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Sibu Beauty Cleansing Face & Body Bar, 3.5 oz

Awaken your skin and wash away a day of stress and pollutants with pure, simple and effective Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Face and Body Bar. This facial soap lathers thick and rich to cleanse, detox, moisturize, repair, and protect skin from cell damaging free radicals.

Key features

  • Cleans and conditions skin
  • Natural astringent
  • Revitalizes skin cells
  • For all skin types
  • 1- 3.5 ounce bars, 100% Natural

Honest reviews


Not a bad soap, but I prefer the Aubrey version…

I bought both the Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Bath Bar, and the Sibu Cleanse & Detox soap. By far, I prefer the Aubrey. So if you are considering both of them because of the Sea Buckthorn in them, I really recommend the Aubrey. It leaves you feeling cleaner, it seems to work better, and it smells/feels better too!That being said, the Sibu bar is also a nice bar of soap. The smell is okay, it’s not that great, but it does lather nice! I’ve used it on my face and it works wonderfully and doesn’t dry out my skin any more than any facial soap. That’s great!I bought this soap because of the sea buckthorn in it… I was looking for something to help with my psoriasis on my arms/body (the little bumps), and so I am going through a sea buckthorn detox to kill off some mites. Whether it works for that or not, I don’t know, only time will tell, so far it seems to be slowly clearing up my skin… but we will see!

Dee Canyonville, OR

If you suffer from rosacea and acne

This does nothing but dry out your skin, I saw no improvement in my rosacea and supposed mites on my cheeks that cause rosacea. Stay away from sea buckthorn oil if you have rosacea!

Dollie Johns Island, SC

Not for acne prone skin

Leaves skin feeling clean, but this facial soap is way too mild for my acne prone skin. Really wanted it to work.

Lorraine Oakland, IL

Very good quality, great for all skin types

I always use natural soaps that are synthetic fragrance & chemical free. This stuff is great and rivals a top quality goats milk soap I normally use.I have oily, acne prone skin with dry patches and dead skin buildup. This soap and a buff puff get rid of all traces of makeup, reduces dead skin buildup, and reduces oil production because it doesn’t strip the skin. I also no longer have any dry patches.Great stuff and well worth the reasonable price.

Leila Effie, MN

not bad but not for me

This soap was OK, but it didn’t feel as if it would leave my skin 100% clean like it should- I will stick to my Best Bath Store all natural acne facial bar.

Penelope Smock, PA

I use this daily for the last 4 years

I have very sensitive skin which breaks out in rashes from washing them so much (I work in childcare and MUST wash at least 10 times a day changing diapers).I use this in the shower everyday, and it has been the only soap that helps soothe skin. The coarseness of it is an added bonus for exfoliating. I use it in conjunction with the Sea Buckthorn oil and it helps to heal my hands.

Winnie Small Point, ME

love it

I use this in combination to the day repair cream and love it. I have bought several and am quite happy. It helps with my sun spots as well.

Geraldine Piffard, NY

Perfect soap for face!

I really like this soap and have used it for 2-3 years. I have moderately sensitive skin and this is the only soap I use on my face anymore. This soap is mild, but still gets your face clean. I definitely think sea buckthorn has made my skin healthier and softer. (I also use sea buckthorn oil and lotion.) I like how the soap smells too. This brand is better than the other sea buckthorn soap I’ve tried. The bar reminds me of good handmade soaps!

Lynne Burlington, TX

Beauty Bar

My daughter and I have both been using this bar. I love the way it cleans my face without over drying, and as far as I am concerned, more Omega 7 can only improve my skin.

Leanna Bellwood, AL

Loved It!

