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Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care 2012 SET

Tsubaki Water Spray cares for dry, damaged hair. Contains unique non-greasy Camellia oil to keep hair smooth and silky without weighing down. Protects against daily UV-rays. Refreshing Camellia green scent. From 5-10cm apart from hair, spray on hair until it is moist and hand-comb or brush your hair. Blow dry your hair to finish off.

Key features

  • Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Set – Latest 2012 Version
  • Shampoo (550ml) + Conditioner (550ml) + Water Spray (250ml)
  • *Water Spray: Hair care and styling of the bath before your morning and evening. This will keep your hair shinning
  • *Water Spray: Really easy to use & Makes your hair super soft and shiny

Honest reviews


Review from an African-American Female

I am very mixed, and I have trouble finding hair products that suit me. Products for Caucasian women tend to dry out my hair, and products for African American women tend to make it oily or like some film is on it. For a while, I just used various African-American hair products and straightened out my hair, but when I decided to go natural and wear my long curls instead, my skalp began to feel like the Sahara desert, even when I put oils or creams on it.On a trip to Mitsuwa, I happened upon this brand and figured "why not?". After all, nothing else was working…Surprisingly, it works for me. My hair is shiny and healthier than it was before. I like to alternate between the Damage Care and the red one (I think that one is Shine or something). I wash and condition my curls with each of the sets once a week. My Japanese is a bit weak, so I can’t read everything, but whatever nutrients are in these are exactly what my hair needed.

Rhonda Millwood, KY

The spray is good, but not the others…

The spray is so good that I use it every morning to fix and lightly style my hair. However, when using the shampoo and conditioner together, they made my head to itchy like in half a day. But with another shampoo, the problem is solved. So I stopped using this shampoo, which I guess is too rich for my hair type. The conditioner is good though.

Jami Valdese, NC

Stubborn hair

I have thick, waist-length Asian hair that has been colored a few times. I also live in Hawaii, which is terrible for my humidity-phobic hair. When the air gets the slightest bit too humid, my hair tangles and knots terribly. But tsubaki has taken my stubborn Asian hair and made it soft and silky again, even in the worst weather conditions.

Traci Bassett, WI

Good price for what you get!

I have finer hair for an Asian girl, and it’s been pretty weak because of chemical treatments, over washing, and general poor maintenance.The smell is luxurious! I really like how the shampoo soaps up versus other shampoos. The conditioners works pretty well as long as you make sure your hair isn’t super dripping wet (make sure you leave it in for a couple of minutes). Both the shampoo and the conditioner last and the packaging is good – they’re JUST different enough that you can differentiate between them while you’re in the shower without contacts/glasses. The Water Spray isn’t much, but the smell is nice. I’ve only tried a few other water sprays and between them and Tsubaki, I would go with the Tsubaki one. Also, I like how it doesn’t leak and there are "refill" bags for them too.

Wilda Dexter, NY

Just Okay. But the Spray Is Great.

The Tsubaki shampoo is still my favorite. This was just okay. The smell wasn’t as nice and my hair didn’t feel as soft or look as shiny. I DO like the spray though. I will be ordering that on its own if I can find it somewhere.

Ellen Advance, NC


This set really changes the condition of my hair.It is far more helpful than shampoo and conditiner of other brands.And the smell is very nice too.If you use the water before you go out in the morning,you can smell it most of the day.

Cortney Ansonville, NC