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Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

An ultra rich age defense eye cream that protects skin from a harsh, dehydrating environment and dramatically minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines to promote a youthfully smooth, radiant look. A rich eye treatment that provides intense moisture and treats wrinkles, dark circles and dullness. Helps skin recover from dryness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Contains Anti-Photowrinkle System with Chlorella Extract, LAG Revitalizer, an anti-dryness skin energizer, and Hydroxyproline, to reinforce collagen.

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Too heavy and greasy for me

This cream is a light creamy color and has the same strong perfume-y scent that all the products in the Benefiance line have. The more I use the Benefiance products the more I have grown to dislike this scent. It’s a rather dated scent and smells more like something that my mom’s generation would have liked.I’m in my 40s, so I do have some wrinkles in my eye area, but not too many. Nonetheless, I still rely on a good eye cream to make it through the day. I don’t want anything too heavy or greasy for daytime use, but for nighttime, I do look for something a bit heavier. As it turns out Benefiance Anti-Wrinkle Cream is more suitable for nighttime, or at least in my situation.When I get some of the cream on my fingertips, it has a lightweight feel to it – not too thick or heavy. But when I tap in my eye area, that all changes. The cream starts to feel a bit sticky and actually looks a bit greasy. It doesn’t absorb very well and sits on top of skin. Perhaps the goal of Shiseido is to give skin a dewy appearance, hence detracting from the wrinkles. However, there’s no way I can apply makeup on top of it since it leaves my skin feeling oily.I’m using up this jarBenefiance Anti-Wrinkle Cream at night (I got a jar as a part of a gift pack.) It’s still a bit heavy for my liking, but it does seem to lock in moisture and leave my eye area looking refreshed and moisturized in the morning. But would I buy it on my own? No, not at all. The scent and the greasiness of it are not appealing and I’m not convinced that it has improved the overall appearance of the skin in my eye area in the month I have been using it.

Dessie Boggstown, IN

Very nice eyecream!

Feels great on the skin, has a lovely scent. Keeps my eyes feeling refreshed and wrinkle free! Cute packaging too!

Ernestine Denmark, ME

A little goes a long way

A non-greasy well-absorbed eye cream that does the job it should. I’m pleased with this product.

Jerry Peoa, UT

I need to work for this company

I love everything Shiseido from their creams to their makeup…it’s great buying through amazon rather than the department store…all of their creams are light weight and really work great at holding the eyes up! 🙂 under eye wrinkles have no chance against shiseido.

Rosella Cedar River, MI

Wonderful eye cream, shame it’s so expensive.

I was happy to find this on Amazon after the stores stopped carrying Benefiance products. I had been using these particular Shiseido products for many, many years. But, alas, even on Amazon, it is just getting too expensive. Good stuff though. My 78 year old under eyes look as good as they do now thanks to this product.

Claire Jamestown, VA

not as expeted

For me it did nothing. After several months of use, did not see any difference. It might work for some, clearly not for everyone.

Cathryn Bloomingdale, IN

Wife Swears by It.

She told me to put 5-stars, no questions asked. Although it seems expensive you only need to use a few small dabs on each eye so it actually lasts a long time. Plus, the results are dramatic and noticeable. Excellent Shiseido product.

Keisha Bethel, DE