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Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, 10 ml

Sea buckthorn seed oil has long been used as a topical treatment to aid in the relief of skin conditions such as eczema, acne, rosacea, burns, and wounds and as a traditional beauty treatment to preserve youthful skin tone and texture. it is a secret remedy to fight wrinkles and age spots so you may (or may not) want to share it with your friends.

Key features

  • Quick acting/readily absorbed
  • bottle w/ dropper tip
  • For all skin types
  • Helps diminish wrinkles/age-spots
  • Promotes skin recovery and healing

Honest reviews


I love this stuff!

I am post menopausal and have been plagued with acne breakouts and large pores my whole life. So, believe me when I tell you I would never put oil on my face. I read about Sea Buckthorn oil I decided to give it a try. I am amazed!! I have only used it for about 4 days but already my skin looks good enough to go out without makeup – something I never usually do. My skin looks and feels smoother, my pores are smaller and any pimples I had healed and disappeared. A little goes a long way and absorbs quickly. I use it after I wash on my face and neck in the morning and at night before I go to bed. I have also noticed my crows feet are less noticeable already. I hope with continued use it will also help some of my other little wrinkles as well. I would definitely recommend this product(and already have.)

Liliana White Owl, SD

Miracle in a tiny bottle

Wow,wow,wow! I would give this 10 stars if I could. The first day that I used this, I was amazed at what it did to my skin tone. It brightened, softened, and cleared some of the blemishes on my face in just one use. I was concerned that the bottle was too small to last me a good while, but because sea buckthorn seed oil is very rich please believe this bottle is going to last you some months. Also as a black woman, I’m constantly plagued by oily skin, hyper-pigmentation and acne scars, and even though the product is oily, it did not break me out and as I mention before it actually healed some of my acne already. I put just a little on my face during the day and I put the recommended dose at night, I put it under my makeup and sunscreen. Don’t worry about it being oily, your face will soak it all up, but just use a lil if you have oily skin. I love this product and I look forward to trying other formulas from this amazing seed.Update: 02-28-2013I was just about to place another order for the buckthorn oil when I seen numerous complaints regarding people breaking out so I wanted to edit my initial review.I placed another order in July 2012 and I’m not sure whats going on, but something about the oil being sent out is different from the one I placed my review about. When I used the product from the second bottle it caused me to breakout so bad I actually didn’t suspect it at first because I have oily skin and it could have been anything else that I may have been using. However, when I put the oil on the breakouts like I had done before in the past it actually irritated my face and made the breakouts even more unmanageable. Shame Shame Shame on the seller for reducing the efficiency of this product just to save or make money!!! This oil works so well for the conditions stated, it’s sad when you can’t even get what you paid for.

Alison Port Lions, AK

Glad they lowered the price……

Glad they lowered the price…..Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil……the new big thing will see if it’s as good as they say….I write more in another review!~

Tamera Bismarck, ND


I’ve only used this once and the smell was really nasty. and, trust me when they say oil – they mean oil. I’ll try it again…and give another review. right off the bat; not impressed. super oily. super smelly. I’ll try a few more days and recap then…

Pam Hartstown, PA

Believe the good reviews

Wow. Believe the good reviews, I did, tried this oil and am thrilled with the results. I have tried and used many many many different oils, creams, lotions, etc…. for my excruciatingly sensitive and vastly combination skin. Each has done great things, Emu… great results for occasional flaky patches, Tamanu and Argan, my long term favorites that rescued my skin a few years ago and I use almost daily. This Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil… I am going to call it my emergency rescue oil. Tried it for past 24 hours, applied less than 3 drops to a seriously annoying dry, flaky, inflamed, itchy, tender patch on my face….. and wow!!!!!!! While my other oils keep most of my facial skin (and hands) soft and lovely, this oil has literally reversed and repaired this strange little area on my forehead that resembled a cut or burn but was neither. Was about to make appointment with my dermatologist for ideas, but now I do not need to. (Have had very challenging skin since childhood and occasionally have these outbreaks) Thank you Amazon, thank you Sibu, and thank you Sea Buckthorn Seed oil!!!! And Yes! I obviously recommend highly

Leola Belview, MN

Greatest pimple treatment E-V-E-R

First off, let me start by saying that I don’t suffer from horrible acne. I get the occasional breakout and I do get a cystic acne breakout two to three times a year. This is the best treatment I have ever used. It really clears up my acne in a fraction of the time that most treatments do. I can actually have a very angry, irritated blemish and if I put this on a few times that day and then at night before bed, the blemish will be very flat and almost healed. I love it. I was skeptical at first about putting an oil on my face. But I have very dry skin so maybe it’s a combo of that and the fact that this is a healing oil that makes it work for me. I will always stay stocked up in this.

