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ShiKai Lotion, Dry Skin Therapy, Borage, 8-Ounces

Free Facial Care samples inside. Relieves dry, cracked skin in days. Clinically proven formula. Non-prescription. Dermatologist recommended. Fragrance free. Ideal for skin conditions caused by: Severe dry skin; Chemical exposure; Diabetes; Eczema; Atopic dermatitis. Soothing relief in days: Provides immediate and long lasting relief. Most moisturizers work on the skin’s surface and provide temporary relief. Borage Therapy delivers its benefits directly to your skin cells. newly formed skin cells retain more moisture and prevent future dryness. Clinically proven formula: Studies show that borage oil restores moisture to dry skin and provides long-term relief. ShiKai Borage Therapy is the most effective way to deliver the moisturizing properties of borage because it contains a unique blend of natural ingredients, including Borage oil, Vitamin C and L-Ergothioneine. The healing power of borage: The oil extracted from this delicate herb is actually the world’s richest source of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). This omega-6 fatty acid is vital for the formation and maintenance of healthy skin cells. Clinical studies show that borage oil provides long-term relief for people who suffer from severely dry skin. ShiKai Borage Therapy is the most effective way to utilize the moisturizing properties of borage. The science of ShiKai: For over 25 years, ShiKai has been creating natural skin products under the direction of chemist, Dr. Dennis T. Sepp. His experience developing formulas with natural ingredients has established ShiKai as an industry leader. No animal ingredients or testing. Satisfaction guaranteed: We welcome your comments and questions. Made in U.S.A.

Key features

  • Relieves cracked dry skin in days
  • Clinically proven; Non prescription; Dermatologist recommended; Fragrance free
  • Provides immediate and long lasting relief; Works on a cellular level, not just on your skin’s surfac
  • Delivers its benefits directly to your skin cells; retains more moisture and prevent future dryness

Honest reviews



Works really well and isn’t full of junky cheap chemicals like other lotions. It’s not cheap, but worth it for me.

Justine Jacksboro, TN

Not enough

This is ok but not strong enough to hold moisture in my son’s severe and chronic dry skin. It goes on thin and soaks in ok but just doesn’t last long enough.

Nan Waddington, NY

Nice non greasy basic lotion

Good "unisex" lotion that my husband uses on his face and I can use on my body. No real scent but doesn’t "smell" like grease, either.

Jody Cory, CO

heals multiple conditions

From dry skin to rashes to scars from bug bites, this particular cream is outstanding in its healing qualities. It even works to reduce sunburn and eczema very quickly.

Molly Fairfield, ND

Excellent for Dry, Sensitive Skin

This is a rich, emollient moisturizer with no added fragrance. It contains a number of skin-friendly ingredients that moisturize and prevent inflammation. It soothes my cuticles when they get very dry and threaten to crack.The moisture lasts a long time, too. You’re not, “Ahh, that feels good!” when you apply it, and ready to scratch your skin two hours later.I like the packaging, too. I like the pump bottle, which locks to keep out air, and the fact that it’s opaque and doesn’t let light hit the product. The green bottle is neither feminine nor masculine-looking, so men needn’t fear having it on display. In fact, men may find this very nice to use after shaving, instead of after-shaves, which are so irritating.It does have a smell from the ingredients. I don’t know which ingredients are the offenders, but I found my nose became used to it quickly and no one has indicated they smell the product on me.It’s a bit pricey, and there are other moisturizers that are fragrance-free and have skin-calming and repairing ingredients that cost less. Nevertheless, I would buy it again. And I *never* recommend products from dermatologists’ skin care lines!

Luann Huntly, VA

Great for the body

Hand and body, I would recommend this for winter weathers and dry skin. Works great with my sensitive skin, just not on my face. My face will eventually have white head and break out.

Cherry Davis, IL


This is a wonderful product as it really improves dry skin Buying it this way was much less expensive that at WholeFoodsthanks for the offering

Jeanette Speonk, NY



Frieda Lexington, GA

Works as well as any other decent lotion.

I read the reviews & hoped for a miracle for my BFs hand eczema that he’s suffered with for over 2yrs. It didn’t seem to put a dent in this ongoing issue so I’ve started using it nightly before bed. It’s a nice hand lotion & I’d say it’s up there with Eucerin or Neutrogena but unfortunately no miracle worker. I’m happy to hear something has helped others though as it’s a terribly painful condition. I purchased Borage Oil pills for him based on some internet research & that along with Vaseline at night with cotton gloves seems to help. Still searching!

Tara Salvo, NC

Excellent hand lotion, non-greasy

This is the only lotion that keeps dry, scaly hands away for the whole winter. I keep it next to my computer at work. I git this as a gift for my friend and it healed her hands in a few days.

Noreen Mokena, IL

So worth the price

This stuff is fantastic. Absorbs quick, neutral smell, lightweight and super moisturizing. I also use the same brand of eye cream, and have been very pleased. I tried this product on a whim and it’s replaced the lotion I’ve used daily for 10 years. Trust me–try it!!!

Elva Harold, KY


I Love this product line and will order form them for forever! Just give it an honest try and it will win you over!

Patty Royse City, TX

Pretty good

Very nice moisturizer. I’ll need a longer to tell about long term, but so far I like it. I think ShiKai products are not tested on animals either, which is a huge plus.

Virgie Appleton City, MO

Love it

I wash my hands constantly in hot water (due to my dog allergies, I have to wash them every time I pet him, which is ALOT! LOL)…. which causes them to stay dry, especially my knuckles. I learned about this via Food Babe, and absolutely love it. My hands have never felt this soft, despite the constant washing! Awesome product! Legs also feeling smoother than ever!

Lillian New Edinburg, AR