I have oily facial skin with dry patches as well as dead skin buildup in certain areas. This works amazing with a face scrubber to not strip the skin of it’s natural oils, yet gets the over oil production gone. It reduces the dead skin buildup with no problem.This bar of soap lathers up quite perfectly, I have to say. I have used it on my face all week and it works spectacularly because it doesn’t dry my skin out like some other facial soaps I’ve tried.So far, it seems to be brightening up my complexion and emptying and unclogging my pores as far as I can see. It seems to be clearing out the few small zits I had, which is a plus. It also seemed to reduce the redness around the zit so it was easier to cover-up with concealer.The hardest part about hiding zits is the redness. It still shows up underneath concealers unless you use a huge glob of it. When the redness is reduced, it seems to be SO much better.You do not keep this on your face for an extended amount of time. You wash and rinse, simple as that. Some cleansers stay on for awhile for 3-5 minutes. Not this. If you leave it on, it may cause dryness. It works best when used like a regular facial soap.I let my mom try this out as well, and she also liked how it worked. I let her use it because we have different skin types. Where I have oily skin and dead skin built up in areas, she has dry skin and very sensitive skin. So, if she could use it without it breaking her out or giving her redness, I knew it was a go-to product.She loved it. She had recently been going to the tanning bed and was looking for something to rid her of some dryness she was getting on her nose. Her nose was peeling (not from the tanning bed) but just because she has dry skin. She tried a ton of other stuff to try and get rid of this and nothing was working. When I let her test this out, within 2-3 uses the dry skin and redness on her nose was absolutely gone.She was even putting moisturizers and lotions on it and it wasn’t helping. She was even trying to cover it up with makeup, but it was making her makeup peel off. She raved about this soap. It works AND smells AMAZING.

Latisha Mantua, UT


my back itched so bad it would wake me up in the middle of the night. this bar of sea buckthorn has cured the itch after one use. I will never be without this again. smell is pleasant and lathers great. would tell every one with this problem to buy this product

Ernestine Lancaster, PA

If you have Acne, Rosacea, or just plain old hives from sensitive skin

This may be the facial bar for you. I’ve been struggling for years with first acne…..then hives + acne…..and then finally what appeared to be rosacea….! I’ve tried most of the over the counter acne treatments which only made my poor skin hurt more and nothing seemed to even make a little difference. Until I found this skin line 😀 I now have very few episodes of contact dermatitis and I wear makeup again though not nearly as much in terms of covering the skin. My skin routine is very simple now I wash my face in the morning with this soap followed by a nice lotion if my skin is a little dry and, I repeat the same at night before bed. I highly recommend this product to anyone

Jewell Mount Hamilton, CA

Makes my skin feel amazing

My title says it all. I am a big fan of sea buckthorne products. I don’t know how much of the sea buckthorny-goodness transfers through the soap. But it leaves my face and hands feeling soft and clean. It smells nice too…but not sticky sweet or perfumey.

Deanne Littlerock, CA

Non irritating but I notice no difference in skin tone

Face feels fresh and smooth after using and its not irritating like other soaps are, but I mainly bought this for my rosacea and sun damaged skin to see if it would help even out my skin tone but unfortunately it did not. I will try carrot soap and vit. c serum next to see if it does the trick.

Dorthy Westboro, MO

works flawlessly and smells wonderful

Im impressed with this soap, it leaves my skin refreshed, clean and smooth, it smells wonderful and nothing works as fast to repair damaged skin.

Clara Abbot, ME

Better Than Commercial Soaps

I’ve used this the other day and it smells nice. I nice solid bar that keep my face clean. I’m not allergic to the fruit ingredients, even includes oatmeal (which I was astounded to see is in the soap) but it works for me! My skin looks better and it lathers up really nice.

Polly Hood, VA

Rosacea Practically Gone in 5 Days!

I am so impressed with this product. In the last year or so I started having redness appearing on my cheeks and cystic acne that I could not seem to get rid of. With some research online, I thought that rosacea was most likely the culprit. I ordered this along with the Sibu Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, which is also available on Amazon. I have been using the two together now for 5 days and my Rosacea is barely there. There is still a small reddish spot on one of my cheeks, but I’m sure it will be gone in a few days with continued use. I’m not sure if it was just this product or the combination of the two, but I am so happy! I hated looking in the mirror and seeing those awful red patches every day, now I can actually brave the world cover up free!

