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Sigma Beauty Eye Shading – E55

Sigma Eye Shading – E55 This eye shading brush creates the flawless look that finger application just can’t match! The soft and dense bristles allow for precision application and even distribution every time. So avoid a botched attempt at the ever-trendy smokey eye and get it right with this essential beauty tool. Unique Feature: Soft and dense bristles Function: Even application of color Recommended Use: Place color across the entire lid for an even and strong application of product.

Key features

  • Unique Feature: Soft and dense bristles.
  • Function: Even application of color.
  • Recommended Use: Place color across the entire lid for an even and strong application of product.

Honest reviews


Way better than MAC 239!

A little pre-history: after watching lots of reviews on Youtube where everybody says that MAC 239 a "must have", decided to treat my self for holidays and bought it at the local MAC counter (in our local mall). Used it for about one week- hated it with whole my heart- ended up by returning it to the MAC counter. Why? Because MAC 239 was very stiff, hursh, small, did not pick up eyeshadows well enough, scratchy, etc. It was like to use a kitchen spatula… Verdict:crap (at least for me). Absolutely disappointed….So, after reading reviews about Sigma E55, desided to give this one a try, because I still needed a brush to apply my eyeshadows. And I’m very glad I did! After the very first use of this brush I just "fell in love" with it, if i can say that. It is a complete opposit to MAC 239: E55 is dens, but in the same time very soft and awesomely gentl (like a cloud), it picks up eyeshadows so dem’n well and, of course, applies them, no metter they are powdered or pressed, with glitter or matte. You just want to us it more and more. That’s how good this one is. I am thinking to buy another one as a back up. Would I recomend this brush?Definitely YES, to everybody who wants to apply eyeshadows with joy. But, who has very itchy eyelids and needs a good scratch, go for MAC 239 :).

Bonita Knob Noster, MO

the best all over lid brush

I always use this brush when I do my eye make up. It’s the best all over eye lid brush. It packs on shadows so good on my lids. I use this brush and wash this brush so much and it’s still in great shape. No other shading brush can compare!

Lourdes Morris, MN


It is a great brush. I use it. I like it. Does exactly what it says it does. Good quality. Apply it in patting motions for more depth coverage.

Barbara Mason City, IL

Great for applying eyeshadow

I’m a MAC only convert, I was able to buy 3 sigma brushes for the price of one MAC brush!I use this everyday for precise application of eyeshadow, works great for pigments and anything that you want to push onto the lid (creams/high fallout eyeshadows)No shedding so far and I’ve cleaned it a few times with no trouble

Julie Richwoods, MO

New favorite brush

I have used several different high quality brushes before and hadn’t found a size and shape that totally blew me away. That was until my mom recently bought a palette from Tarte that included the best brush ever. Since then, I have searched for a similar brush and I found this one. I have not purchased Sigma brushes before, but I would purchase them again. The size and shape is great and doesn’t apply too much or too little.

Morgan Suches, GA

These brushes are wonderful.

I was going to order the travel kit from the Sigma website, but did not want all the brushes in the set. When I saw they had them on Amazon individually, I decided to get just the ones I wanted. I’m so glad I did! They are as great as everyone says and I love this particular brush for patting eyeshadow on my lids. I got 3 brushes I wanted for way cheaper than buying the set that had brushes I didn’t want and not all the brushes I wanted. If that makes sense. Anyway I’m happy with my purchase!

Michell Siloam, GA

Great brush!!!

Excellent for packing on color to eyelids!… I even found myself using it for blending in the crease area. The brush itself is well made, nicely dense and perfect fit for eyelids!!! Definitely recommend!

Shelia Orinda, CA

Oh Sigma!

I really like this brush! I have another shader brush but the quality of Sigma beats it every time! I will continue to build my Sigma collection, I love how soft and sturdy they are. I recommend these brushes to anyone.

Andrea Arcadia, NE

My favourite Sigma eye brush

I’ve bought several Sigma eyeshadow brushes and this is my favourite. It’s a basic brush for laying down shadow on the lid. What I like about it compared to other versions is that it is fairly small, with relatively short bristles, which gives me more control. Excellent quality and synthetic (cruelty free). For crease brushes, on the other hand, I have found Hourglass has the best. For blending out existing shadows and just blurring the lines between colours I really like the fluffy, largest headed brush in the Real Techniques Basic Eye set (it’s the only one I really like in that set, but it’s so good it’s worth the money and I’m not a really big RT fan.) All of these use synthetic hair. Beware the white haired eye brushes, which are often goat hair. If you have allergies to horses like me, any hair from hoofed animals is risky.

Leticia Curtis, AR

You really have to have this one 🙂

I’ve ordered this one by mistake, actually wanting to order small shader. BUT, i’m pretty happy with my “mistake” now 🙂 ( even though i still need that small shader ) I was very pleasantly surprised with this brush. I use it to apply eyeshadow on my lid, but it’s great for blending, shading, building color and just about anything else to do with your eyes. It’s super soft but sturdy, as all Sigma brushes i have are. And no matter what type of look you prefer to have, you can accomplish it with this brush!

Eva Trumbull, CT

Love Sigma brushes

It does exactly what it is supposed to. Works very well. It also cleans well. Love Sigma brushes so far.

Enid Republic, MI


this brush is high quality, almost bought mac brand but decided to give this one a chance! I use it every day!!

Beatriz Baker, LA

Great tool for eyeshadow

I love the Sigma brushes. This is the 5th Sigma brush I’ve purchased since last year. They are good quality brushes and work well with makeup. I can’t wait to use this shadow brush tomorrow…

Alyssa Huron, SD

Perfect Brush

Look no further for the perfect shade brush. I have small eyelids and this brush actually gets right into my crease and glides effortlessly. Love it.

Carmen Tateville, KY

Love This!

I only own 3 or 4 Sigma brushes bu tthis has been a favorite! It hold a good amount of product and is the perfect size for my lids:)

Joni Mc Dowell, VA

Really nice brush

I’m a beginner with eye makeup. I’ve been using a cheap ELF brush for awhile, which was doing a decent job, and wanted to try out the true and tested Sigma brand. This is a fantastic brush. It has soft, but stiff fibers that are not as itch as some of my other brushes. I like the shorter bristles, and rounded edge, and find that I can place color more precisely. I also feel like there is less fallout onto my cheek. I’m very happy with my purchase and can’t wait to try out a few more brushes from Sigma.

Adrian Amityville, NY

#1 Eye Shader

This is my go to brush for a variety of reasons. I use it to shade my eyelids and use as a highlighter as well. The cut and qualify of the brushes makes it very easy to apply my make-up.

Whitney Stratton, CO


I only use this brush when putting eyeshadow on my lid. It packs the product on really well the brush is super soft.

Eddie Oshtemo, MI


I think sigma can definitely give Mac a run for there money on quality and durability. They definitely got them beat on the prices lol. This brush only cost $9.00.I highly recommend these brushes to anyone that loves quality!!

Ingrid Barnesville, PA

love it

i love this brush, perfect application. need to buy more and use for ALL my shadows. perfect size weight and great for strokes

Betty Proberta, CA