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Shiseido The Makeup Perfect Foundation Brush For all formulas

A versatile foundation brush for use with all formulations. Shiseido’s innovative technology combined with traditional Japanese brush-making techniques create the perfect foundation finish. Perfect for liquid, cream or powder, this brush picks up all types of formulas for a uniform application and impeccable finish. . Gently tapered strands create an angled slant that best allows bristles to reach all facial contours. A short handle allows for precise control during application and portability for travel.

Key features

  • Perfect Foundation Brush For all formulas

Honest reviews


It’s okay

I did a lot of research on foundation brushes before purchasing this brush. Alllll of the beauty sites were IN LOVE with this brush. So I went to macy’s and saw it in person. The brush is synthetic and soft. It’s also short bristle and dense. It has all of the makings for a perfect foundation brush, but personally I didn’t feel like it delivered. I have other brushes from different companies (dior, mac and even sigma) that I feel blend out much better than this brush. It’s still a great brush- and if you are looking to build your brush collection, can definitely have a spot. But if you are looking for only one foundation brush- this isn’t the one.

Cherry Bowie, MD

i really love this brush

I was hesitant about plunking down the money for this brush…I’ve have brushes fall apart, and I hoped that this brush was of superior quality. it is. I love the way it applies foundation so easily and effortlessly. I made a wise choice in purchasing this brush and I am well pleased.

Ila Marion, AR

Best makeup brush.

I use this brush to apply my foundation. No streaks and makeup is very easy to move around and blend on my face. Everyone should have at least one of these to add to their collection of makeup brushes.

Nadia Centerview, MO

Great brush but takes too long to dry

This is my favorite brush and is second to my beauty blender. It does not leave any brush strokes and blends flawlessly. My one gripe about it is that it takes TWO whole days to dry. Have back up foundation brushes to use and don’t rely on this one everyday.

Madge Guilford, CT

it’s a beautifully made brush

applies foundation SO smoothly! wow, I used to be that girl who ONLY used her hands, but this brush is magic!! take care of it and it WILL take care of you, keep it clean and keep it dry, it’s a beautifully made brush, I absolutely adore it!!

Brandi Odessa, NY

Love it.

I’ve been using it for some time. It feels really silky on the skin. Love it! It’s my best foundation brush now.

Yvette Honaker, VA

REFERRED by makeup artist No regret

gotta get this foundation / BB cream applier/cream or liquid to powder tinted moisturizer etc.The t4echnique is to dab at the face lightly and move along covering only the areas you want or need some coverage for a blemish or uneven skin tone or all over if does give a barely there makeup fee and look, I used only 2 pea sized drops of grafftobian (bougth here ) (SP?)palette in warm 1 and it looks like air brushing

Eloise Moncure, NC