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Shiseido Tsubaki Shining SET

Shiseido Tsubaki Shining SET (Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment 200g)

Key features

  • Infuse body, sheen, and moisture into fine, dry, or even thick hair with this best selling new line of hair care from Shiseido of Japan
  • The red camellia flower is celebrated throughout Japan for its beauty and its extremely high quality oils, rich in oleic and linoleic acid, which are readily absorbed by skin and hair.
  • You will feel the improvement in texture and softness after one use.
  • Straight from Japan, Authentic Guranteed (No Foreign Country Version)
  • Shampoo 550ml (18.6Fl./Oz.), Conditioner 550ml (18.6 Fl./Oz.), Treatment 200g

Honest reviews


Made my hair soft, shiny, yet not heavy

I was very surprised with this shampoo set and how my hair is responded to it. The first time I used it I was amazed by how soft my hair felt and blew out nice and shiny. It did not weigh my hair down nor did it make it flyaway. I have Asian hair, long with layers and I felt it nourished my hair and scalp. It was not too oily or drying on my scalp either – either one would set my scalp itching.I do agree with other reviewers that it’s rather perfumey and I remembered the first time I used it I could still smell the fragrance in my hair the next day. It doesn’t smell cheap or sickly but it does take getting used to.One note about the treatment though, I’m not sure if it did anything for me. I prefered the conditioner in terms of giving me that weightless, soft, shiny finish.

Vanessa White, SD


I received this super fast and Immediately tried it out, I have messed with my hair for years and its damaged but this worked sooo well if you have ever wished for something that instantly made your hair soft buy this!, and despite the other review on here the bottles are huge, they are plenty big like the family sizes you see with herbal essences or dove but unlike that junk this will actually help your hair! thanks shiseido!

Andrea Church View, VA

Best hair product

I have been considering trying an asian shampoo for awhile now and was certainly not disappointed. A little background: I am mixed (korean and white) but have more of a typical asian hair type (very thick straight hair). Most drugstore and salon brands work fine (maybe a little dry and frizzy at the ends) but I’ve always had a little problem of my scalp breaking out because my skin produces a lot of oil when not moisturized enough. Having heard that camellia (tsubaki) oil works wonders for hair and skin, I decided to try this product. First, the smell of this set is absolutely amazing. They really should make a perfume of this scent, because I’m a little obsessed. It does fade a little quickly on my hair though. As far as the efficacy of the product, the shampoo I felt was not drying at all. I could feel an immediate difference in the feel of my hair (maybe a bit thicker and smoother?) it felt very healthy. This shampoo gave me a nice clean without drying. I got the impression of balance. The conditioner didn’t have as much of the slick feeling when washing off that I normally associate with conditioner, but it actually made my hair softer and more noticeably moisturized than other conditioners. The treatment was lovely as well. I left it on for about 5 minutes, and it seemed to make my hair even more soft and moisturized. After my hair dried (I’ve tried blow drying and air drying) it felt noticeably soft, sleek and healthier. My hair doesn’t normally do sleek without any work, but it just laid really nicely. I didn’t notice any greasiness, and within a week, my scalp is actually no longer breaking out!Pros:-beautiful addictive smell-large amount-healthy balanced moisture for hair AND scalp-makes hair smooth and sleek w/out weighing it down-made my scalp stop breaking outCons:-scented (for those who don’t like that)-bottle is in Japanese (for people who like to read the bottle) but came with a little label w/ingredients and instructions in english-not really a con for the product, but my boyfriend knocked over the shower caddy on accident and the pump for the shampoo shattered ;_;, so I guess try not to drop it.Overall this has become my HG of hair product. Will absolutely buy again.

Bridgett Waccabuc, NY

Perfect for my humidity-sensitive hair

I have waist-length virgin Asian hair that I almost never use heat on, and I live in Hawaii. Most hair products cause my hair to get tangled and impossible to tame when the air gets too humid. But since using this, my hair is smooth and sleek all the time. I can even skip a wash day every so often, which I can normally never do because of how humidity normally wreaks havoc on my hair.

Beth Richville, MI

Treatment is amazing!

I bought this for the first time after seeing all the good reviews and I do LOVE the treatment, I have to say the shampoo and conditioner were just alright. When I used them without the treatment I didn’t really feel my hair was very smooth, and when I used the treatment with other shampoo and conditioner my hair still looked and felt nice! They smell good but nothing special. I will purchase the treatment again, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Lela Lima, NY

good conditioner

I am not sure if this really helped my hair or not. I think the shampoo didn’t really had any effect on my hair, except the conditioner, which did make my a lot more smooth. And I love the smell of it!

Iva Jasper, MI

Great products

If your hair is really damaged, the white or gold versions work much better as they are stronger and more concentrated with ingredients.

Geraldine Exmore, VA