Joyce Rugby, TN

Yes – it works

I purchased this after reading about it in a women’s magazine as a treatment for rosacea. Not only have I recently developed rosacea, but I also had the crazy skin that so many people seem to complain about when they hit menopause. My previously calm and clear skin had morphed into dry patches, oily patches and an occasional viscious outbreak of acne. I never knew what was going to be looking back at me from the mirror. Well – I can honestly say that this oil has helped things get back to normal. I wash my face with a gentle bar soap at night and use 2 drops on each cheek and one drop on my forehead. Within days, the redness had calmed down and some of the bumps on my cheeks had gone down. I’m happy about those things, but the main reason I am giving this such a good rating is that the overall tone and feeling of my skin is back to where it was before – and it happened quickly! I use this as I described above at night and then I use only one drop in each spot in the morning under my makeup. You would think an oil would make my foundation less durable, but I have found it to be the opposite. Maybe I don’t touch up my face as much because my skin is looking better. Anyway – I will be stocking up on these little bottles because I have a feeling that between the magazines, Doctor Oz and the reviews on Amazon – this stuff is going to be hard to find.UPDATE Jan 17, 2012: I’ve never gone back in and given additional comments on a product here before, but I had to on this one. My skin continues to improve. I am still just shocked because it’s been such a short time using it. Bought two more bottles for a girlfriend and her mother this weekend.UPDATE Feb 23, 2012: I’ll keep it brief – I will NEVER be without this product – NEVER.UPDATE Sept 25, 2012 – Still using it. Still loving it. If I go for several days without it, inflammation on my cheeks starts to return. I have now added a capsule form of this to my vitamin regimen because I want to take advantage of the anti-inflammatory benefits on my system as well.

Leta Woodbridge, CT

I wanted to try this because all the reviews

I don’t like the smell it’s really strong but I will use the oil if would work for me even with the smellI bought this because I have 2 spots of melasma that I want to get rid off for a long time and I thought this may helpit doesn’t work for melasma I don’t even see like a glow in my skin when I use it, for me it didn’t do any thing.

Diann Socorro, NM

Amazing Oil, my best find in a loooong time

In trying to clean up my diet and doing reading, I came across information about oil cleansing on the face. Sounded crazy to me, but I kept reading and then started taking notes. Then I saw sea buckthorn oil mentioned and how it was good for rosacea. Well, that was one of my problems and previous other purchases I made that claimed to help it really didn’t. I was also concerned with long lists of chemical names on my soaps and lotions. Why did my skin still get flaky after supposedly washing it (with Cetaphil) and applying expensive night creams? I took a chance and ordered sea buckthorn oil as well as tea tree oil, argan oil and rose hip serum. WOW. What a combo! I don’t have acne, but had some pore issues, some rosacea, uneven skin tone, flaking around nose. Hated seeing my face in one of those magnifying makeup mirrors. I have been using the 4 oils mentioned above for several weeks now, but mainly the sea buckthorn at night. It has a slightly orangish color to it, and supposedly can stain, but I haven’t seen any bizarre coloring of my skin, if anything, it might make it look slightly tanner, which is okay with me. Still, I have been amazed at the change in my skin. It feels softer, the pores have shrunk, the flakiness is gone, and it does seem less redder, not that I had a bad case of rosacea, just redder cheeks. I think slowly but surely my skin is improving, old gunk getting flushed/cleaned out. In the mornings I grab the mirror first thing to see what is going on with my skin, and I have not been disappointed. I also wash now withDesert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash Refill, 32-Ounce. Got rid of my chemical laden Cetaphil which didn’t seem to help me. These items all cost less than fancy creams and lotions with their pretty packages.Also check outNOW Foods Rose Hip Seed Oil, 1 ounce,Aura Cacia Argan Skin Care Oil Certified Organic – 1 fl ozandAura Cacia Tea Tree Essential Oil, 0.5 Ounce Bottle. Tea tree is supposed to be great for acne, and it has antiseptic healing properties, so any sore, pimple on face, it goes right on it.Man made chemical lotions on your face? Or natural, limited ingredient oils on your face? Should be a no brainer. Remember that your face/skin produces oil. So what people tend to do is scrub all the natural oils off, your skin goes into overdrive to produce more oil to replace it, often causing skin issues, then you scrub that oil off putting gunky lotions on it, messing up the whole system. Instead, gently wash with natural oils, and replace with easily absorbed, light oils. Keeps your facial skin calm as it doesn’t haven to constantly work to keep a normal oil balance.I am a convert.

