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Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF60 PA+++ For Face & Body 3.3fl.oz./100ml

Ultimate protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays. This anti-aging sun-care formula helps prevent sunburn, cell damage and premature signs of aging.

Key features

  • Anti-Aging Suncare. UVA and UVB Protection. Very W

Honest reviews


Literally the best sunscreen I have ever used.

I am a really avid sunscreen user. I have been looking forever for the ‘holy grail’ of sunscreens- one that absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave my skin greasy and gross, and lasts on my skin for the day…well, I think I found it.This is less of a “sun lotion” than it is a “sun cream”. It is very thin and watery, which I think helps it absorb extremely well. It leaves my face smooth and soft- and if I didn’t tell anyone, they would never know I was wearing it. The smell is a tad strong when you first apply it, but it’s not bad, and quickly subsides. I usually wait about 5-10 minutes after applying this stuff to put makeup on.Some people will say that this stuff clogs pores- I have never had any problems with that. I just gently wash it off at night with a good cleanser, and I have no issues. (I believe shiseido actually makes a cleanser for the sunscreen, though, if you want to be extra-sure)Overall, if you like sunscreens, check this one out. Seriously. It’s amazing.The only problem I have with it is…well, it’s expensive. But one bottle lasted me about two months of daily usage on my face, arms, chest, and neck, so I think it’s well worth what you pay. 🙂

Allie Cubero, NM

Effective, light and smell great

I use it on a daily basis. Sometimes I just put them on after I washed my face when I don’t have time to put on moisturizer! It works well with my skin and it’s very easy to apply. It doesn’t hurt my eyes and it smell very nice!

Kris East Peoria, IL

Expensive but really good

Defintely the best sunscreen lotion I’ve tried — and the only one I dare put on my bad, sensitive face. But is it worth the price? I think so, but I still think they overcharge too much for this. I guess they have a right. If you care about your facial skin and want good sun protection — this is SPF 60 — this is about the only good product.

Michaela Roslyn, SD

Wonderful product, well worth the money!

I love this product!! it does not have that terrible sun screen smell that most do! In Addition it does not burn your eyes. Every other sun screen I have used burns your eyes and smells terrible. This sunscreen feel nice, light and makes your skin smell good! The fact that I dont have burning eyes when I use it is also a plus! I use this on my kids as well.

Faye Omak, WA

My Favorite Sunblock

I have been wearing sunblock everyday since I was in my teens, and this is my favorite. It is a bit pricey, but the bottle will last for a long time. This is a great price, and I will be purchasing this again.

Jenifer Beaver, OH

Not worth the high price

I have received this sun product in a sun kit I got online. Even though it’s not a shocker since it is Shiseido, I still don’t like the fact the product smells too perfume-y. Living in Texas and having to deal with the hot heat in the summer, I felt this product was a tad thick, creating that whiteness during application and just too strong in scent while you’re sweating. I am sure this product does do its job with sun protection but you can get the same result with a cheaper price tag and minimal scent to not irritate my nose and skin.

Margarita Alexis, IL

Very protected and moisturized!

My mother in law has dry skin and only uses this sunscreen because it makes her skin very moisturized and protected.

Kerry Hobgood, NC