blending the foundation! Sad! I wanted to love this one, but I’ll stick with my Sigma kabuki which hasn’t given me any problems.

Jannie Lake, MS

Better Than The MAC 187 For Less Than Half The Price, As Good As Real Techniques & No Shedding!

A few weeks ago I spent $42 to buy the MAC 187, my first ever MAC brush. I don’t use MAC cosmetics because they’re made with lead & other toxins, but nearly everyone online raves about how their line is the Rolls Royce of make-up brushes, they last forever, yadda-yadda. So I thought I’d buy a MAC brush. I’ve been using Real Techniques Stippling brush for about a year now with good results, but I always thought the brush head is a bit skimpy & the handle isn’t wel designed. The bristles are rather short & there could be more of them. But I give Real Techniques full marks because their Stippling brush works well, has held together for more than a year & it never, ever sheds. My new MAC brush sheds like a cheap fur coat every time I use it, even after repeated cleanings! (I guess that’s because the bristles are a combo of natural & synthetic hairs…?) But my Sigma F-50 arrived today & it works like a charm! The handle is about 3/4 in. longer than the MAC, which I prefer because I have long fingers. The bristles are not quite as dense as the MAC but they’re slightly softer & silkier. The Sigma gave me a beautiful, air-brushed finish And Didn’t Shed A Single Hair! 🙂 So my overpriced MAC brush is going in the bathroom drawer as a back-up tool. Wish I’d saved the receipt so I could return it. Some women say brush shedding is no big deal, they just pick the hairs off their face. But after spending the time to apply a flawless foundation, I hate picking brush hairs off my skin! Assuming it holds up over time, the Sigma F50 will be the last stippling brush you’ll ever need. I’ll definitely be buying more of their brushes soon!

Terra Heath, MA

Soft and great application!

I use this brush with my powder to apply a finishing coat to seal my foundations with. I love the softness of the bristles and the great application. While, I don’t use it everyday, I can’t say much about the life before bristles start falling out, but so far so good!

Earlene Hancock, NY


quality brush, i saw on you tube and decide to buy, you will not be disappointed by the quality of this brush!!!

Margot Church View, VA

Great brush

This brush is actually REALLY good. I haven’t tried the MAC brush so I can’t really make a comparison, but this brush is still really good. I used it for my liquid foundation and it did not leave any streaks and blended EXTREMELY well. I have trie pd that same foundation with other brushes and this one is by far the best. I would HIGHLY reccomend the brushes to everyone. They are at a very reasonable price for such great quality.!

Latisha Lamar, OK

Better than MAC

i’m in love. this brush makes everything airbrushed on my face. Its super soft. Not as dense but that’s ok. It blends out nicely.

Corina Herndon, KY

Five Stars

best ever!!!!!

Fanny Ardmore, OK

airbrushed looking foundation

I used to be hesitant to use liquid foundation because I hate it when it looks caked on. But after using liquid foundation with this brush, it totally changed my mind. I can apply full coverage foundation without looking cakey. the stippling effect of this brush is fantastic. It also worked with my mineral foundation which is a plus.

Kellie Willshire, OH

perfect for foundation

This brush is a must for applying liquid foundation. You get an airbrushed look! Item was shipped quickly. Good quality brush for the price!

Sheryl Great Falls, VA

Good Product

I’ve been using Sigma brushes for a while after reviewing numerousYou Tube videos of make up artist. Good product.

Harriett Cannel City, KY

love it!

I absolutely love this brush!!!! Worth every single penny!!! Soft bristles, durable, picks up product fabulously! YES buy this brush you won’t be sorry.

John Mendon, OH