Ilene Forman, ND

Love Sibu

I regularly purchase Sibu products, both through Amazon and I am very pleased with everything I have tried. This oil is fantastic. I have used it on skin tags, rashes, as a serum before facial moisturizer, etc. It makes your skin feel better while leaving behind a healthy glow. It also works well on eye wrinkles and age spots. Sea buckthorn seed oil is a multi tasking product that I will continue to purchase.

Leigh Landisburg, PA

Rosacea Practically Gone in 5 Days!

I am so impressed with this product. In the last year or so I started having redness appearing on my cheeks and cystic acne that I could not seem to get rid of. With some research online, I thought that rosacea was most likely the culprit. I ordered this along with the Sibu Beauty Cleansing Face and Body Bar Sea Buckthorn, which is also available on Amazon. I have been using the two together now for 5 days and my Rosacea is barely there. There is still a small reddish spot on one of my cheeks, but I’m sure it will be gone in a few days with continued use. I’m not sure if it was just this product or the combination of the two, but I am so happy! I hated looking in the mirror and seeing those awful red patches every day, now I can actually brave the world cover up free!

Marcella Ingram, TX


This oil is AMAZING. Seriously, it’s amazing. If you have any red, rough, scaly, dry, peeling, etc patches on your skin, this stuff will do wonders, practically overnight! When I was young, we used to own seabuckthorn trees and we used to make juice out of the berries and drink it, it was delicious and insanely good for you – this stuff is an awesome reminder of those times, now that I’m grown up.The smell is not chemical, it is very similar to how the actual berries smell, I think once you realize that you’re not breathing in chemicals it will be a lot easier to get used to even if it is a little strange.The packaging can be a little difficult to use because it only lets out a couple drops at a time but this is because you really only need a couple of drops, either to work into the whole face (3-4 drops) after washing/steaming it or for spot treatment.My dad has chronically red, flaky patches around the eyebrows and this stuff literally soothed them and made them go away over night. Granted they came back but only because he used this stuff once. I use it to even out my skin tone and heal discoloration from acne spots (which it does well, actually but from my experience Vitamin E oil might do better). It soaks in almost instantly and doesn’t make you feel greasy or like you’re clogging your pores (use in moderation!). It also makes the skin smooth and velvety when you wake up in the morning.It’s also great for healing burns. If you touched a hot curling iron or pan and left an burning hot painful mark, put this stuff on IMMEDIATELY and you will soothe the burn and prevent any scars or marks from being left. This is an old Ukrainian remedy.I can’t say enough about this!

Abby Marion, OH


This Sibu Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil arrived before the promised delivery date. It has a good expiration date on it. I will re-purchase from The Vitamin Shoppe. This is an incredible savings on Sibu products. In a weeks use pores are minimized and wrinkles diminished on my face. Amazing results from this little bottle of oil!

Glenna Moscow, TN

It Really Works!

This is a remarkable product. I had been reading good things about sea buckthorn and decided to give it a try for age spots. I’ve only been using it a week, and I’m astonished at how well it’s working. I’ve only put it on a few select areas so I could easily keep track of any changes (and also to make sure I wouldn’t have any kind of reaction). I’m 53 and have quite a few age spots on my face, and a few others here and there. Some of the age spots are more reddish, and some are brown. The reddish ones are fading after just a week! In fact, I could tell a difference after the first use. The brown age spots are not doing as well, but I am quite willing to give those more time. I also tried it on two scars — one on my leg, and one on my temple, and the scars are shrinking and becoming less noticeable! I tried this on a deep wrinkle and I can’t say I’ve seen any change there, but again, it’s only been a week. I think it will help with wrinkles too, judging from other reviews — I just need to give it a little time. In addition, this oil does not leave your face greasy, so you can use it during the day if you like. It absorbs well and you only need a teeny amount anyway; plus it leaves your skin feeling very soft. I highly recommend this!9/2/2013 Update: After using this for over a month now, I can see huge differences in my wrinkles, and my age spots are continuing to improve. My skin has a smooth, soft look and feel that I love. I seriously look 10 years younger! I encourage everyone to give this a try.

