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Sigma Beauty F10 – Powder/Blush

Sigma Powder/Blush – F10 Unique Feature: Very soft and slightly beveled Function: Precise placement of blush Recommended Use: Use for powder application. Length: 7 5/16 in (18.6 cm)

Key features

  • Unique Feature: Very soft and slightly beveled.
  • Function: Precise placement of blush.
  • Recommended Use: Use for powder application.

Honest reviews


In between love and like

I am in need of a great blush brush… the best I have found has been a Sonia Kashuk brush but can’t really find a better one… and even that one is just ok. But it blends blush well… still on the hunt though.

Polly San Pierre, IN

Not my HG

I used this for blush and it’s fine, but I’m not blown away. At least it’s not huge like the Real Techniques one. I’ve found a much better one–the Illamasqua rounded blush brush (not the angled one, which is very narrow and best for contouring only.) For powder I still prefer the Sona Kashuk white handled (really cheap, soft, but doesn’t take much abuse) or the Cover FX powder brush.

Mandy Frewsburg, NY

shocking quality for the price

Honestly, this is better than my MAC blush brush. It is much softer and gives a very nicely diffused blush application. I also paid less than half the price for this one. I’ll be back for more Sigma face brushes.

Serena Hagerman, NM

This is OK, but nothing special

I am in love with the Sigma F80 round kabuki brush. It’s perfect. This is just OK. It’s not better than brushes sets I get for less at CVS, except it’s larger. It works fine. I have no major complaints, but that it is already showing some wear and tear after a month. It’s not harsh, but i’s not very soft. I was hoping the bristles be soft like the F80, but fluffier (as that is super dense). It’s OK as is the eye shadow. I often end up using the F80 to apply blush, as I like it in a small area. If it were under $10, I’d be fine with it.

Elisha Clifton, IL

So Soft!!!

I keep buying Sigma, brushes are so soft, don’t shed and the quality is better than MAC. Need a Sigma store in Phoenix…

Dona Hometown, WV


Love this! This blush brush picks up color nicely and is the perfect shape to deposit it onto my cheeks. I’ve found myself reaching for this every day and I haven’t used my other favorite blush brushes (Smashbox and Real Techniques) at all since I bought this brush.

Jewell Houghton, MI

Its just ok

I’m over flowing with makeup brushes that are cheap to expensive. This brush is just okay, I usually pass this brush up when applying my makeup. I like the real techniques powder brush more and I use my Bella terra brush for my bronzer. This brush just doesn’t really do it for me

Bridget Sistersville, WV

Great blush or powder brush

I am really loving the quality of Sigma brushes. This one is perfect for applying brush or powder. I use it for applying bronzer too.

Dale Claremont, NH

Great blush brush

I love sigma brushes! So high end but for a considerably low price! must have! Great blush brush for your every day kit!

Stefanie Purdon, TX


This is a very soft brush. I purchased it to specifically apply blush. I noticed that the blush application is very light and I have to reapply at least 3 times for the color to show on my face. I have no idea if this is normal for a blush brush as this is my first one. I like the fact that it is very soft, but I wonder if this would’ve been better as an overall face brush for light application of translucent powders.

Francis Alvord, IA