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Shiseido Shiseido Facial Cotton

Description Delivers moisture, with a luxuriously gentle touch. Fine quality cotton pads, originally designed to supply generous moisture evenly over the skin. 100% CottonDirection Step 1: Pour softener onto the cotton pad. Step 2: Wrap the cotton pad around the middle finger. Step 3: Smooth the cotton pad gently over the face.Country of Origin Made in Japan

Key features

  • Shiseido Facial Cotton 80g/2.8oz.

Honest reviews


A must have for me

I tried several other types of cotton rounds/squares, but these won hands down. And you get a TON of squares, so economical as well as functional. I order two packages at a time and used them for everything from cleansing to applying makeup. There are 165 squares in each package.

Lara Trinidad, CA

Some of the best ones but…

These are super soft and lint free. The best thing is that they don’t absorb too much product. Some of my lotions and toners are quite expensive and after months of use, these actually will help you save quite a bit of product. Great for removing eye makeup and using as DIY masks as well. I would absolutely give the product five stars but the only thing is that the one that qualifies for Amazon Prime shipping costs a lot more than other sellers. I rather get it for almost half the price from Sephora or etc.Update:I’m glad that the price has been lowered significantly. Changing from 3 stars to 4!

Colleen Price, UT

No Other Cotton Pad Will Do!

Soft, luxurious cotton pads. They are the ultimate in the perfect cotton pad for everything you would use a cotton pad for. I’m totally spoiled now.

Zelda Norton, WV

Perfect for eyes

I purchased these based on all the great reviews and they’re really worth the price. I specifically use them to remove my eye makeup given that the eye area is more sensitive and these are extremely durable, gentle and soft. Will definitely be repurchasing in the future.

Pamala Deansboro, NY

Cost effective and many uses

Other reviewers mentioned already, so I list my use briefly as a pro:1. One cotton (both side) to wipe off all of your face2. Cotton doesn’t get fallen apart so there is no annoyance3. You can CUT any size to use for treatment (Lotion mask on eye area etc)4. Cost effective ; Morning & Night Use with toner then 2 cotton if no extra treatment, that will last 1 month +For the quality and usefulness, this price is reasonable considering "Made in Japan" imported.Cons:No drug store easy buy… I always get at SephoraI have to say, This cotton & other Japanese made cotton (Koh Gen Doh etc) are really superior to most other companies’. Try it once, you will know the difference!

Jocelyn Kotlik, AK

love love love

shiseido cotton is the best best cotton pads i have ever used!!! it is great for everything, however, it is kinda pricey.

Shelby Edgar, NE

A wonderful splurge!!

I never thought I’d spend this much on cotton pads, but I heard about it from a makeup guru on you tube, so I decided to splurge and spend the $9 "one time"…well, I never thought there could be such a difference in cotton products!! It was sooo nice on my very sensitive skin. I have been very frugal with them, so they have last a few months, and I think I will be ordering them again! Love!!!

Cortney London, AR