Christy Danville, IN

Caused the worst breakout I’ve ever had

Be careful with this if you have oily skin. At first, it seemed to help with the pimples but after using for a week, my entire forehead exploded. I had to shell out money for a facial with extractions to clear everything out. Needless to say I won’t be using this anymore.

Elizabeth Ingalls, IN

foul smell

The bottle I got was less than 2/3 full. I wrote to the company and they said that was normal, but it didn’t seem right to me and I felt a bit ripped off. The consistency is nice, and a little drop goes a long way, but to me it smells rancid. For a high quality oil I thought it would smell more neutral. I resist putting it on my face at night because I don’t want to smell it or have it on my pillowcase.

Nancy Delta, AL

Good and bad

Overall, I like this oil, since it’s helping me in the original way that I wanted it to. But I also think it caused me to break out in eczema for the first time ever.For several years now, I get random bouts of extreme itching in my eyelashes, which rubbing usually causes them to fall out. It was so intense, I could not tolerate it. After doing a lot of research, and not finding many helpful articles on the subject, I came to believe that demodex mites may be the cause. I also read that this oil apparently suffocates those mites. I figured it was worth a try.. I bought this stuff, hoping it would help with the itching, even though I was nervous about getting it directly in my eyes. For a few weeks straight — once in the morning, and once at night — I squeezed two drops of the oil onto one end of a q-tip, and I carefully put it along my upper lash line, then put two drops on the other side of the q-tip for the other eye, only for hygiene purposes — I didn’t want to risk spreading mites from one eye to the other, just in case that was possible. This stuff has basically worked wonders for me. It has an almost numbing agent in it, where it would relieve any irritation within seconds of putting it on. Now, I only use it maybe once or twice a week, and my eyes have been doing really well. I still get occasional irritation and itching along my lash line, but it’s not nearly as intense as it was once, and I can usually relieve it by gently rubbing. I do hope that using this will not effect my eyes or vision in any negative way. I’m sure this oil is not recommended or approved for use on the eyelids, so I’m not saying try it, but if you’re desperate, you may want to consider trying this, as I’ve had good luck with it. I think I did get some of it in my eyes a few times, but it didn’t burn or anything. It just felt uncomfortable for a few minutes.The only reason I say this oil may be bad, is once I saw how much it was helping my eyes, I started mixing a few drops into my shampoo and also into my moisturizer since my face was getting a little dry and red, and I had seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp, so I thought the oil may help calm my skin down and smooth it out. Well, after only about 2 days of using it, I started to break out in large red blotches on my forehead. My scalp didn’t seem to get any worse, but my face looked terrible, it was all dry and scaly and peeling. I went to the dermatologist and he was able to treat it, but now I use this oil only on my eye lash line, and I am very happy with the results I’ve had in that regard.

Edith Mongaup Valley, NY


I suffer from dermatitis because I was my hands so much, being in the healthcare field. This oil immediately takes the sting and burn away. The longer I have used it, the more I notice that it takes longer for a flare up.

Bertha Timberon, NM

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Not sure if this is doing any change to my skin. It’s pleasant to add to other oil. Light color because it’s the seed oil and not the fruit.

Deidre Westboro, MO

A really great product for problem skin

This is a really great oil for the skin. It takes of any redness, blemishes or boo-boos that I get. It is organic and sustainably sourced, which is nice, too. The down side is that this smells less than pleasant. If you can overlook the smell, this is a very beneficial product. My full review of this product and other products from the sibu line can be found at […]

Deena Winfield, MO

Who thought this wud work

Only reason I give it a 4 out of 5 is that the dispensing bottle is hard to use and I cant get enough oil out of it. This stuff for sure helped with my Rosacea , I dont know if it took the redness away, but it calmed my angry red skin. I am in love with this oil. recommend for sure

Katrina Fowlerton, TX

Just okay

I used this to help with acne. It seemed to work okay and the oil quickly absorbed. I couldn’t seem to get over the smell though.

