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Sigma Beauty Brush Cup Holder – Black

The Sigma Beauty Brush Cup Holder is an innovative and functional container that turns into two brush holders designed to help you keep your brushes organized at home or on-the-go.

Key features

  • Innovative
  • Functional container
  • Brushes organized.

Honest reviews


Case is a bit too big for my taste

This case ended up being a bit too big for my taste. It definitely won’t fit in any of your cosmetic bags so be prepared to have to carry this separately if you’re traveling. Take note of the measurements before you buy. I thought I had but really didn’t realize how big it was until I got it. Unfortunately, this is one of the few if only manufacturers of a brush cup holder and I do like the style and functionality because you can use it as a stand/holder for your brushes on your counter as well. The company does offer a smaller travel-sized version but I couldn’t justify the price since the smaller one comes with makeup brushes (which I really don’t need) and they charge $65+ for it.

Mary Palisade, CO

My new love

I got this for my new sigma brushes, I had to turn some brushes upside down to fit , no problem they hold their shape even after being in the tube all dayGet this if you need to store your brushes away from your train case, it separates into two cups for your brushesLove it

Heather Elgin, NE


i already have a sigma brush set with the coral pink holder, but i also bought some single brushes from sigma and some other places and i wanted another holder to store them in. this holder is absolutely perfect, great for keeping your brushes seprate while using them or washing them. wish they had more colors of just the holder, rather than having to buy another set of brushes to get another color holder. quaulity is great! i would definitely recommend this to all, great buy. price is good too.

Valarie Whitewood, SD

great product

This was a really GREAT product. I received it only in a few days after ordering it. The product is very sturdy, deep and wide; it can fit a lot of brushes. It doesn’t fit all my brushes, but I do have a lot. When at home, I just separate the top and bottom of the make-up brush holder and put my small brushes inside of the bottom part and my big brushes inside of the top part. When I travel, I just remove the brushes that can’t fit and put it somewhere else. I would highly recommend this product! Wish it came in other colors =)

Michael Cabazon, CA

Holds only small brushes

I was expecting to hold all of my powder brushes, blush brushes, eye shadow brushes and be able to close it so that I can bring it while traveling , but found out it only hold couple of big brushes and numerous eye shadow brushes if I try to close the holder. Now I use the top to hold big brushes, and the bottom to hold eye shadow brushes, I just can’t close it, have to leave it open in order to hold all my 10 brushes.

Marquita Edison, CA

this is awesome for travel….

travel with your brushes and have a place to stand them up as well.this is awesome and i love the look!!!!

Mabel Salem, NM

Sturdy but horrible smell!

I like it because I could leave it on my vanity with a cover to avoid dust particles getting on my brushes and I could travel with it but the smell of the can is so strong, I tried airing it out for a few days and its still there.

Juliet Mer Rouge, LA

More than I expected

Whoever came up with this is fairly brilliant in my opinion. I can keep by brushes free of dust and moisture when they’re not in use. And when I’m using them frequently, it’s actually 2 cups. I traveled with it for the first time this Christmas, and it worked great. I normally use a brush roll, but I prefer this, because I can keep my brushes protected in my bag, but when I’m ready to use them, they’re convenient in the cup.A great buy, and a great way to protect those expensive makeup brushes. Just make sure you pay attention to which side is up! Don’t want to store your brushes sitting on their bristles.

Gwendolyn Palmyra, WI

Great buy

I’m a person who hates clutter and when you don’t have space for everything you love, you become creative. This is the reason I purchased this holder. I can have all my brushes in it and it takes up so little space on my table. It looks chic and stylish and much better than a makeup bag or other holders. I have a trip coming up and I can finally take all my brushes without worrying about space. It arrived in 2-3 days after purchase (thanks Amazon Prime) and I love it! Get it!

Ashley Tillson, NY

Way too small & too expensive

I debated about whether or not to spend $30 on this brush cup, but the reviews were so good, I decided to go for it. This cup is WAY too small for my brushes. I’m just a normal woman, not a makeup artist or anything, but even my small brush collection couldn’t fit into this. Also, my small brushes were too short to reach the lip of the cup, which made me fish around for them. Also, getting the lid on was impossible. Trying to get all the brushes out of the way to get the lid on was impossible and was catching on the brush bristles – exactly what I was trying to avoid. I returned this item and had to eat the $6 shipping but it was worth it since I was never going to use this thing. Heading over to the container store to find something better and cheaper.UPDATE: BTW, I found the best brush holder ever with the Glass Straw Dispenser sold on amazon. It’s fantastic!

Traci Ward, AL

so convenient

I use this to hold all my sigma brushes in! I like it because its tall and a lot larger than it looks online. It holds a lot brushes! My brushes don’t get crushed or reshaped like they would in my make up bags. Plus, it’s perfect for traveling.

Sondra Newton Upper Falls, MA


This is a great way to store you make-up brushes and being that I have two different sets. I just use each half of this item to hold them both. I probably will end up purchasing another one.

Delores Burke, VA

Too Tall

Hi All. For some odd reason all of my brushes seem to be swallowed up by the cup. I have to take them all out to identify and choose the one I wish to use.In the youtube tutorials I watched all the brushes seemed to be easily identified while in the case. Perhaps I have much shorter brushes then the actual Sigma brushes. I will create some kind of a stand to place in the bottom of it to raise the height of my brushes. It is nice looking and seems to be very sturdy. I will eventually sell this one on E-bay and get a brighter color in a similar product.

Laura Sharpes, FL

Great Brush Protector/Holder

I just received my Sigma brush cup and I am very pleased at the size and sturdiness of it. It snaps closed for travel or you can use each side as one holder, depending on how many brushes you have. It actually looks like real leather and will keep my brushes clean and safe between uses. Thanks again, Sigma! Looking forward to ordering more in the near future!!

Sofia Jefferson, OR

Great Quality brush holder

An overall great brush holder. My only complaint is that it is difficult to close the brush holder over top of brushes, and at times, the top crushes and smooshes brushes, damaging bristles.The quality is excellent and worth spending a bit extra to have a hard brush case versus a brush roll, which doesn’t protect the brushes as well.

Earline Sloansville, NY