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Sigma Beauty Angled Brow – E75

Unique Feature: Angled, firm edge Function: Define brows Recommended Use: Apply powder and gel products to brows using a sketching motion to achieve a hair-like effect.

Key features

  • Angled
  • Firm edge
  • LENGTH 5 3/4 in. (14.6 cm)

Honest reviews


Quality while saving 30% off high-end price

This is a great brush! At first I did use it to fill my eyebrows which it was effective for but I’m now hooked on Anastasia Brow Wiz so there’s really no need for it on my eyebrows. BUT, this brush is such a great shape and size (very similar to my slanted eyeliner brush from Sephora), that I now use it as a multi-purpose tool around the eyes and brows. I dip it in a small amount of liquid concealer to even out winged eyeliner if I’m made a mistake, and also for concealer around the eyebrows. It’s tiny shape makes it very precise! It holds both powder and liquid products fine.

Madeleine Williamston, MI

Great fine eyebrow brush.

This brush is great for eyebrows. I use it daily with my eyebrow powder. I even use it some for eyeshadow. Well worth the money

Judith Mineral, WA

serve well

although I love my other brand when it comes for brushes, but just to try another brand. This product is also doing great for me. I will also recommend this 🙂

Eunice New Market, TN

Great Brush

It’s the perfect size to fill in the eyebrows and give them a nice arch. It’s dense enough too that the product goes on very nicely. I’m very pleased with this brush. The order came really quick as well so that was nice.

Consuelo Oswego, KS

Love sigma!!!!!! Worlds greatest brushes

I swear to god I’m not being paid by sigma to say any of this…. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this brush to death,, I use it to conceal under my eyebrows,,,, customer service was amazing,, even got a free gift…… I am already half way from changing all existing brushes In my collection to sigma brushes…… Thank u sooooooo much sigma,,, I love u guys so much…… Buy all sigma brushes, it’s worth the prices

Manuela Jemison, AL

Just okay

I was hoping to replace an old angled brow brush that I got from Sephora many years ago. This one did NOT do the trick. For me, it does not have enough hair…I like my eyebrow brush to be a little thicker. This may be okay with very thin eyebrows.

Lessie Berlin, MD

Just Perfect

So much difference between this brush and my previous one!! I can do my eyebrows so perfect! flawless! the shadow application its smooth and look spectacular!

Annmarie Saint Joe, IN

Love it

Love this brush for my brows.

Evelyn Dixon, KY

Nice size and quality but…

I did not find the bristles stiff enough to give a nice, even application. It was also thinner than I thought it would be. I plan on using this as an eyeliner brush instead.

Gena Brazil, IN

Love sigma brushes !

This brush is nice and thin so it’s pretty easy to use when I’m filling in and sculpting out my eyebrows A+!

Melody Honoraville, AL

Great angled brow brush

a very fine precise and small angled brow brush for applying shadow to fill in the brows. it is quite small so it is more precise but takes more blending/filling the get the desired application. this is good so you can add color to build the brows naturally and gradually as to not end up with over filled or too dark brows. the brush is dense and just stiff enough to hold up to its purpose definitely one of the best brow brushes you can buy.

Letitia Jermyn, PA

great brush

brush works well with the application of powder onto the eyebrows. fills them in with out looking too fake or bushy.

Flossie Coffee Springs, AL