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Shiseido Fitit Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam 4.2oz./120ml

This cleanser creates soft and rich foam which acts as a “cushion” to protect the skin from harsh cleansing motion. Meanwhile, it penetrates into the pores to clean impurities and excess sebum. Skin becomes clean, soft and hydrated.For all skin type (except ultra-sensitive skin)

Key features

  • For all skin type

Honest reviews


Not sure

Mine came from China, so….im afraid to use it. How is that the Japanese product came from China and it had some english writing on the back of the bottle? Confused! I dont trust things from China.

Latasha San Joaquin, CA

Not one of the best Japanese face wash I have tried.

My friend recommended this cleanser to me 10000x times and I finally bought it to give it a try. However this cleanser can’t wash my light make-up off (my sana cleanser does).It foams very well but it also has a strong scent (a lot Japanese cleanser doesn’t contains any artificial fragrance and color) and as an oily skin person I don’t like the feeling after I used it. When I checked the ingredient list I found bees’ wax in it. I googled it and found it is not a good ingredient for acne prone, oily skin people like me. With this price there is a lot more options out there for me to choose. Will not purchase again.

Erika Houlton, ME

Doesn’t remove makeup very well

I love asian skincare, so of course I had to try this cleanser. I even like the name, Perfect Whip. However, this is only good if you don’t wear makeup or remove your makeup prior to washing your face.Yes, this cleanser is fabulously foamy, but just because it is foamy, doesn’t mean it is removing impurities. The good thing is, you only need to use a teeny tiny amount and the cleanser will create an incredibly rich lather, and doesnt dry out the skin. I can use this cleanser in the morning and it seems fine, however I can’t use it at night. The bad thing about this cleanser is that it doesn’t completely get rid of makeup. I wear foundation and powder and even though I washed my face twice with this cleanser, I had to use about 6 cotton balls with toner to get rid of all the remaining traces of dirt and makeup left on my skin. I am breakout prone, so I like to make sure all makeup/dirt is removed from my face before bed. To me, if there is still dirt or makeup residue on your face after cleansing, then that is not a good cleanser, which is why I don’t recommend this cleanser if you wear foundation, concealer, or powder.

Melody Wolcott, VT

Smells and tastes horrible, but works for dry sensitive skin

I know it’s an odd thing to say, but this face wash tastes horrible. You know, when you rinse and invariably some of the product gets on your lips? Yeah that. It tastes nasty.It also smells not so great.Seems to work fine for my dry, sensitive skin, but doesn’t remove eye makeup very well. Recommend using a makeup remover first, then finish washing with this if you don’t mind the scent/flavor.Overall I much prefer the DHC washes over this one. It doesn’t seem particularly better than any drugstore foaming washes I’ve tried, though the price is comparable to drugstore, so that’s nice.

Edythe Monticello, FL


I had high hopes for this product from reading the reviews, but I don’t notice any difference in using this product for a month. I actually got more acne. I have oily/combination skin with hormonal acne along my chin. I went back to my oil cleansing method which has worked better for me and have kept my acne at bay.

Kayla Darrouzett, TX

In-Depth review for this awesome product!

I bought this face cleanser as a part of my 5-Step Japanese Skincare Routine. Not only do I have super sensitive, combination, Japanese-American skin, but I also live in both dry Colorado and humid Georgia. I needed something that was gentle yet cleaned my skin thoroughly of makeup and dirt. Most soaps are too dry for me, or the perfumes are overwhelming. This foaming cleanser is wonderfully unique in that it puffs up like a thick shaving cream. To achieve this, you have to buy an additional: a Japanese foam net. You put just a tiny (and I mean tiny) pea-size smear on the net, trickle on some water, then scrub the net between your hands. It forms a huge blob of thick, creamy, and dense foam which you then use to clean your face with. The idea is that your fingers don’t rub your face and damage it; the microscopic foam does the deep cleaning for you.PROS:- no scent, just smells clean- easy to use and creates foam within seconds- very affordable compared to American brands of face cleaners- a bottle with last you almost 6 months (if you use the foam net right)- foam rinses away clean without residue- no allergic reaction whatsoever (very, very safe for sensitive skin)- doesn’t strip essential oils from your face- much improvement on my overall skin tone (make a pale, even complexion)- works on American skin, not just Japanese! (my skin leans towards the rough Irish genetics)- helps keep oil levels down- safe to use twice a day after makeup at night, and before makeup in the morningCONS:- works well in humid weather, but in dry weather you must follow up immediately with toner + serums- foam can get a little messy- need to buy the additional tool (the foam net is about $8 for a multi-pack)- ingredients are listed in Japanese, which I have trouble reading (might need to look it up online)OVERALL:I am a loyal customer for life. This is such a unique and gentle way of washing your face. It’s so refreshing and cleans without harming your skin. Rubbing your face with your fingers can cause wrinkles, stretch your skin, or rub around the oils. Towels can collect bacteria or be abrasive. This foam is incredible and costs just as much as American products found in the local stores. I really enjoy the feeling of the foam on my face, even if I look silly doing it! What a great product!

