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Sigma Beauty E20, Short Shader

Unique Feature: Soft and precise flat head Function: Concentrated color application Recommended Use: Apply color onto small areas of the eye such as the outer eyelid. Also use to smudge the lower lash line. Length: 6 1/2 in. (16.51 cm)

Key features

  • Soft
  • Precise flat head
  • Concentrated color application
  • LENGTH 6 1/2 in. (16.51 cm)

Honest reviews


Does the job

I’ve used this to smudge eyeliner and have been happy with the result but at times it does feel a bit rough around the eye so I just make sure I’m extra gentle. Overall, don’t think it’s worth the extra money for the brand name.

Connie Grassy Creek, NC

Love Love Love SIGMA

Sigma brushes are the best brushes I have found! They are soft to the touch and they don’t shed and the texture of the brushes don’t change with use. I have almost every Sigma brush they make and they are the best brushes ever. I wash and clean my brushes weekly and I never worry about the brushes becoming hard or having the bristles fall out. You never have to worry about bristles being left on your face when applying your makeup. Sigma is the only application brush I use. They are great!

Celia Clio, WV

Excellent control

Liked this right off the bat, it allows for greater precision and control when working the "V" area for eyeshadow. It helps your shadow application be more defined, less muddy

Priscilla Westville, IN

Great brush!!

This brush has a few different uses for me. I can use to create a well defined crease line, smudge or color an eyeliner or just smudge the lower eyeliner. It’s precise and small enough to reach just the spot you want. Great brush!!

Barbra Hannibal, WI


This is one of those brushes I use everyday. To place brow highlight, under eye shadow, and inner corner eye highlight. Can’t live without it now!

Renae Red Oak, TX

very nice brush

Very fast shipping! This brush works great for lower lashes line. I love all of my Sigma brushes, very well made and do great jobs.

Iris Twin Falls, ID

Best short shader/smudger

This brush is the best for smudging eyeliner for a smokey affect or just to soften the line. It is very dense and firm which softens waterproof eyeliner that can be difficult to soften. It cleans easily and is very well made. A great price for it also.

Sally Sabana Hoyos, PR

Sigma Short Shader

This is a great little shader/smudger brush. I used it this morning when I was smudging out my gunmetal gel eyeliner and it worked great. The bristles are tough enough to smudge but still soft enough for the eye area. I love Sigma brushes and this didn’t disappoint.

Darlene Steedman, MO


This is another great brush from Sigma. This is great for the crease and also for applying powder over eyeliner.

Diann Ridge Spring, SC

Love Sigma!.

Soft brisels, don’t shed, best brushes you can find, founds this brshes on a makeup tutorial by Camila cohelo. Love them

Bernadine Manokotak, AK

Stubby and deposits color nicely

I love this. It’s stubby and very condense so it deposits color nicely. I use it primarily to add color to the eyelids. This is also the perfect size to keep in your travel makeup kit.

Gilda Mulberry, AR

This is a miracle brush

Excellent brush, I am sure it could have many uses. But I use it to define my brows and also to apply a powder eyeliner.

Estella Hudson, FL

Great brush

LOve it- no shedding- use to put on eyeshadow heavily. It holds a lot. What else can be said? Nice

Beryl Torrance, CA

Great Brush!

This brand is really well made I love MAC and will start purchasing these brushes. They work just as good as MAC and cheaper.

Roseann Saratoga, TX

Spend the extra money for good make up brushes!

If you have cheap make-up brushes that you got in a large set and pouch, you probably don’t use half of them or you find that the bristles are rather poor quality and fall out easily, especially after a cleaning or two. Ditch these immediately.I DID have a cheap-o set that was way too overwhelming for me and there was no one brush that did anything for me well. After a total makeover by Merle Norman with amazing brushes and tools, I was convinced that the brushes make all the difference. This was the first brush I purchased for shading eye shadow on the brow bone and outer eye. It works wonderfully.The bristles are full, dense and of great quality. There is no loss of bristles even after cleaning a few times.If you want your make-up to work for you — especially if you have invested in good make-up, then get the proper tools!Ditch the cheap, get the good. Buy the good stuff!

Lucia Tumwater, WA

perfect for smudging lower eyeliner

i ordered this brush because chrisspy did a youtube makeup tutorial and used the sigma E20 specifically to smudge a little bit of eyeshadow over her eyeliner on the bottom lid. i bought this brush to fulfill that one purpose only (i haven’t tried it on any other part of my eye, even though the instructions said you can), so my review is just for that one use.

Mercedes Lanoka Harbor, NJ

Outstanding Brush that lives up to expectations

After reading the great reviews for this brush here and elsewhere online, I decided to purchase the Sigma E20 brush for smudging and blending eye liner. Fortunately this brush has more than delivered.This brush is so effective at beautifully smudging and softening eye liner. It can be used on both upper and lower lids to smudge eye pencil, eye shadow and gel liner. The bristles are very tightly packed and stiff, yet still gentle. It’s important that any brush I use on my eye lids not irritate my sensitive skin.This brush will help to achieve the most beautiful soft, smoky eye. Great results every time! Well worth purchasing.

Aileen Almelund, MN

Ouch ?

It works don’t get me wrong but it’s a little rough … Maybe I should’ve ordered the other one that sigma sells ….

Mitzi Ward, SC

Great For Intense Color

I just recently (last 3 months) began purchasing & using Sigma brushes and I have yet to not love one of them! I have a very small eyelid and they are hooded, this brush allows me to really concentrate color on the lid and create a “crease” that I don’t normally have. It’s also great for smudging color on the upper & lower lash lines. The bristles are packed tightly and the brush handle (as with all Sigma brushes) is easy to hold and easily apply your makeup. I love my Sigma brushes, this is my honest opinion, not for a gift, etc. I highly recommend them if you have never used decent makeup brushes and they’re very affordable!! Thanks Sigma & Amazon 🙂

Deborah Rockville, NE