Beatriz Ozona, FL

Great for the skin

I enjoy using this product under my eyes at night before bed definitely gives a smoother feeling and moisturized feeling without being greasy. I’m on my second order.

Celina Pompano Beach, FL

It Works!

I bought this product after doing much research on a regimen for acne and acne scars. I have struggled with acne since i was in middle school and now that I am older i have some acne scars and may get a blemish from time to time. Although my skin is naturally oily I have found this product to work for me. I wash my face at night and rub a thin layer of oil over my entire face and dab and rub in another layer over scar areas or pimples. In the morning pimples are barely there or are gone and my skin has a glow. This product does have a scent to it almost like a vitamin smell but it doesnt bother me since i only use it at night.

Jewell Durbin, WV

It does really work.

I always use this when I have a pimple and it actually works. It is not too harsh on your skin.

Jerry Moreno Valley, CA

It’s ok

.Don’t see much difference from when I use it. Argon oil works better on my ezcema. I probably won’t buy it again.

Sonya Belden, MS

Still waiting to see (ROSACEA)

It’s been a few days of using this.At first I used the suggested amount of drops, my face became red, swollen, and cystic acne appeared.I stopped using for a few days to let it clear, and tried one SMALL drop on each side of my face. (Thats two drops for the entire face). My face has become a little more flushed/red looking, but the “bumps” on my face have gone down. The texture from my rosacea is much better, I’ll post updates if it gets worse or better!Update: THOUGH it helped with rosacea for awhile, It made my cystic acne much worse with this (It was very painful to even move some parts of my face).. It could have been a reaction, or it could have been the “worse before better”. But my skin looked so bad from the cystic acne that I couldn’t justify using it everyday. It’s good time to time. The oil is a lot more potent than the facial cleanse, obviously, but the first time I used this I saw cystic acne when I used the suggested amount. I tried using a lot less oil, and still developed very bad cystic acne. I’m hesitant on using this oil again, I really don’t want scarring on my face.

Kristen New Cambria, MO

Loving Sea Buckthorn

My skin is VERY oily (like you can grease ashy hands using the oil on my face if you wanted to oily). I started using Sibu products just to get my overall skin, hair and nail health in order and im loving the results. So far I haven’t seen any differences in my hair and nails (its been only a week). Ive been taking the gels as well as the liquid supplement AND washing with the facial bar soap which leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, and lastly rubbing two drops of this seed oil on my damp face before bed. My skin isn’t as oily as it once was, the texture of my skin is improving, and the scars on my face have begun to fade (not drastically because its only been a week of consistent use…but its my face so i notice).I’m definitely going to continue using this seed oil as well as the other products of this line consistently, and i hope that the results only continue to be positive.

Amelia Eden, UT

Seemed to be working at first then made things worse

I have moderate Rosacea which unfortunately includes broken capillaries on my cheeks and two nasty bright red spider veins on my nose but nothing too severe yet thank god! So basically it’s my skin tone I bought this for. I made the purchase thinking praying and hoping it would even out my skin tone. When I first started using the sea buckthorn oil it seemed to be working great. I did notice some slight differences in my skin (brighter and more toned) but dried it out more than anything. Unfortunately my sun damaged skin still shows below the outer layers near my cheeks and nose that I cannot get rid of no matter what I try and sincerely depresses me to no end. After using this product for some time the effects eventually wore off and this product actually made it look worse than it was. My sun damaged skin once again reared its ugly head. I don’t think it effectively clears up damaged skin below the surface but maybe on the surface that’s a different story. Could be also that I was using more than I should have but that’s cause I noticed no dramatic results. I have now ordered Vitamin C serum and a carrot oil soap rich in vitamins and supposedly very helpful to even out skin tone, we will see. All is all I was disappointed with this product.

Lavonne Rindge, NH

I love this stuff!!!

This oil is truly an essential oil for skin. I love the smell, and how quickly it works to repair damaged skin.

Francis Comanche, OK