Celia Fayetteville, PA


This cleanser is amazing. It only take a tiny 1/2 pea sized dollop to make a huge amount of foamy cleanser. It removes all my makeup, including mascara and leaves my skin soft and clean, but not dry or tight. I bought my first bottle about a year ago, and I am only now buying the second one, so it’s a great value.

Gertrude Silvana, WA

Pretty good

I purchased this on a whim… Needed something else in the cart to qualify for free shipping. It works surprising well on my oily skin. It’s pretty thick and rich, but doesn’t seem to leave any residue. I would buy again.

Alisa Crooked Creek, AK

really good

it’s cheap but really good! it doesn’t make my skin dry, instead, it makes my skin soft. also, the delivery is very fast.

Irene Joplin, MT


This face wash is truly amazing. I’ve never tried anything like it. You need a pea-sized amount because it lathers up so beautifully. Once applied to the face it has a velvet feel to it and doesn’t smell harsh at all. After you wash it off your skin doesn’t feel dry at all. It claims that it won’t strip you face of natural oils and it couldn’t be more on point.I recommend this to absolutely everybody and you will not be disappointed! x

Abby Rainier, WA


I have been using this for a while and I really love it. A little goes a long way, and boy do I mean that. I mean, a pea size amount is almost too much! It cleans very well and my face feels great after word. Keep in mind this cleaner is meant to be used after you have used an oil based clearer. The oil cleaner is supposed to get the dirt and make up, then you use this and it takes care of the rest. I did not know that at first. After finding that out, I now use an oil cleaner and then this, and it works so much better. I love this!

Rosalind Lamar, CO


i’ve been using this product for 2 years now, and I love the smell and the foamy feeling on my face, it cleans my face very well too

Hannah Alsen, ND

It’s just okay

I was very excited to use this item but I didn’t find it that great of a product as others did. I have used this daily for almost two weeks.I am Asian, fair-skinned, combination skin, acne prone (whiteheads and occasional cyst acne), and I put on make-up (CC Cream & Power Compact) everyday. I was hoping this face wash will be a good for basic make-up removal/simply morning face wash. However, I found this product to be a little weak in washing off my make-up and I don’t put a lot on! It does foam very easily so you don’t have to worry about running out quickly. Even a dime size amount of the product is way too much for one use. It didn’t give me more acne, but it also didn’t do a thorough job of cleaning my skin. I understand this is not a deep cleansing product but I’ve used better products for a real squeaky clean finish.I would not buy this product again. I personally will return to either1) [The Face Shop] Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam;=1397597932&sr;=8-1&keywords;=rice+face+face+shopor2) Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam 150ml;=1∣=A1ZHKOB2WUM8HX

Renae Bunker Hill, KS

The hype is deserved!

Can’t quite get the same foam as the ads but the cleansing power is superb. Squeaky clean! If you have dry skin it may be a bit too dry. Moisturize well afterwards.

Milagros Kendall, NY

Love it!

This cleanser is so soft and gentle I lack words for describing it. I use it in the shower and my skin feels moisturized and never dry after this. Doesn’t break me out, very good for sensitive skin. A little bit goes a long way.

Justina Cardington, OH

Good Product

I can’t say this is a good Shiseido Face wash, because I still have whiteheads a lot of them. It cleans pretty well, but no well enough. It’s a trial by use thing. It may work for some people but nothing on this end.

Desiree New Middletown, IN

Extremely Gentle but Effective Cleanser

I hate cleansers, I have never finished a whole bottle. My skin is dry and sensitive, mostly to Sodium Laurel Sulfate. I tend to use Bioderma and Kose Cleansing Oil to remove makeup and cleanse, but this is awesome! You can whip it in your hands to a thick whipped cream consistency, if you’re not sure you can youtube the shiseido perfect whip commercial. I have ordered my second bottle and am happy with this product!!!! It doesn’t leave my face feeling dry and stripped of moisture.

Earlene Bunnlevel, NC