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Shower Caps Clear

This Multi Purpose Cap may be use as a Shower Cap Conditioning Cap Processing Cap Large enough to be used as a cover for shoes Perfect for Bowl Covers for Food Service

Key features

  • Bouffant Size
  • Multi Use
  • Shower, Conditioning, Processing

Honest reviews


Bait and Switch

These are labeled “Processing Caps.” Will keep hair dry and unfrizzy only if I don’t accidentally get hit by water from the shower head. They’re super flimsy. Cheaper than a disposable hotel shower cap.

Jeanne Duke, OK

shower caps.

A little small to hold all my hair but overall they do a good job.30 count shower caps. thank you.

Monique Glen Oaks, NY

It works

If you need something quick – I recommend going the store. If you can wait – say 3 weeks to a month, then it’s ok to buy these. They are shipped from Hong Kong. They are thin, but that’s ok. Will last for a 1st time use – maybe a second time. Price is good.

Letitia Petersburg, TN

Clear Shower Caps

The caps serve there purpose. Very thin. I would not lay my head down on anything while wearing this cap.

Constance Nelson, VA


If I could give this zero stars, I would. These shipped so slow I actually was confused about what it was in the mail when it came for me. They shipped me about 3 or 4 shower caps, not 40 like I ordered and they are completely small and flimsy and all shriveled up. I am so disappointed with this purchase. DO NOT BUY THESE! Walgreens carry a brand call "Donna" clear shower caps that are actually pretty good. I wish I had known this before I ordered these.

Dena Crystal Springs, FL

I am really glad with this purchase

This has made me so happy. Now I can work more effectively with my clients. Scalp treatments here I come.

Bobbie Topton, PA

individually wrapped

These are excellent items, but I did not realize they come individually wrapped. That’s ok, I suppose, but I would rather not have to throw away so much packaging. Still, the items are as described and I have to rate it highly because they work well and the price is right.

Rosetta Straughn, IN

great for dying hair

I got this for dying my hair & it works great! I’m thrilled with the results of how it works, no need for fancy when dying it

Chelsey Wilsonville, AL

Pretty, pretty, BAD…

These are fairly horrible, they wont fit my head and barely fits my daughters who is four. They are very thin, torn, improperly stitched, crooked, anything that can be wrong with a simple shower cap is wrong with these. I luckily only ordered the 30 count for about $4.00 including shipping or else I would return them. It took 3 times to get one on my toddlers head without it tearing. In other words 1 bath 3 shower caps lolyeah avoid- unless you will be happy if just a few can be of use.

Sonya Brookston, IN

Good cheap caps

I LOVE these things. I was looking for a cheap, throw away after 1 or 2 uses shower cap for coloring and deep conditioning and that is what I got. If your looking for something really tough and durable that will last a long time, look else where. There is really no cause for complaint here.

Jocelyn Englewood, KS


I was so disappointed! These come all rolled up, so you don’t know what you’re getting until you go to use one. I am a very little person and it wouldn’t even cover my whole head. It barely fit my 2 year old. I bought these to use for spray tanning, but I don’t spray babies, so they’re useless!

Norma Lake Como, FL

You get what you pay for, way too thin

I have natural 4c hair and I attempted to use this as a deep conditioning treatment cap that I can use and toss out. My hair was parted in 4 sections and twisted. There were no clips or accessories in my hair. The cap tore and just from my hair poking through while attempting to put it on. It will not cover your hair fully. I have a small head and it should have fit but didn’t. The shipping was long but I will not purchase again.

Marjorie Port Heiden, AK

Great buy!

I use shower caps a lot,was tired of having a shower cap laying around.When I saw these throw aways,I grabbed them .So glad I did.

Lucy Larwill, IN