Pearlie Tigerville, SC

Complexion improving gentle bar

I have used this Sibu Cleansing Face and Body Bar Sea Buckthorn now for over a year. It has cleared my irritated skin. The bar is very long lasting. A bar lasts me about 2 months with twice daily use on my face.

Natalia Lake Butler, FL

Nice soap but expensive

Tried this because a friend had used it but prefer my "Purity" from Philosophy. Probably won’t buy it again but it is nice if you like a bar soap.

Bettye Bryant, IN


This Sibu bar soap arrived before the promised delivery date. The product was packaged well. The product had a good expiration date. I will re-purchase from The Vitamin Shoppe. Note, this is an incredible savings on Sibu products!

Selina Wilmot, NH

cruelty free, good cleanser, and gentle exfoliator

I liked the smell of this cleansing bar a lot, so I decided to take a chance on it.I’ve been pleased with it so far. I love that there are no artificial colors and that the ingredients list is quite simple (it’s available on the product page so I won’t list the ingredients here). Many of the ingredients are derived from plants (and the box says "cruelty free" so I’m assuming this is vegan).I have been using it in place of my usual body wash. The sea buckthorn leaves provide a gentle exfoliating action. So far, I am not having any sensitivity reactions, although I do rinse this off pretty quickly after using it. It does not leave any oily residue and it actually works up to a nice lather, even though it is sulfate free. I do not find it drying at all. I would definitely consider this for travel — it’s so much easier not to worry about liquids like body washes when you’re traveling!I am not sure I believe the claim about forming a protective barrier against UV rays. While titanium dioxide IS an ingredient in many sunscreens, if you are using this as a soap and rinsing it off afterwards, I doubt that the titanium dioxide sticks around. I would not rely on this in place of a sunscreen.

Jeanette Scottville, NC

Regular purchase now

I first tried this about two months ago. I love it. Cleanses without over drying. Works well with my prescribed ERY 1% gel.

Nannie Laconia, IN

Great for Acne

I used this in combination with the Sea Buckthorn oil to help with acne. It did a great job. The bar lathers up very well, smells nice, and lasts a very long time. This is much more cost effective than most liquid cleansers. It does not leave the skin tight or too oily. I would probably use this even if I didn’t have acne as it is an effective cleanser and removes makeup well. The ingredients in this bar are very safe and natural.

Pamela Red Boiling Springs, TN

incredible lather…really cleans your face

The lather from this soap is amazing. Most natural soaps do not lather well at all so I was pretty surprised. The soap has a slight orange citrus fragrance which is quite pleasant. This soap really does clean your face and it does feel as if it is detoxifying your skin too. This soap leaves my oily face feeling squeaky clean. For those with dry mature skin you might find it drying or at least feel the need for nice moisturizer. This soap does not leave any residue …..just a clean fresh face . I do enjoy using this to wash my face but because it could be drying, I use it once a day/at night when I am removing makeup, sunscreen and the air pollution of the day from my face. I would not use this as an all-over body soap because unlike my facial complexion, the skin on my body is dry. But i did not purchase this as a body soap. However, it has been said that sea buckthorn is beneficial for treating keratosis pilaris (small bumps on the back of your upper arms) so i will try this soap on the backs of my upper atmd and let you know if it works on keratosis pilaris in an updated review. Either way, I think I will definitely continue to use this as a facial soap.

Caryn Guadalupita, NM

Excellent for oily skin

This soap is incredible – I have very oily skin and I’ve been using soap to wash my face all my life.I could never use Dove or something similar because it simply doesn’t leave your face feeling clean. Regular soap has always been the best choice for mealthough it does dry up my face for a about an hour.This soap cleans your face WITHOUT drying it but also WITHOUT leaving it feeling greasy.Furthermore my wife who has normal/dry skin used it and it actually hydrated her skin.Oh, and looking at the ingredients – this is made with 100 natural ingredients!

Pat Dilltown, PA